Questions about: grounding-and-bonding

What is the best way to ground my Clearstream4 antenna? Should I use coax cable with an integrated separate ground wire, or run a separate wire? If so, what gage wire should I use? (I’m setting it on a tripod mount I purchased from you). Thanks! – Fr
I'm fine with the idea of a main panel with only 2 things in it feeding a sub-panel with everything in it. Question #1 - I'd rethink putting a service panel outdoors at all. Weather is rough on panels, even if they claim to be outdoor rated
Calculate the size of Earth Continuity Conductor, Earthing Lead & Earth Electrodes?For earhing or grounding purposes, the size of earth continuity conductor,, earthing lead and earth electrodes depend on wiring cables used in the system. Solved e
If the pilot always relights, then I doubt that you have a bad thermocouple. when a thermocouple goes bad, you usually can't relight the pilot. Another common thermocouple problem is a loose connection where the wire attaches to the control
Neutral and ground should be bonded only in your main service panel. Sounds like, in your case, that's the one attached to your meter. Secondary panels should have separate neutral and ground bus bars
I would be more worried about fused breaker contacts and damaged breakers from the lightning surge. I can't say whether or not lightning damaged your wire insulation but megging isn't a guarantee either. $150 per circuit is highway robbery
I am installing a rooftop antenna on the end of my house, opposite the end where the ground rod is located. I plan to install a new 8' ground rod on the ground directly under the antenna. I need to connect (bond) the new ground rod to the old ground
Generally, adding a ground wire is always better for electronic equipment. It helps surge suppressors do their job by providing a ground reference. It provides real chassis grounding which among other things gives a solid route for static electricity