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I was changing my thermostat and I attempted to make the swap live without turning power off. When I connected new thermostat, the fan kept running. Ruled out bad thermostat and wire short by disconnecting those wires from the board and turning furna
Solid wood floors present the greatest challenges where underfloor heating is concerned but this does not mean that they need to be ruled out altogether. Wooden floors and particularly solid wood floors will expand when they absorb moisture, typicall
I'm installing my first radiant floor system using 1/2 inch tubing and Joist Trak plates. I purchased a 1000 foot roll of tubing and cut it into 5 200' pieces. While running my loops, I'm finding there is either extra or not enough tubing to complete
I'm having some issues with my current steam heating system. I'd rather get it replaced with a whole new system, either forced hot water or forced air. The house was built in 1916, so I'd have to do mini-ducts if I went forced air (thin walls)
I figured it out and installed a new thermostat today, wish I could have figured it out at the beginning of the heating system. I figured out what the Single Pole LR10499 22A-120/v240;18A-277VAC means. I just had to think about it longer
According to the manual of my AWB ThermoMaster 2HR 28. 02WT Condensing boiler, it is compatible with a pre-heating solar system for tap-water only. It even has extra facilities to ensure that the coolest water goes through the condenser part (HR part
Minerva Studio/shutterstock. com A leaking boiler pipe is never a pleasant sight to see, it’s often quite troublesome, and sometimes there might even be dangerous consequences. Boiler pipe leaks are most common around Christmas and that shouldn’t sur
You're not cooking with gas, and a watched pot never boils. Baseboards take a good while* to have noticeable heat. I've been bench-testing a variety of electric heaters lately, and they're all like that
It is better to keep a hot water hydronic heating system full of water all the time. This keeps air out, and prevents the inside of the radiators from rusting (assuming these are traditional cast iron rads). Recirculating the same water also helps li
A:What you’re experiencing is called cold diuresis, a phenomenon that occurs for reasons that are not entirely clear. One theory that remains popular—though it has been contested—explains how it works like this: When your temperature starts to drop,