How can I make sure my pex line is sloped so I can drain it?


I'm running a cold-water pex line in a basement crawlspace that gets extremely cold (i.e. freezing) in the winter.

I'm going to use a drainable ball-valve inside the house so I can drain it in the winter but how can I run the pex line to make sure it's sloped? The run is about 25 feet long.

I think I have two options:

1) Run it through floor joists (requires a hole in every joist since my line is running perpendicular to them)

2) Run it under the joists and use clamps and wood shims under each joist to achieve a slope.

I'm leaning towards #1 but to make sure I have a good slope I think I'll need to measure my holes to make sure the line is actually sloping. For example, I thought I would measure a certain distance from the joist to the floor above to make sure my holes are actually sloping down.

Any other suggestions?

(NOTE: This question is sort-of a follow-up to this: Do I need to angle/pitch pex tubing for draining in the...

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If you are concerned about freezing, then the simplest answer is to install a ball valve inside the house, where it is insulated, so that you can shut off and drain the water before it exist the house.

As for connecting to the sillcock, 1" pex is a slightly unusual size; Most sillcocks are 3/4 inch but 1/2 inch sillcocks are also fairly common, so (probably) what you want is a 1 inch barb to 3/4 inch (reducing) female threaded connector. I found an adapter from sears that could do the trick. U S BRASS CORP/ZURN-QEST QQSFC45GX 1 x 0.75 in. Barb Ringed Shank Pex Adapter. Below is picture of it, but for $17 it's not what I would choose. Also, you would need a 1" ball valve which will cost about $10-$12.

I think that the better solution would be to use a 1" to 3/4" reducer for $2, a 3/4" ball valve for $7 (it's a few $$ cheaper than a 1" ball valve), then a 3/4 inch barb PEX female threaded fitting for about $3. Obvioulsy, you would need some 3/4" pex and some...

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How To Slope Drain Lines TIPS

Jennifer Brown, who lives in Panama City, FL, purchased a new home that's got some serious plumbing issues. Read this:

"We purchased a new home about a year ago and have had non-stop plumbing issues. After months of the plumber coming out and telling us there was no problem, it was discovered that one of our pipes was completely level, and since we have a gravity-fed sewer system, the waste was not flowing out to the main line.

After digging up our slab and fixing the slope on one of the pipes, we stopped having sewage back ups but still smelled sewer gas in our laundry room when we used the washing machine. After having the plumber come out once again, he determined that sewage and water were sitting in our pipes.

We are afraid that this is an indication of another pipe that does not have the proper slope. Our builder keeps telling us that it is normal for sewage and water to sit in these pipes since this a gravity-fed...

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A few years ago my entire life changed, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I decided that I had reached a point in my life where I wasn’t happy and needed to make massive changes. I began a long process of understanding what it would take to experience massive success and become a magnet for all things good in life. Addicted2Success was part of that journey, and so were a number of other great resources.

Below are my fourteen quick tips for turning your life around

1. Do a clean out of all your friends

I went through all my friends and asked myself one question, is this person helping me to succeed or bringing me down. If the answer was the later, I deleted them from my social media and my address book, and moved on. This might seem drastic but sometimes it’s the tough decisions that will help you achieve massive success. The only exception to this was that if someone proved that they were going to change, then I allowed them back in again. Doing this...

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Here are some of the best motivational quotes to get you up and get you moving. They’ll help you realize that nothing worth having is easy, but that you can enjoy the work involved in getting the prizes that you covet the most. Refer to these daily so that you get your mind in the right place to be the most effective version of yourself possible.

1. Nelson Mandela on the Seemingly Impossible

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” ~ Nelson Mandela

This is true about the bigger tasks in life, and it can lead to a feeling of not even wanting to try. When it seems impossible it can be really easy to get into a defeatist mentality and that just adds to the impossibility of it all. The best course of action is to reach back into your past and find a situation that seemed impossible at first which eventually was accomplished and led to success. We all have them, and tapping into that power of belief in order to apply it to your current...

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This is a letter for that person who feels stuck in life and feels hopeless. That person who doesn’t know if life will get better. That person who’s been trying to make a change for so long, but hasn’t been able to.

If that’s you, you’re not alone and I’m writing this to you.

To my friend,

I know things have been tough lately. Every day feels the same and you want to scream from the top of your lungs because it sucks. Every day you feel like you’re on a downward spiral. You just hope that your life starts to change real soon. Thoughts of suicide have crossed your mind because then you wouldn’t feel like this anymore, but just know there is much more to life than you have now.

It does get better if you want it to.

I was once you. I searched for what was the one thing I was supposed to do with my life. I was looking for a career not just a job. I thought by the time I graduated college I was supposed to know. When I turned 30 I still had no...

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When to Jump, an independent media partner of The Huffington Post, is a curated community featuring the ideas and stories of people who have made the decision to leave something comfortable and chase a passion.

I was born in a land where my parents were taught that you have to be careful when pursuing your dreams, must always have a plan and stick to it. But what if one day you wake up and you feel so lost even though you thought you knew who you want to be?

I might have been called an example to others from time to time -- until one day I felt like I'm not really sure of who I am and what I want to do. But I had this huge passion for traveling and rush.

So instead of just telling stories to friends, I decided to show my story to everyone.

I was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. People here tend to be tensed about the future, and my parents, even though they support me a lot, always wanted me to be someone I now know I could never be. While growing...

