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A grill gazebo is an outdoor structure designed to house an informal kitchen. It typically holds a barbeque grill and tables, and possibly also shelves or benches. Most models are constructed of aluminum, steel, and canvas
Most lamps have a two-prong plug. All the lamps in my house, even the ones with metal casings, have two-prong plugs. I don't think you have a safety problem
You didn't say what you're doing with the other side. It depends an awful lot on that. If the circuit breaker in the main panel is 20 amps or less, and the existing load is 120V (i
Up until 2011 the National Electrical Code allowed a "3 wire" method of connecting a sub-panel. This means you have the two "hot" wires and a neutral running to the sub-panel as opposed to the "4 wire" method where you add a separate equipment ground
I've got an LG Ductless 12000 BTU unit that does the most annoying thing. . It is wired into a semi-standard (one of the prongs is sideways) 15A or 20A (can't recall) GFCI outlet inside - and if the power goes out, or I bump the cord "the wrong way"
Guidelines for a Do It Yourself Light Fixture Electrical Question:I need help creating a Do It Yourself Light Fixture. I’m trying to create my own light fixture with 10 bulb sockets. I’ve tried to wire them together one at a time but I can’t seem to
[QUOTE=JoeVB]OK, here is what I have as a summary, I am sure ;) someone will let me know if this is wrong:For the SPA, I will use a 50 AMP, GCFI breaker at the main panel and mount a cut-off switch at the spa but no less than 5 feet from the water. [
Neutral and ground should be bonded only in your main service panel. Sounds like, in your case, that's the one attached to your meter. Secondary panels should have separate neutral and ground bus bars
There are two, somewhat related problems that can happen to the earthing system in a house Your earthing system isn't connected to earth well enough (or at all) This is mainly a problem due to lightning etc. inducing surges on the power line -- the e