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When your HVAC system suddenly stops working, it’s easy to fear the worst and think that something is wrong with one of your costly components. There’s another possible culprit that’s easy to rule out: a failed thermostat. By following these steps, y
I am renting an apartments with a friend and have the first choice of rooms. One room is better than the other but I noticed that it only has 2 pronged outlets. The other room (right across the hall) has three pronged outlets
I'm fine with the idea of a main panel with only 2 things in it feeding a sub-panel with everything in it. Question #1 - I'd rethink putting a service panel outdoors at all. Weather is rough on panels, even if they claim to be outdoor rated
As we saw earlier, a power system with no secure connection to earth ground is unpredictable from a safety perspective: there’s no way to guarantee how much or how little voltage will exist between any point in the circuit and earth ground. By ground
If you're talking about the equipment grounding conductor, and not the grounded (neutral) conductor, then they may not have to "share" the same equipment grounding conductor. This answer contains all the code references, if you want to give it a read
Well, it's not prohibited to drop another ground rod. It's a good idea. Can't hurt, might help
I will have to look tonight to be 100% sure, but I am almost positive that it is only the three large black wires going from the main panel to the sub panel. So, if I am understanding correctly and if I do in fact only have three wires. Then I can ad
It's not going to trip, because the contact resistance between the rod and the ground is too high, therefore the current will be low (Ohm's law). Despite what people may think, electricity is trying to find a way back to the source, not to the ground
Well it is the National Electrical Code that requires 25 Ohms or less. Notice the exception after #5. 250
I am renovating an old home(90 years) that my wife and I just purchased. The electrical system in the house is outdated - some of the outlets appear to be knob and tube but most are the brass and silver; forgive me if this is incorrect info, I honest