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“With realization of one’s own potential & self confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” ~Dalai Lama

For the vast majority of my life I didn’t believe I could do most of the things I wanted to do.

I knew I wanted to be in a relationship, but I feared that if I got into one I’d do something to mess it up.

I wanted to perform on Broadway, but even moving to New York City didn’t give me the courage to audition.

I wanted to be a writer, but I thought it was far too difficult to get published and therefore didn’t even try until my late twenties.

Maybe you’ve never been as unsure of yourself as I used to be, but you can likely relate to that feeling of wanting to do something but feeling terrified to start. This not only limits your potential in life; it also minimizes your ability to make a positive impact on the world around you.

There’s a lot that goes into overcoming those fears. You may need to challenge limiting...

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Follow us as we build a garage/apartment at LNP


Our newest catch phrase is "newfound respect for guys that work with concrete". We lined up our ducks, took all the necessary steps and made all the necessary preparations. We brought the will and knowledge. The only facet we might have miscalculated was the required physical strength and endurance. We have met the enemy....and it is us.

As we walk thru this week from hell, please remember that my original plan was for Donna and I to do ALL this ourselves. The only other help I planned on was our excavator, necessary to cut the hole and do all the other backhoe-type projects as we progressed. As it played out, we are certain that some level of divine intervention carried us along, without which it would have been a disaster.

A couple of days before ground breaking, I call our excavator to discuss the schedule and plans. Our focus is pouring the footing and and the walls. I have been...

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The following topics are covered:

Types of concrete slabs with radiant floor heating Common pitfalls in installing slab radiant heating and how to avoid them Typical PEX installation process in a slab Basic materials for radiant floor heat installation in a slab


since you will only have 1 chance to pour the concrete slab, you will only have 1 chance to put the PEX tubing in it

. So even if there are no existing plans for the radiant floor heating or a snow melting system, installing PEX tubing in it may turn out to be a good decision.

Types of concrete slabs with radiant floor heating

Thick slabs

Thick slabs are concrete slabs with an overall thickness of 4-6” or greater and can be either grade level (slab on grade) or below grade (i.e. basement foundations). All thick slabs can be categorized into:

Reinforced slabs – where welded wire mesh or rebar is used to reinforce the slab. Non-reinforced slabs – where no reinforcement is...
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Once you have the site prepared, installing a dishwasher is easy. Make the opening the correct size and test-fit the dishwasher. The cabinets on either side should be spaced according to manufacturer's instructions -- usually 24-1/4 inches.

Run an electrical cable -- armored or nonmetallic, as required by code -- to the space. Make sure it will not bump into the dishwasher's frame. A 14/2 cable is adequate for a 15-amp circuit. Make sure the dishwasher will not overload the circuit. Hire an electrician if you are unsure.

Most dishwashers come with a drain hose. The drain hose runs to an air gap mounted to a knockout hole in the sink. From there, another length of hose runs to the garbage disposer. If there is no garbage disposer, the hose runs to a dishwasher tailpiece on the trap.

The water supply line is typically flexible copper, connected to its own shutoff valve.

Prestart Checklist

About an hour once the electrical and...

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This article will cover all of the steps required to install a standard alcove bathtub and shower combination. If your planning to install your own bathtub and shower there will be a significant amount of carpentry and plumbing work to be preformed so please read the entire article to make sure it's a project your able to handle.

A bathtub is different from most plumbing fixtures in that it must be chosen prior to the rough-in. The standard size bathtub is 5 feet long by 30 inches wide but there are numerous sizes and styles that can fit your design needs. Bathtubs also come in left and right hand, which means the side the drain is on when looking at the finished side.

Framing the bathtub walls

The bathtub will need to be installed snugly between the walls of the rough framing and the measurements must be dead on. Because there are so many different models and sizes, it would be impossible to give specific measurements to...

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Plumbing is the most complicated aspect of most bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. Plumbing must conform to building codes to prevent dangerous and unhealthy conditions.

The National Uniform Plumbing Code applies generally to the entire country. You also must follow local codes, which may be more stringent. When planning your project request information about local plumbing codes from your local building department. Have the plans approved before starting work and perform all work to the satisfaction of the inspector. Draw a detailed plan that includes a list of all materials.

Common codes

The first priority is venting. Drainpipes that are not properly vented will run sluggishly and may release noxious fumes into the house. Here are some other important code considerations:

Fixtures must not be placed too close together. This is critical in a bathroom, where space may be at a premium. Determine the correct pipe sizes for drains, vents, and supply...
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I finally had a few minutes to sort my actual construction expenses and put them in some reasonable categories. This is a brief summary of the construction costs.

First, the basic parameters of the house:

4348 sq-ft of space, including the garage 3-level “walk-out” design 2092 sq-ft footprint 4 bedrooms Cathedral ceilings in upper levels 5 bathrooms Enclosed deck on upper level Front and rear paver terraces

The total construction costs were $619,000. This is every dime I spent from the time we applied for a permit to the time we received the certificate of occupancy. It does not include the design fees (architect + structural engineer), which were about $60,000. It also does not include the cost of about 15 trips from Philadelphia to Utah, which cost about $10,000.

The cost comes out to $142/sq-ft of enclosed space. The square footage includes the garage but does not include the enclosed deck off the master bedroom, nor the covered terrace. I believe the...

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