High humidity in bathroom!


The Claim

Bathroom paint is advertised as a special type of paint--different from ordinary interior house paint--that is designed for bathrooms only.

The Truth

There really is no such thing as bathroom paint. It is simply paint with a collection of properties that makes it a good surface cover for bathrooms--as well as any other part of the house. Properties such as:

Mildew-Inhibitors: Bathroom paint has anti-microbial additives which help resist (but not completely avoid) mildew. Tougher Finish, Tighter Structure: Should you need to wipe down the surface, bathroom paint is slightly tougher to allow for this, but only with non-abrasive cleaners. Its tighter structure means that flat or matte finishes can be used in high-moisture environments.

Many of these properties have been incorporated into ordinary house paint over the last few years, largely eliminating the need for anything called bathroom paint.

Bathroom Enemy #1:...

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High humidity present in bathrooms and kitchens could be degrading the vitamins and health supplements stored in those rooms, even if the lids are on tight, a Purdue University study shows.

Lisa Mauer, an associate professor of food science, said that crystalline substances -- including vitamin C, some vitamin B forms and other dietary supplements -- are prone to a process called deliquescence, in which humidity causes a water-soluble solid to dissolve. Keeping those supplements away from warm, humid environments can help ensure their effectiveness.

"You might see salt or sugar start to cake in the summer, start to form clumps, and that's a sign of deliquescence," said Mauer, whose findings were published in the early online version of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. "You can also get chemical instabilities, which are a little more problematic if you're consuming a dietary supplement with vitamin C for that vitamin C content."

Kitchen salt,...

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To seek relief from mould problems and smell just use Ceresit STOP MOULD*!

This is your help in the fight against the consequences of excessive humidity. Ceresit STOP MOULD is a disinfectant spray and mildew remover, effectively eliminating mold and bacteria, keeping clean and sanitary your bathroom, shower, swimming pool, cellar, kitchen or any other premises. Ceresit STOP MOULD is intended for direct use. The convenient dispenser helps with easy application in inaccessible places.

* Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

More about product Ceresit STOP MOULD

As a precaution to prevent development of mildew in bathrooms and toilets, use Ceresit STOP HUMIDITY MICRO.

It absorbs humidity immediately and neutralizes odors. With its PowerTAB 3in1 and the scents of relaxing lavender, soothing peach and invigorating springfresh you can additionally create a pleasant atmosphere. Get the appropriate humidity...

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With summer temperatures reaching over 38°C (100°F), the CubeSensors at our office in Ljubljana and at PSFK’s Future of Home Living Exhibition in New York often have a common complaint: the relative humidity is dancing above the recommended 55%. Why does this even matter and what can you do about high humidity levels?

High humidity causes health problems

The most easily noticeable consequences of relative humidity rising over 60% and above are the air feeling stale, your hair getting frizzy, and feeling hotter than it really is. That’s because more humidity in the air means your sweat is not evaporating as fast as it usually does. In other words, your body’s natural cooling mechanism starts breaking down.

High humidity also has other, more serious side effects. From causing sleeping problems, to putting up a big, shiny welcome sign for various moulds, harmful bacteria and dust mites. And moulds are not just an eye sore. They release mould spores into...

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Bathrooms are high humidity environments and are notoriously difficult to keep damp and mold free. Every time you turn the shower on or run a bath you’re creating an environment that mold and mildew just love.

Buying the best bathroom dehumidifier is essential if you want to keep these unwanted guests off your bathroom walls and ceilings.

Besides the threat of mold and mildew, bathrooms can also develop musty odors if the moisture in the air isn’t properly taken care of.

In bathrooms that don’t have their humidity controlled you are sure to find at least some small spots of mold or mildew on the ceiling or between tiles.

Left unchecked these small spots quickly become easily noticeable. Not only is mold an eyesore but it can also be a serious health hazard.

When it comes to choosing the best dehumidifier bathroom spaces can present a particular challenge. It’s important to choose a dehumidifier that can cope with the high levels of humidity in the...

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This article deals with such a problem as the outlet in the bathroom, their installation, electrical wiring and basic rules applicable to these outlets.

Even in the recent past in the bathroom outlet and wiring it seemed something unreal because of the increased risk of fire, short circuit, etc.In addition, rarely occurred very need to use the socket in the bathroom, as used conventional cast iron bathtub and sinks standard that does not require power.

