Hanging a large bowl on a stone backsplash


Recently we had a homeowner inquire with us as to how to hang an art display on a stone fireplace. This person has a beautiful stone fireplace in his home (as you’ll soon see in the photos below) that he didn’t want to mar by putting holes into either the stone or the grout work.

We love it when these questions are brought to our attention so we can share our solutions. We’ll begin by showing you the “before” and “after” images, then we’ll share with you the simple step-by-step progression of the project – including its perceived hurdles, bringing us full circle to a beautiful stone fireplace displaying a lovely piece of art while maintaining the full integrity and beauty of the fireplace.

This “before” image shows the stonework extends right to the ceiling, with no architectural wood or detail which could act as a location from which to hang art.

In this “after” image, you’ll notice the dimensional metal art suspended in front of the stone fireplace. Barely...

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This kitchen by Gilday Renovations features a glass-tile backsplash that extends to the ceiling. Photograph courtesy of Gilday Renovations

When it comes to designing a kitchen, a backsplash is one area where you can have some design fun. While the cabinets tend to be a practical choice and the countertops a question of utility, a backsplash finishes off a kitchen’s look.

“A backsplash is the black dress,” says Shannon Kadwell, an interior designer with Anthony Wilder Design/Build in Cabin John. “It should be something you notice when you walk in the room, but it should be able to fit every occasion–and your personality.”

Here’s what you might think about before adding wow to your walls.

With lots of tiles and backsplash options, consider which material will fit your needs.

“Is it most important to you that it’s easy to clean?” Stephanie Pritchard, a kitchen designer at Middleburg Design Company, asks. “Or is the aesthetic of the tile most...

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Kitchen, Example Of A Trendy Kitchen Design In San Francisco With A Double Bowl Sink White Backsplash And Stone Tile Backsplash: Charming Classic Backsplash Tile Ideas

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Charming Classic Backsplash Tile Ideas Photos

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While remodelling kitchens and bathrooms, many people decide to add a little extra to their living spaces in order to make the dull areas in their home beautiful and unique. They add a backsplash, or panel behind a bathroom sink or kitchen stove, in order to protect their walls from splashes such as tomato sauce or toothpaste. Out of the most popular backsplash available, natural stone is easily the most popular and easy to keep up. In order to get the most out of your new backsplash, proper installation methods and using the right chemicals is a must.


Because natural stone is porous, it requires re-sealing to prevent staining over time. A well sealed backsplash will bead water on the surface and not let any water soak in. Once the stone tiles stop doing this, it is time to re-seal them. Firstly, after the stones are in place, you will spray stone cleaner on the tiles to buff them out with a soft cloth. The tiles should be...

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Natural stone is one of the most commonly used materials for kitchen counters and floors. So when it comes time to select a backsplash, stone makes a natural choice to complement those materials already being used in the space. Thankfully, the backsplash is one of the best places to be nearly any type of stone – including highly porous or soft stones that might not be suitable elsewhere in the kitchen.

Backsplashes get no traffic and little water, which means that while you may need to clean them on occasion, you don’t have to worry about very soft stones like Lagos Azul staining or disintegrating over time. At the same time, stone of any texture can be used in this area, including wall cladding, river stones, or polished marbles.

While backsplash trends come and go, stone rarely goes out of style. Today’s kitchen backsplash trends are using stone in a number of ways. Slate has replaced tumbled marble as the go to material for a textured and highly variable...

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Natural stone tiles make a wonderful addition to the kitchen backsplash area. These tiles have a natural color variation, and can help protect your walls from grease or water splatters. Because the tiles are natural and porous, however, they do require sealing to help prevent staining over time. Ideally the tiles should be sealed prior to grouting, as well as on an ongoing basis, depending on how frequently they are cleaned. A well sealed backsplash will bead water up off of its surface; when your stone tiles stop doing this, it is time to reseal them.

Spray stone cleaner on the tiles and buff them clean with a soft cloth. Make sure the tiles are completely free of any grease, cooking splatters or surface stains. Let the tiles dry completely. If the tiles darken after washing, allow them to return to their natural color before sealing to let the water evaporate from the pores of the stone.

Pour the stone sealer into a bowl or open-mouthed container large enough to dip...

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