Help with plumbing a drain for a new shower? (with example picture)


Currently redoing our master bathroom, placing a shower where a tub used to be but also modifying the plumbing in the process to accommodate the new shower pan.

I have two choices to route the new shower drain to, the old tub plumbing in purple or the old shower plumbing in orange. If I go to the purple line I have to go through two joists as well as deal with a hard to reach existing p trap which is under a closet wall. I can't go directly to the 90° sweep that's in the same joist space as the new p trap because of how close the sweep is to the top plate of the first floor and the existing joist so my next option is to hop over to the next joist space and tap into the orange line with something like a sanitary T. What I'm not sure of is if this is an illegal use of a sanitary T and or will there be venting problems. Unfortunately I can't tap into the vertical vent pipe because it's already been finished with backer and tile on the wall as well as the floor.


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The new tile shower was ready for the first time on Friday of last week. Over the past few days, I've realized that there is just a bit of water puddling about six inches away from the drain. It's not a lot, but it's just enough that if someone takes a shower in the morning, come nightfall, that section of the shower is still wet, with maybe something like 1/8" to 1/4" shallow little puddle. It's tiny enough that a typical kitchen towel can soak up the water.

This bothers me, because i don't know if this will cause problems down the road. It's a brand new tiled shower installation where we didn't have a shower, so it's got a brand-new wetbed, a PreSlope product was used to "guarantee a proper slope", a waterproof membrane, redguard, etc.

Since no one else in my family noticed it, I thought at first maybe I was just being super-picky/observant, or maybe I was imagining it. So to test it, I took a golf ball, gently chucked it into the shower to let it roll around and...

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How to Fix Pipes in a Shower That Have Rust & Low...

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This article will cover all of the steps required to install a standard alcove bathtub and shower combination. If your planning to install your own bathtub and shower there will be a significant amount of carpentry and plumbing work to be preformed so please read the entire article to make sure it's a project your able to handle.

A bathtub is different from most plumbing fixtures in that it must be chosen prior to the rough-in. The standard size bathtub is 5 feet long by 30 inches wide but there are numerous sizes and styles that can fit your design needs. Bathtubs also come in left and right hand, which means the side the drain is on when looking at the finished side.

Framing the bathtub walls

The bathtub will need to be installed snugly between the walls of the rough framing and the measurements must be dead on. Because there are so many different models and sizes, it would be impossible to give specific measurements to...

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Running Drain and Vent Lines

Drain and vent lines must be positioned precisely, so you should install them before the supply pipes. It may be possible to simplify supply runs by moving a vent pipe over a few inches.

If you must run drainpipes across a floor, carefully calculate the amount of vertical space available; you must slope the drainpipe at 1/8 to 1/4 inch drop per foot.

Sometimes it's difficult to visualize how drainpipes will travel through walls and floors. Once you start assembling the pieces and testing them for fit, you may need to modify your plans.

Some inspectors prefer horizontal vent pipes to be sloped so condensation can run back to the drainpipes; others don't consider this important. To be on the safe side, slope the vents.

Prestart Checklist

Working with a helper, about two days

PVC saw or power saw, level, carpentry tools

Cutting and joining PVC pipe, running pipes...

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Rubber Gasket For Shower Drain....HELP

Installed a new fiberglass shower pan, with the brass no caulk drain. I have tryed 2 different rubber gaskets that go into the drain, both seem to fit the 2" PVC in the floor a little loose. When I screw down the jam nut, it doesnt seem to seal, I can see that its not tight around the drain pipe looking down at it with a flashlight. The drain pipe is 2", pan is set on concrete floor. This is a remodel, the old pan that was in there had no leak problem, client wanted new. Am I missing something, is there a "trick" to this? Or is there a better drain to use. Thanks for any...

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Many repair or replacement tasks are best left for professionals, but some are simple enough to do yourself with a little help from your friends at®! The subjects below offer helpful instructional aids to assist you with your DIY project. Learn how to replace an anode rod, clean a shower head, or how to troubleshoot a toilet, just to name a few. We also offer informational pages addressing topics ranging from the use of chlorine to disinfect drinking water to tips for purchasing a towel warmer to best suit your needs.

Toilet Repair Tutorials

Your toilet is probably the most used fixture in your home - and anything with moving parts and water is bound to have some kind of trouble sooner or later. Learn everything you need to know to keep your toilet in top-notch working order right here.

Toilet Repair Videos

How Toilets Work
All About Flappers
Test Flapper for Leaks
How to Replace a Fill Valve
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There are plenty of DIY projects to do around the house, but removing a stubborn drain clog simply isn’t one of them. When it comes to DIY drain cleaning, it’s easy to make an amateur mistake that will cause damage to your plumbing and end up costing you more money in the long run! You also run the risk of injuring yourself in the process.

Instead of wasting time and money on a DIY drain cleaning disaster, call the experts at Rick’s Plumbing instead. We offer a variety of professional drain cleaning services in New Haven, CT such as cable drain cleaning and Bio-Clean that are tough on drain clogs but easy on your plumbing and the environment!

Here are four things to avoid when trying to remove drain clogs in New Haven, CT.

