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Baseboard molding is typically trimmed out against a wood or tile floor using a small molding called a base shoe. Example in the picture below. Due to minor variations in floor height or flooring material thickness over relatively short distances it
I'm getting ready to float a bamboo floor in my kitchen. I know I need to lay the flooring underneath the appliances, and I'll need to leave an expansion gap next to the cabinets and walls. The trouble is that there's not really much room between the
This can be a tough problem to work out in a situation like this. Particularly if you are trying to run the same type and size of molding from one floor area through to the other. What I have done in instances where the height changes are small is to
I plan to float a bamboo floor over top of our kitchen's existing linoleum (or vinyl, not really sure which). The problem is that the floor has a couple of high joists that make it pretty uneven along the width of the room. The height difference reac
While most wood floors seen in houses today are finished with some sort of polyurethane, sealing, etc. , there’s a dilemma faced by those who have floors that are not finished at all. Communities of wood workers, floor finishers, and general around-t
You didn't mention your location, which would be very helpful, as things like frost heave and drainage matter where foundations are concerned. But, in general, floors are likely to be uneven because of the foundation. Here's where it gets hard, thoug
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BUBBLES IN VINYL FLOORING BUBBLES FLOOR TILE — BATHROOM, KITCHEN, PLAYROOM, LINO, VINYL. How to fix vinyl floors and make repairs such as vinyl floor seam repair and bubble elimination. Bubbles can occasionally appear in a sheet vinyl floor, even if
1 Purchase some wood that will give you the right look for your space. Due to the large amount of different types of hardwood, choose one that fits your budget and appearance. Also be prepared for delivery of a very heavy large stack of wood if you a
I am in the market for some wood flooring and due to condo constraints I am forced to go with a floating floor. I am probably going with bamboo from Plyboo or Teragren. I am concerned about the warnings regarding moisture