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Hi, I am building a 2 story house wood frame house(with basement) that is heated with radiant hot water system installed in the floor. The joists have been blown in with loose fill cellulose (for both sound and to keep the heat up) and a plywood floo
My last polyurethane finishing experiment failed. I applied fast-drying Varathane to 3/4" maple plywood shelves. They were very finely finished before applying the polyurethane, and became very rough after
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Styles change over time, that's just a fact of life. At one time shag carpet was in, so folks tended to install it in their homes. In more recent times, hard surfaces seem to be popular
I would prefer to have the floor go under the cabinets but the cabinets have to be in along with an linoleum floor to close on the house. .
It’s so hard to believe that I broke my one rule for kitchen renovation and design. I installed hardwood flooring — again! The first time was in our old kitchen, where I learned how to install hardwood flooring for the first time. You can read about
There does appear to be some form of structural damage beneath the damaged boards. Any kind of 'patch' or replacement may bring similar results over time. I would cut out and remove the entire section of board, inspect the joists and proceed from the
I have purchased Bruce 3/4" solid oak flooring and I am looking for some guidance with respect to expansion space. This is standard tongue and groove flooring that will be nailed down. This is also an above grade installation, on a wooden subfloor, i
Oil-based polyurethane reportedly has some toxicity during application, but it is easier to apply and provides a superior finish compared to water-based polyurethane. This means that while I may get away with not using a mask while applying a water-b