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A Manual D load calculation will give you each room's airflow and return air path requirements. Those return air paths can be provided by dedicated return ducts, jump-ducts, or undercut doors. Undercut doors represent the least desirable approach bec
Variable Anger and Venting (of the profane kind) Unfortunately, the Flair belongs to a class of HVAC systems known generically as Variable Air Volume systems, or VAV for short. HVAC systems must control three key parameters in order to provide comfor
What I would do: Cut the long pipe. Move the radiator, making both cut pieces accessible. Remove and and discard both pieces of the long pipe
Gavins circuit diagram looks like a good solution, but if your not comfortable building it I suggest a constant current regulator. The reglator you need will depend on your power supply. They usually come with voltage regulators with names like buck/
LESLIE: Danny in Texas has a question about leaky pipes. What can we help you with? DANNY: I have a house that’s about 55 years old. It has galvanized water pipes
Not sure if this should be a comment or an answer. You will need something on top of the concrete but under the radiant tubing to reflect the heat upward. They do make a metal coated wood for that purpose that has channels already routed out for the
With the hot days of summer come summer sports -- baseball, tennis, football practice -- both in the neighborhood and at camp. Before you send the kids out to practice -- or just for a long day of play in the sun -- learn to protect your child agains
We currently have forced air heating and I absolutely hate it. We're interested in converting to hot water baseboard. Can anyone give a ballpark figure as to the cost? Is a new boiler necessary or can I just use the tap water boiler (which is just a
I have a couple of these switches in my house. They do indeed light up when turned OFF. In one application in our house the switch works the room light and is far from one entrance, so it makes sense and helps you find the switch in the dark