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I had many problems in my car so i had to fix them all. From the speaker panel you can see the window rail and the bolt that holds it when you undo that bolt you can move the window back into place in the rail. When you do this you should take the bo
Deburring ToolsBEW 309BEW 605 BEW 606 The angular design of this machine is ideal for the deburring of bore holes in difficult-to-reach areas, e. g. slanted bore holes that must be deburred from the inside
The Impact Super Clamp with Ratchet Handle is a versatile grip tool made of lightweight cast alloy. With a load capacity of 33 lb, the clamp can hold a wide variety of items such as cameras, lights, umbrellas, hooks, shelves, plate glass, cross bars,
Joe Truini: There’re very few caulking projects that require you to use a full tube of caulk, so it’s important to find a way to seal it so you can reuse it next time. Now I’ve seen people use duct tape and even wire nuts to seal it but these ideas d
Alternatives that cover everything for DYI needsThere is no such thing. Whatever you buy now, you will miss something at some point in your DIY life. It may be less obvious than it looks
Edit ArticleThree Methods:Remove Rivets with a Grinder and DrillRemove Rivets with a ChiselRemove Rivets with a Rivet Removal ToolCommunity Q&A Rivets are fasteners that are found holding together many things from race cars to sailboats. They are
I’m a great fan of kitchen gadgets, especially those I don’t have to plug in. I would be lost without my whisks, granny fork, instant-read thermometer and nut grinder. What’s a nut grinder? It’s a rotary hand-cranked device you clamp to the side of a