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There are two main and opposing risks: Too high, and users get scalded Too low, and you risk pathogens, particularly Legionella bacteria, which causes legionellosis (Legionnaires' disease) Legionella riskAccording to the paper "Legionella and the pre
Annual MaintenanceAttach a garden hose to the hose bib at the bottom of the hot-water heater tank after turning off the gas or power to the unit. Run the hose outside where it can drain. Keep the cold water feed on to the tank to remove sediment buil
Perhaps you are simply using all the hot water in the tank. After all, 3 gallons per minute is a fairly low flow, but will empty a 30 gallon tank in 10 minutes. To test this, measure how much water comes out of your shower
Hot water pipesThe hot-water pipes are easy to size, because the thinking has already been done for the cold pipes. The kitchen sink will be fed in 15mm from the tee under the bath, and then in 22mm from the top of the cylinder. The vent pipe leading
Hello, Trying to make Xlite works, my calls are automatically hang up after 30 seconds. I find a lot of issues on that matter on the Internet but no relevant solution. Please note the quality is perfect the first 30 seconds
If the main water valve, and any other valves leading to the heater are open, then the pressure inside the tank will be equal to the supply pressure. Once the tank starts heating, however, the pressure will increase. If you have an old system that's
I have a plumbing issue that I'm looking for suggestions on. After using a substantial amount of hot water (say, a long shower + washing laundry) I will hear a loud rumbling / vibrating sound throughout the house, emanating from the water pipes. The
I've been living for a year in a 1985 (or so) 8-floor condo in the NYC metropolitan area. The building is well managed. I have a kitchen and a bathroom with both a separate shower and a jacuzzi/whirlpool tub installed
I'm having some issues with my current steam heating system. I'd rather get it replaced with a whole new system, either forced hot water or forced air. The house was built in 1916, so I'd have to do mini-ducts if I went forced air (thin walls)
Get the Plumber back. He may have just cleaned, flushed &/or adjusted the Mixer & not replaced it. But, it sounds like you have a Pressure-Balancing valve instead of a Thermostatic valve