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Houston Refrigerator Water Line Preparation and Installation

In Houston, one of our modern conveniences is having a refrigerator with an automatic cold water dispenser on the outside of the refrigerator or freezer’s door for fast and easy refreshment. Another convenience made possible by modern refrigerators is the automatic ice making and dispensing ability. Simply place your cup or mug underneath the refrigerator’s dispenser, and presto… a cup full of frozen ice is made instantly available without even having to open the refrigerator’s door. No modern home today would seem complete without the presence of these conveniences in our daily lives, all made possible by our modern refrigerator and freezer unit.

However, once in a while these refrigerators can experience mechanical malfunctions or even failures. Of course, if this ever occurs one telephone call to our service advisor at Houston Katy Appliance Repair will get your refrigerator back up to optimum health in...

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How to check to see if your refrigerator water dispenser is malfunctioning due to a blockage, frozen water lines, or a bad water valve or solenoid.

Water dispensing refrigerators have become common in households these days but there are a few repair issues associated with these appliances. The most common repair issue homeowners may have to contend with are solenoids. A solenoid is basically an electric control valve that opens when the water dispenser button is pressed. Some refrigerators have dual solenoids to control the ice maker as well. You will need to have your make and model number of your refrigerator if you need to order a solenoid valve as they can be different for various models.


Before you replace the solenoid water valve for your water dispenser there are a few items you need to check first.

Verify that you are getting water flow through the water dispenser in the door. If not, then you may have a water supply problem or a...

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Also see: How to Repair an Ice Maker

Refrigerator not working right? This expert refrigerator troubleshooting and repair advice includes how to fix refrigerator problems such as poor cooling, refrigerator noises, and unwanted freezing of foods.

Though refrigerators generally operate very dependably, they can break down, and, when they do, food can spoil in a hurry. Though troubleshooting refrigerator problems often calls for a

refrigerator repair person

, you can handle some simple refrigerator troubleshooting and repairs yourself. As a result, you can save money, time, and the hassle of waiting for help. DIY refrigerator repairs involve checking the power, controls, condenser coils, and other parts outside of your refrigerator’s sealed, hermetic system.

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Diagram of Refrigerator Parts

The best way to increase the life of a refrigerator is to clean the condenser coils at least once a year. In fact, it pays to clean condenser...

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What is Sears Home Services refrigerator repair?

Sears Home Services is your best, most-trusted option for refrigerator repairs and maintenance. With hundreds of local repair centers across the US staffed with technicians that are highly trained, licensed, vetted, and guaranteed to fix all of your refrigerator repair needs, we are your best choice for any refrigerator repair, no matter which brand you have, or where you bought it, including Kenmore appliances, our house brand. Rest assured that we are experts at repairing any appliance in your home. We have thousands of local technicians that are always “near me,” that can help you no matter what your appliance emergency.

When should I hire a Sears Appliance Technician?

There may be times when you can fix or maintain your refrigerator yourself. If you’ve noticed your refrigerator is making strange noises, you have a torn door seal, or a light bulb goes out, these may be easy fixes. If you’ve got significant...

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Water dispenser repair

Water Valve

This section of this refrigerator water dispenser repair guide will discuss water valves. The water valve can cause your refrigerator water dispenser not to work. To check the water valve, pull the water line off the water valve that feeds water to the water reservoir in the fresh food section. Then have someone try to dispense water. If when they try to dispense water, water flows out the valve the water valve is ok. Read the section on water line frozen. If water doesn’t flow out the valve the problem is electrical or the water valve is bad. Tell them to try to dispense water again this time listen carefully. If the water valve is getting power you may hear a faint buzzing sound, you may have to turn the refrigerator off to hear it. If you hear the buzzing and no water flows out the valve, replcae the water valve.

If however you do not hear the valve buzz there is a chance the problem is in the dispenser. Note that if the valve...

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How to repair a refrigerator water line

A refrigerator water line is a flexible line attached directly to the closest water outlet to the refrigerator. It supplies the water for the icemaker and water in the door. Correct a leak under the refrigerator as soon as you detect it to avoid dama[More]

How to cap a copper refrigerator water line

If you plan to disconnect and remove your ice maker either for repairs or permanently to make more freezer room, capping the line that supplies water to the freezer helps prevent leaks. You can and should shut off the water to the refrigerator using[More]

Refrigerator Water Line Connection Instructions

All refrigerators with an automatic ice maker require a water source. The water source, or water supply valve, is connected to the refrigerator using a copper water supply tube. The tube is often not included with the refrigerator, and you must purch[More]

How to Fix a GE Refrigerator Frozen Water...

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Download repair refrigerator water line leak Quite often, repair refrigerator water line leak is merely instructions reg...

repair refrigerator water line leak

Quite often, repair refrigerator water line leak is merely instructions regarding how to install it.

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REPAIR REFRIGERATOR WATER LINE LEAK Awkward, you'll love to realize that today there exists a a lot of different online user manuals available. With your online language learning resources, you'll be able to find almost any form of manual, for any kind of Repair refrigerator water line leak. On top of that, they are free to discover, use and download, so there's totally free or stress in any way. A bit of research on the net can yield a number of other ideas your products or services can perform. The functions might be expanded beyond what they were originally meant for. Nearly all of exactly what the products can provide above and beyond what one reads...

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What to do when your refrigerator breaks down or needs service

The idea of Refrigerator Repair can be quite frightening, especially if you find yourself staring at a fridge full of food and suddenly your refrigerator breaks down. Who do you call? Who can you trust? Who is going to Repair your Refrigerator?There are a number of refrigerator repair options that you have to turn to rather than just blindly searching through the yellow pages.

If you think your problem is a simple thing then take a look at our Refrigerator Troubleshooting page.

I'm not Handy, What do I do?

If the idea of fixing it yourself sounds like a bad one (don't do it yourself if it's still under warranty because it will terminate it)then the first thing you need to determine who is the most qualified person to fix your particular refrigerator? So start by asking yourself the following 4 questions:

1. What is the exact make and model of your refrigerator?


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GE Refrigerator

Recently my water dispenser simply quit working on my General Electric side-by-side refrigerator. We’ve had the GE refrigerator for roughly 5 years and never had this issue. The ice maker was still making ice so I knew it was still receiving water. The ice dispenser worked fine when tried to dispense water, I heard a click and the light came on so I assumed the electronics in the dispenser control panel were ok.

I spent several hours reading forums and testing various theories. I eventually determined that the water line inside the door was frozen. You see, the water line comes in from the wall to under the refrigerator and splits. One line goes up to the ice maker. The other coils around in a water line behind the vegetable tray to cool the water then out the back, under the refrigerator across the bottom of the front then up the inside left of the freezer door by the hinge. Ultimately the insulation inside the door quits insulating the water line...

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Refrigerator Installation Service (New Waterline) - approx. $145.99

Things to note:

This service should be purchased if an entirely new waterline is required. If this is replacing your existing refrigerator, our delivery team will uncrate and move your new purchase into place. They will not plug it in. If there is open floor access, 60 feet of waterline will be included in the installation. Our installer will NOT remove packaging or provide haul away services. Refrigerator door reversal service can be added for an extra cost of $155.99. Please contact your local store for details.

Gas Range Installation Service with New Flexible Hose - approx. $189.99

Things to note:

This package does NOT include removal of any packaging. This service does NOT include haul away. Extra charges will apply if shut-off valves, gas permits or any custom carpentry work...
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