Questions about: granite

Whether you use water or not is entirely dependent on the blade, not the material (unless you are cutting something soluble in water). Some binders used in diamond blades and bits take heat better than others, and the trade off is how the cut works (
If I want to have a granite countertop as a table on top of my deck, do I need to support the 4 corners with actual footing, like 4x4 with concrete? Or it is possible to just bold the 4 legs on the side of the joists? I have not weight my granite yet
Regular cleaning can be done with detergent and water, and rinsed; or commercial household cleaners or bathroom cleaners used according to label directions. Do not use scouring powders or other abrasives which can scratch the finish. Special cleaning
Granite is a strong and heavy stone, you have to be very careful during the process, for a good finished work. Identify the area you are going to install the tiles on, also make up your mind for the size of tiles. Large tiles are very difficult to de
Depending on thickness, granite countertops may be self-supporting without underlayment. September 5, 2006 Question I had some 3cm granite installed in a kitchen. Is it normal not to use a plywood underlayment? They put the stone directly on the cabi