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In a bathroom I have a single 500w 240v electric baseboard heater, and AUBE/Honeywell TH305 digital line voltage single pole thermostat. I noticed yesterday, that the display had gone blank. A quick check showed there was still power to the stat
From the Romans to present day, underfloor heating has been a good idea. Underfloor heating provides gently radiating heat from the whole of the floor surface. This radiant heat is similar to the heat from the sun, heating the occupants of the room d
Dealing with the furnace failure can be daunting. You wonder how serious the problem is, how much a repair will cost and if you will ultimately have to replace it. When your furnace simply will not cycle off there can be any number of reasons for the
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The Best Way to Insulate Your GarageWith so many garage insulation options, make your choice easier. You’ll get the best insulation for your garage plans, and make it work with your budget. Some things to consider: your garage’s age and condition, th
There should be a damper on the 6" pipe from the hot air plenum to the humidifier, closing it part way will help but the most probable cause is not enough return air openings in your house. If you have wall returns, take the grills off and make sure
There are no doubts about the facts that there are a number of things a homeowner can do to increase the value of their properties. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not place much of an importance towards their necessities of not only retaining the