AVOID poking at the clog with a wire coat hanger

Never unbend a wire hanger or another slender, wiry metal object and stick it down the drain in an attempt to clear the clog. Aside from being ineffective, you’re likely to end up even...

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Plumbing drain noise diagnostic FAQs:

Frequently-asked questions & answers about the types, causes, & remedies for plumbing drain noises & sounds.

This article series explains how to determine the causes of plumbing drain noises, and we refer to key companion articles that assist in that diagnosis, and we include plumbing noise cures.

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How to Diagnose Sounds of Gurgling or Other Noises in a Building Drain Piping System

Article Contents

Question: Why do Our Drains Gurgle When the Heat Pump Switches to Cooling Mode?

When we switch our water source heat pump from heat to cool, the bathtub drains periodically make, loud, gurgling sounds. What is the cause and how do we cure this problem ? We are on...

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Is this manufactured pan, or a site-built pan with a liner?

At either type, unless I can establish visually that the water is from the pan and not the drain plumbing below the drain base at the clamp assembly, (if a site built pan) or the drain assembly (if a manufactured pan) my first step in testing shower pans is to inject water into the plumbing just below the drain openings in the drain base or the drain assembly.

I use a special testing device which I made for this purpose, consisting of a weighted base with the correct length nipple to reach below the drain or drain base and a sponge rubber gasket to prevent water from splashing back up the drain,

but you can perform the same test by inserting a hose to the correct depth and turning on the water just enough so that it does not splash back upwards.

If you get a leak as a result of this test, it's in the plumbing below the drain assembly or base.

If not (assuming that you have determined that...

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Three theories of suds in the drain -I think this problem persists, for many people.
My mom's machine is doing it right now.
The plumber couldn't fix it, but he put on the gray rubber collar,
which reduced the outflow by 80-90%, but it still needs to be wrapped with a towel.
I like KULTULZ's example, the almost-sealed fitting and the smooth black hose.
I bet Luann's paint roller works pretty well too.
But I just want people (including washer mfrs) to start thinking about how to prevent suds generation in the drain
instead of trying to seal it in, which isn't quite working in my case.
The machine usually doesn't make suds inside; it's carefully designed not to.
"Inside" would mean before the drain pump, assuming there is one.

The pump might well make suds in the drain hose when it over-runs and sucks air
and pushes bubbles thru the soapy water still standing in the ascending part of the drain hose.
I guess then a smaller...

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The plumbers listed in our plumbing directory provide complete plumbing repair.

Best Plumbers®

Plumbers found online can be a difficult experience for a homeowner. Finding a good plumber online, fast, is complicated. Many plumbing companies are posting positive reviews about themselves on rating websites. Often, plumbers that provide excellent plumbing service have fraudulent reviews posted from their competitors or disgruntled ex-employees. When it comes to finding a good plumber, who can the consumer really trust?

At Best Plumbers® our name speaks for itself. We apply a rigorous plumber research and plumber review process to identify plumbing companies that provide the highest quality plumbing services.

We research the major review websites like: Dun & Bradstreet, Angie’s List, Google, Yelp, Facebook, CitySearch, YP (Yellow Pages) and the Better Business Bureau. We take into consideration: the age of the plumbing company, the size of the plumbing...

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How To Manage Common Plumbing Issues At Home

Even the most complacent home owner is likely to have a few handy tools to help with simple plumbing problems. Problems like unclogging a slow drain, replacing a worn out washer, and repairing leaky faucets can be done at home. If you are keen on DIY, here are a few basic issues you can solve on your own:

How to unblock/clean a bathroom drain:

A slow drain in the bathroom is often caused by hair. Attach a tub/shower strainer to prevent hair and other materials from clogging the drain. But if you do not have a strainer, clean the drain frequently. To do so, use a straightened wire hanger with a hooked end and push it straight inside the drain. Gently pull out the hair using the hooked end. Do this a couple of time until the wire comes out clean, while ensuring that the hanger does not get stuck in the drain. Open the tub/shower to check if the water drains properly. If it does not, call the...

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Whether you're building a new home or remodeling, adding a shower is a great way to add luxury to your bathroom. Before you
embark on a shopping spree, think about what you want from your new shower, focusing on the needs of the different people
who’ll be using it.

Thoughtful design

There are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to showers, and you can combine the components in a variety of ways to accommodate every family member.

Multi-function showerheads deliver a variety of functions, specific massage options and a range of intensities, from pulsing blasts to gentle mists.

Bodysprays offer a variety of different experiences based on your personal preferences. Some types save space by discreetly blending into the wall, while others are adjustable for a range of intensities. Many bodysprays provide targeted relief for arthritis, sports injuries, or just everyday aches and pains.

Rainhead showers mimic the luxurious...

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The right parts for a repair done Right

With a plumbers Bristol service who aims to bring our customers great services of all kinds, a point of main interest for us is what spare parts to use when it comes to the many repair jobs we do. There is an intricate market and where some lesser workmen are looking for a quick fix and profit though using second rate parts, which may do the job, but with a much higher rate of the problem requiring attention again sooner rather than later. For a great plumbers Bristol service team who is determined to perform the best job they can for you, this will never be the case. You can trust the lovely team...

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