The situation has now changed completely and widely used in the bathroom electricity consuming creature comforts, such as:

Bath-tub; hand dryer; Dryer; razor, etc.

All of these devices and devices may cause an electric shock, so the wiring and installation in the bathroom outlet require competent approach, which depends on the security panel in the bathroom or a private home.

Wiring in the bathroom


all the requirements for the installation of sockets in the bathroom can...

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It’s not uncommon to see houseplants in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. So why is it so odd to see plants in the bathroom? It shouldn’t be. Your steamy shower is a friend to the best bathroom plants that won’t wilt in the humid bathroom.

In fact, much of nature’s flora thrives in the low-light, humid environment of the bathroom. Plus, having a little greenery will certainly help spice up your decor as well as help purify the air. However, if you have pets, be wary of the plants you choose to decorate your space as some houseplants can be toxic to dogs and cats. To check out which are toxic, use this list. Here are the 10 best plants for the perfect environment.

1. Spider Plant

Spider plants are the gift that keeps on giving. As long as you place it in a fairly well-lit room, this little piece of greenery will remove impurities like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air in the moist environment. Plus it will also continually sprout new buds that...

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The bathroom is one of the most important and frequently used areas of the building. It poses specific safety concerns that are best addressed as early as the design stage. The primary issue would be the presence of moisture that can have far-reaching effects on the longevity of the bathroom area and its immediate surrounding rooms, as well as adverse effects on the health of the people using the bathroom.

One of the lesser-known aspects of green architecture is the focus on indoor air quality for specific rooms in the building. Given that each room may have very specific uses, indoor air quality specifications to ensure occupant well-being vary for each room.

Presence of health hazards

The biggest problem with bathrooms is the high humidity level. Humidity is simply the amount of water vapor in the air. Warm air holds more humidity than cold air. These may be adversely affected in the bathroom by the presence of microbial hazards that grow in damp and dark...

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By Robert Robillard on Bathrooms

Importance Of Bathroom Ventilation

Bathroom fans are a necessity in today’s air tight and energy efficient homes and help mitigate bathroom humidity issues. Ventilating the pollutants from cooking and showering is vital to the health of the residents and to the structural integrity of the home.

Bathroom Humidity Issues

When humidity builds up in a bathroom that doesn’t have proper ventilation, warm moisture-laden air moves toward cooler surfaces, such as the walls, where it condenses back into water.

Moisture vapor can peel wallpaper or paint off the surfaces and encourage the growth of mildew and mold. Moist air can condense inside the wall cavity, where it can cause rot, mold and serious structural damage to wall studs, sheathing, and ceiling and floor joists above and around the bathroom.

Bathroom Mold

Mold in the bathroom is especially problematic and has become a huge concern for today’s...

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Although a hot shower helps ease you into your morning or relax your muscles after a hard day's work, the humidity it creates may cause problems for your bathroom. Too much humidity leads to condensation, which can in turn cause mold and mildew, not to mention peeling paint and wallpaper. Because each bathroom is different, the tools you have available for fighting humidity vary -- ultimately, it takes a combination of methods to keep your bathroom pleasantly dry.

Turn the fan on. If your bathroom has vent or exhaust fans, use them during your shower or bath. Keep the fan on for about 10 to 15 minutes after you bathe. Hot showers and baths produce plenty of moisture, so it's key to pull it out of the bathroom during these times.

Open the windows. Like running fans, this helps direct moisture outside during and after your shower. Open any bathroom windows before your shower and keep them open for about 10 or 15 minutes afterward, or all day during temperate, dry...

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In the past, only glossier sheen paints were recommended for high moisture areas like bathrooms for their durability and easy-to-clean coatings. Now you can get these same benefits in a beautiful matte finish with Aura® Bath & Spa paint.

Aura® Bath & Spa is part of an innovative paint and colorant system, integrating the best technologies to deliver superior durability for any color along with the promise of long lasting beauty. In addition to using 100% acrylic latex, proprietary resins have been incorporated to give this bathroom paint its extraordinary performance properties.

FEATURES:Optimized for hot, steamy, humid environments No longer limited to higher sheens for bathrooms Provides exceptional durability and protection in a beautiful matte finish Extreme hide and coverage Proprietary Color Lock® Technology ensures color integrity and brilliance Optimized to prevent water staining Specially formulated to lock out moisture and keep it from penetrating the film;...
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