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This question already has an answer here: I know there are other ways I can do this, but I'm a little curious about this anyway. Basically, I have a breadboard that's mounted on a typical base that has the typical three posts I can hook power to. I w
Ungrounded outlets are common, especially in old houses. Whether this is a defect is a matter of some discussion. Let's look at it
Calculate the size of Earth Continuity Conductor, Earthing Lead & Earth Electrodes?For earhing or grounding purposes, the size of earth continuity conductor,, earthing lead and earth electrodes depend on wiring cables used in the system. Solved e
We have an Online-UPS connected as per the diagram. The output is given to a change-over switch. So If we want to feed the computers direct AC we switch it to Source O (Top) for bypass and if we want to give it UPS-Output we switch to Source 1 (botto
I'm replacing an old/aged receptacle. Incoming hot wired to hot on receptacle. Neutral had been previously connected but snipped off and wire is loose in box (copper end more or less insulated)
using BX cable as a ground? I have 2 wire BX armored cable (from the 1950's). . Its the BX with cotton covered conductors
He said that I didn't need to purchase a grounding bar because with the panel I purchased (GE Contractors kit with a main breaker already installed) that I could simply remove the bracket that connects the two neutral bars and ground one with the gre
There are two, somewhat related problems that can happen to the earthing system in a house Your earthing system isn't connected to earth well enough (or at all) This is mainly a problem due to lightning etc. inducing surges on the power line -- the e