Giant magnetic something behind drywall/fireplace


Kristen, thank you for allowing me to comment. It looks like your taste is more clean lines, transitional, monochromatic.

I would hate for you to cover that beautiful 70's work of art. Ironically, it somewhat fits in with your style. That is, note the off-centered fireplace and the and the a-symmetry of the ceiling lines.

You mentioned covering it up and hanging a piece of art. Have you thought that the fireplace is a work of art in itself?

I would leave as no artwork on it and let it stand as a piece of art itself.

Here are some other things I would do:

-can you move the sheer curtain that on its left?
-move bench in front of fireplace
-what is that chair hanging out in the middle of nowhere? Your furniture need to be really squared up to make this work.
-replace the chandelier with something more modern and hang it lower.

What is your plan for paint for the room? The white is not working with the fireplace. I...

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Advanced computer codes are helping scientists reimagine how they might initiate a fusion reaction in the center of a tokamak, a doughnut-shaped experimental vessel. These simulations are also shedding new light on complex phenomena in magnetic fields.

Plasma confinement devices based on the tokamak concept rely on a solenoid that runs through the center of the device to generate the initial current. But solenoids have a limited pulse length and cannot sustain the initial current indefinitely in a steady-state reactor. Finding a way to eliminate the solenoid would remove a large component from the center of the tokamak, make the device simpler and less expensive, and allow the freed space in the center to be used to optimize the tokamak and make it more efficient.

Now, advanced computer modeling with the NIMROD code -- code specifically designed to facilitate these simulations -- has begun to describe the mechanism behind a magnetic structure that could replace the...

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Wow that's fucking huge.

Anyway, not too much trouble repairing drywall, any size hole. I'm an incredible novice with access to few tools, and limited living experience in a home outside of my parents (I'm recently turned 27).

I was able to repair a hole about half the size for around $40 in materials (including a saw, drywall blade, screws, wood, and new drywall piece. I had the paint color lying around, but had to custom texture it. Luckily you don't have that issue here, but the flat finish makes the repair job tougher as you have to make sure you sand and finish it flush, or you'll be able to notice the repair)

First, get the broken pieces out of the hole. Then, use a new sheet of drywall and cut a rectangle portion out that is larger than the hole. Trace the new piece of drywall around the hole, so you know where to cut the old drywall out. You want the new piece of drywall to fit into your cut hole like a puzzle piece. The flusher the...

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The planet’s magnetic poles are being displaced. Scientists say that mankind may eventually find itself defenseless against the cosmic radiation, and the Earth will turn into the giant Hiroshima.

The chief scientist of the Central Military Institute for Ground Troops, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Yevgeni Shalamberidze, that that the geographic poles of the planet remain on their previous positions, whereas the magnetic poles have already drifted away 200 kilometers each. This phenomenon affects the processes of global scale.

“The planet relieves its excessive energy into space through crust fractures. When those breakouts close, the negative energy is left on the planet. It is not ruled out that the growing number of catastrophes that rocked the world during the recent years is based on the displacement of the magnetic poles,” the scientist said.

Alexander Fefelov, a senior spokesman for the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, said that planet Earth would...

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It’s week six of the Discover Hockey program and reporter Juris Graney has his first scrimmage. It went about as well as you’d expect. If you’ve missed any previous stories in the series, you can check them out here.

As tough as it was to enact a self-enforced Discover Hockey bye week last week, knowing full well I was missing out on our first scrimmage and faceoff drills, it was probably the smartest thing I could have done.

Accordingly, I’ve added it to my ‘Juris does a smart thing’ list — an unsurprisingly uninspiring, short inventory of mediocre moments.

Anyway, a chest infection and a crook back had me lying lower than a wombat in summer, so you were lucky to get a reprieve from my regular ramblings. Sadly for some of you, I’m back at it.

So where are we at? My first scrimmage is where, so let me paint the scene.

Having nominated myself to play defence — it feels like a good place for me at this stage, largely to try and stay out of the way —...

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The flash point for paper is 451*F. (Remember the Ray Bradbury book, Farenheit 451?) This exact temperature will be affected by the composition of the paper.

A more general question is how hot are you running your stove? Do you have a magnetic temperature gauge on your stack or stove? Like this one?

The idea is to not have too much heat going up the stack since it is wasted fuel and will make you have to load the stove sooner. You may have to back off the combustion air a little so it promotes a more complete burn inside the firebox. My stove usually runs a stack temp between 200* - 300* at about 18" above the exhaust port on the stove. I could have it much much hotter if I have the air feed open way too much, but that would be wasting fuel.

What is the make/model of your...

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Special thanks to The Natural Stone Institute for sponsoring this discussion about updating fireplaces.

It seems like I always know someone that’s on the move. They give all these reasons for moving to a new house, when what it actually comes down to is the fact that they just wanted to modernize their home and something like a fireplace update. They like their house, and love their neighborhood.

One great way to freshen up the look of your home, and giving it a major update, is by redoing the fireplace. Lots of us have these giant focal pieces in a sitting room or a family room and they’re just so…big. And menacing? You have to work around them, as it’s exorbitantly expensive to remove a fireplace. One modern solution? Natural stone.

Natural stone is a great way to update your fireplace. There are so many options to doing a fireplace update in stone, as well. It’s a great way to bring a touch of modernity and elegance to your home


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Our planet’s magnetic field is believed to be generated deep down in the Earth’s core.

Nobody has ever taken the mythical journey to the centre of the Earth, but by studying the way shockwaves from earthquakes travel through the planet, physicists have been able to work out its likely structure.

Right at the heart of the Earth is a solid inner core, two thirds of the size of the Moon and composed primarily of iron. At a hellish 5,700°C, this iron is as hot as the Sun’s surface, but the crushing pressure caused by gravity prevents it from becoming liquid.

Surrounding this is the outer core, a 2,000 km thick layer of iron, nickel, and small quantities of other metals. Lower pressure than the inner core means the metal here is fluid.

Differences in temperature, pressure and composition within the outer core cause convection currents in the molten metal as cool, dense matter sinks whilst warm, less dense matter rises. The Coriolis force, resulting from the...

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