Hole for the receptacle is too big


over 3" deep is going to be too low of a water level...unless you are fine with that.

I would do one of two things....

1. cover thope holes most of the way horizontally so the gap creates a horizontal tooth 1" berlow the top of the tank. You will also need to put another piece of glass on the top so the gap(horizontal tooth) is only like 1/3 to 1/2" so critters cant slide through the hole. then carry on as you are thinking. you would silicone these pieces of glass to the inside of the tank so the water pressure would hold them in place to be sure, and than again, carry on as you are thinking with the external boxes

if what I expalined there doesnt make sense let me know and I will go snap a pic of one of my external toothless overlfows and it will make sense

2. cover the holes completely from the inside and depending on your comfort level with cutting and drillign glass either drill two new holes, or create two bulkhead holes in the existing holes...

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I purchased the dct map tank and (2) DCT MAP Tank Punched Carto 1.25 ohm from CoV on Sept 6. As you may know, CoV is a fantastic vendor. Purchasing the map tank and the (2) punched carto went through fast. From payment to delivery. Could not be happier with this vendor.

My plan was to find a juice that I enjoyed a lot and fill it on the map tank. So after a few weeks, I finally found the juice that I wanted to fill the map tank with. (the juice is a rice krispey treat flavor at 60/40 vg/pg ratio)

My first attempt at filling the map tank ended with juice in my mouth and juice running down the battery connection.

I did the research and watched youtube videos again to make sure I didn't miss anything. I tried again, and same result. I grabbed the other 1.25 ohm pre punched carto and got the same result. I now have about ~12 ml's of this expensive juice on my desk, keyboard, napkins, paper towels, my box mod, all over my hands and zero juice inside the map tank.


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It's no problem when you're installing a recessed light and the ceiling hole is too small. Use your jabsaw to file away excess drywall until the hole is large enough.

But it's a monumental problem if the ceiling hole is too large for the recessed light. Since old-work recessed ("can") lights depend on the drywall to hold them up, if the hole is too big, the light has nothing to hold onto. It's just floating there in mid-air.

How This Happens

There is no good solution; the best solution is... "Don't cut the hole too big in the first place." But stuff happens, right? I neglected to check my Klein adjustable hole saw's measurement before cutting a 6.25" hole and ended up with an awful mess for my 6" Halo light. The blades were in the wrong place, plus they weren't firmly secured. Now, what?

5 Solutions

Lots of drywall problems can be fixed "post-production" with creative mudding and tape. But a ceiling hole doctored this way has edges that will...

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“What should you do if the pilot hole for screws or anchors is too big?” – WYSK Reader Airtas

NV: Thanks for this great question because so many of us will relate to it! A loose shelf, a wobbling curtain rod, a hanging by a thread coat rack – we’ve all been there!

I especially love this question because it reminds me of a repair I’ve been meaning to get to for months! I have a little coat rack next to my side door that’s been increasingly loosening from the wall, and I had better fix it before the next pleasantly plump article I hang sends it crashing to the ground… so I’m off to do it, right now!

So, dear reader, whether it’s your pilot hole that’s been drilled too large or existing anchor holes (in my case) that have loosened over time from weight/yanking, there are a few ways to correct this issue.

Here are your options!

Use Larger Anchors and Screws

Just use the existing holes, but tap in fatter anchors and accompanying screws. This...

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