Questions about: health-and-safety

first of all - don't panic about the polyurethane foam. PUF is not the same as UFFI from the seventies, but it does have problems if not done correctly. personally, i never use the stuff in any jobs and i think its going to go the same way of UFFI fo
YES/NO. I could find two answers: no and yes. The no was marketed by manufacturers of large air purifiers containing full-blown HEPA while the yes by the below research on asthma, disabilities and seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
There is an 8000 liter water tank on top of my house which provides water for the house. Bacteria, fungi, algae, etc. often start developing in the tank, giving unpleasant smells, etc
Roxul is safer than pink or fiberglass insulation, and a few pieces against your windows will be quite safe (but not beautiful). However, if your basement walls are not insulated, I doubt putting Roxul in the windows will make any perceivable differe