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Most lamps have a two-prong plug. All the lamps in my house, even the ones with metal casings, have two-prong plugs. I don't think you have a safety problem
Tester101 nailed the question, so I'll cover another option. Depending on your situation, it is often possible to retrofit ground. Normally, wires in a circuit must be kept together for good reason
in a three prong 120V standard household outlet you have 3 prongs a flat prong on the left, (HOT or 120v relative to earth ground) typically wired with black blue or red in color a narrower flat prong on the right (NEUTRAL 0v relative to earth ground
Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy using conductors and magnetic fields. Motors require thermal protection to prevent damage due to.
The grounding conductor in an electrical system provides a safe path for fault currents to travel along. It's there to prevent electrocution. Let's say we have a toaster
If the conduit is metalic, and at least size 3/4", and at least 8 ft. long. Then you should be able to use it as the grounding electrode for the antenna
Here's my best guess at the wiring based on the photo. Looks like you've got one hot/neutral coming into the box from the panel (or another switch/outlet), and you've got 2 hot/neutrals going out of the box to other switches/outlets. Since these are
We're changing the extremely old fixtures in our hallway with some sleek modern LED lighting. Upon removing the fixture I discovered three sets of twisted wires - double white, black-red (the fixture used it for the black) and a black-white pair that