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Curved staircase This design is an excellent example of a bespoke curved staircase incorporating a turn of 150°. To achieve as clean and fluid a turn as possible, a curved landing was included between steps 10 and 12, allowing an uninterrupted curve
Underlayment If you have a vinyl floor in your home and you have wood sub floors, most likely you will have underlayment. Underlayment is used to provide a smoother substrate for some floor coverings, like sheet vinyl. It is also used to raise one ar
Most of the house has hardwood flooring that for the most part looks really good. However, I've found some spots here and there throughout the house that are starting the chip. What are my least invasive options for fixing this problem? I say least i
Yeah, I would nix the sleeper idea too. Sand away or rent/buy a Power Planer or Belt Sander to take the hump down. Or, remove the subfloor rows (assuming they're running parallel with the hump) & replace them with thinner stock or plywood of the
i would start by digging out the area a little bit to see how bad the hole is. if its not to deep or just a sign of a bigger problem, i would fix it like so: 1) using lacquer sticks and an alcohol lamp (you can get these at lee valley or rockler, etc
How to Remove Carpet, Adhesives, and PaddingWhen you find hardwood floors under your old carpet, you would probably want to remove the carpet and let the natural beauty of a hardwood floor stand out, or you may just want to replace it with another ty
Now that you have started to replace part of your wood strip flooring, you will need to continue with the project and finish it up. Here are the basics of how to continue patching your wood strip flooring. Step 1 - Cut the TongueWhen you are getting
One of the most important parts of your hardwood flooring installation is the part that’ll never be seen – your subfloor. The subfloor is what lies beneath the planks of solid or engineered hardwood flooring. It’s the foundation that provides a solid