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Because you only hook up what you have to, to avoid signal loss. If you're serious about getting HD to all your jacks, you should probably look into getting a powered splitter. Otherwise, you just want a small passive splitter in a good MHz range
We have a projector screen that can easily be lowered or raised electronically, whose top support is 113" wide, and whose physical edges are each 3 and half inches inset from the sides, so the screen itself is actually 106 inches across. The screen r
I am planning to build a Cinema Home Theater at my home and here is my layout. I actually wanted some consultancy regarding the Sound Proofing and Exterior Walls Protection. The Layout, I just posted is on the exterior side of the building in a balco
1 system is an affordable alternative to higher-end speaker sets that sounds almost—if not as-good as its competition. They may not win any awards for style, but they are an all-black, space-saving design that will look at home next to your TV or in