How can I remove the interior side of a Kwikset handle set with “interconnect”?


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Keeping a home or business safe starts with a lock on the front door. You can easily install a lock yourself with a Kwikset deadbolt kit. Installing a Kwikset deadbolt requires only a few common tools and less than 30 minutes of your time, and you can find all the necessary materials on eBay.

Necessary Materials


1. Remove the Current Deadbolt Assembly

On the interior side of the door, use the flat head screwdriver to lift the cover off the current deadbolt, revealing two screws that hold the deadbolt in place. Using the Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew both screws and pull them out of the deadbolt. Remove the interior cover and the remaining deadbolt assembly on the exterior side of the door. Using the Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the two screws on the side of the door holding the deadbolt latch in place. Remove the latch. There should now be no deadbolt components attached to the door.

2. Install the New Deadbolt...

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This article is from the Locksmithing FAQ, by Joe "Spike" Ilacqua and Henry Schaffer, major data collection effort by Scott Anguish with numerous contributions by others.

0) Open the door. (If you can't, call a locksmith!)

1) Dismount outer knob from door (the screws are on the indoor side.)

2) Depress spring retainer and remove spindle.

3) Reach in through spindle opening and gently release spring.
retainers by pushing towards center. This can be done -- VERY
awkwardly -- with a pair of narrow screwdrivers. Or you can get a
Kwikset Removal Tool (inexpensive), which is just a short piece of
sheet steel of the correct width with a "U" chomped into the end.
The points of the U engage the tips of the retainers and move them
automagically. (see drawing and measurements below)
4) Cylinder will pop out of knob. Rekey normally.

5) When...

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Two-sided or double-keyed deadbolts are designed for doors with glass inserts. Because this type of deadbolt requires a key to unlock either side, a burglar could not gain easy access into your home by breaking the glass and unlocking the deadbolt. Removing this type of deadbolt is easy to do with an understanding of the lock's installation instructions. If your deadbolt is mounted using tamper-resistant screws, consider hiring a locksmith to remove the lock to avoid damage to the lock and door.

Prop open the door to stabilize it during deadbolt removal.

Loosen and remove the two mounting screws that secure the interior lock to the mounting plate using the appropriate type of screwdriver. The screws are located on the interior side of the door lock. Place the lock and all loose parts in a container as you remove them for safekeeping.

Hold the exterior side of the deadbolt and remove the two mounting screws from the mounting plate located on the interior side of...

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Disassemble the interior portion of the lock. To install the lock on the door, insert the exterior assembly through the latch. Holding the exterior in place, install the interior assembly. Tighten the assembly with the lock screws. Snap on the cover.

Install the new jamb brace on the side portion of the door. Ensure that the sides of the faceplate line up with the flat surface of the latch collar. Push with the drive-in collar. Hold the faceplate in one hand and the latch in the other, and rotate the faceplate clockwise to snap into the collar.

Ensure to test the lock, and make sure the latch smoothly engages into the jamb for security. The reversible lever function allows installation on either a left-hand or a right-hand configured door. The interior lever can be removed from the rosette assembly and switched with the exterior lever. It prevents the lever from being upside down when the installation is complete.

Learn more about Doors, Windows, &...
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How is this lever reversible? Is there a way to reverse the lever so that you can have the lock on the right side on the door? Also, does it come with both a round and a square corner strike plate?

The Kwikset 730TNL is IN FACT a reversible lever set. The levers can come off the rosettes and latch to be switched according to what handing you need. This will keep the swoop in the direction you need. It seems that particular customer in the review may not have accomplished this, but I myself have switched the handing successfully. The package will also come with an installation sheet that will describe how to reverse the handing. There is also an installation sheet on the product page (pdf file) and step 3 describes how to swap the handing properly. The lever will also come with both the round and square strike...

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Keypad locks for homeowners are continuing to grow in popularity. Some of you may recall our first experience with the Kwikset SmartCode technology a few months back. If you read all the way through that post, you’ll see it didn’t all go according to plan. Well Schlage got in touch with me, and, after triple checking Kim and Fred’s door hole dimensions, I had them ship over a new keypad front entry set. Having installed and used both manufacturer’s keypads, I immediately noticed a few differences. Read on to learn what I think about the Schlage keypad entry set and how it compares to Kwikset.

Installing the New Handle

Fred and Kim’s door was looking a little worse for wear. At the beginning of my quest to replace the front door hardware, this is how everything looked.

I removed all the hardware including the deadbolt, handle and knocker. Next, Kim sanded the door and gave it a fresh coat of paint.

Fred and Kim selected the...

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