Questions about: hood

The 1 volt LED lights in my range hood are going out and very dim, almost like a night light. Cheap hood. I cannot find replacement bulbs for these because the bulb cannot be removed
We are in the process is renovating our kitchen. One of the things we are doing is installing a more modern range hood instead of the older under cabinet hood. The new hood requires us to create a new vent hole and so our problem is "how do we close
The cooker hood and extractor fan can seem like one of the trickiest spots to clean, with a build-up of fat and grease making a very sticky mess. But when your cooker hood is screaming for a cleaning, there’s no need to procrastinate – this step-by-s
It wouldn't be as effective but an extractor fan mounted near the cooker would be one way to do this (either in an outside wall or the ceiling) . I did this myself in a rather awkward kitchen with an interior window over the hob, and it was certainly