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I made a mistake with drilling a hole in the drywall. It's off by about 1/4-1/2 inch. The new hole will be really close to the old hole, or knowing my poor drilling skills, it will overlap the old hole
The idea you have is a good one, but you will probably not have any luck finding dimensional lumber that fits your needs exactly. Instead of looking for a 3 x 3, you can just buy a pressure treated 4 x 4, which is only really 3. 5 x 3
NOTE: The following information is supplied as a guideline of what MAY BE ENCOUNTERED as far as local building codes are concerned. It is meant as a GUIDELINE ONLY. Actual building codes may vary greatly depending upon region, state and city
Some deadbolt makers, such as Schlage and Arrow, have deadbolts that don't require a 2 1/8 inch hole. In both cases, there is a ring that can be left out so the deadbolt will fit over a non-standard hole, but security is somewhat compromised because
This page outlines and illustrates the series of steps that a dentist follows when placing a dental implant. In most cases, a person's procedure can be performed right in their dentist's office. The steps of the dental implant procedure
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Some contractors drilled some holes on the outside of the house and I need to patch them up. One hole is about 1 to 1. 5" in diameter
For small cylinders as described (4mm dia, 15mm long) the premise in your OP will work, but the drill press used needs to be accurate. My recommended execution of your idea: Assumes negligible play in drill press and use of good brad-point drill bits
Gauge, metric, size, clearance holes, pilot holes & wall plugs. Which one to choose? Here’s a table of screw data I’ve put together because I find manufacturers recommendations are often very general, I mean; why not be specific? I understand the