How can I soundproof a sliding bedroom door?

Yep... had this problem some time ago when I was in college.

The gap below the door is just a part of the problem. Sound (because it is vibrations) will basically go through the relatively thin doors. Walls are better at blocking noise transmission because there are two layers separated by air space. Some walls are actually designed to have each side of the wall attached to separate studs to reduce the transmission of the vibrations.
In you rcase, the best solution would be to frame a wall on each side of the door and add insulation into the spaces before covering with sheetrock.
If this is too much, then on the other end of the spectrum, adding some fibreglass batt insulation to the doors (both sides) with straps and duct tape and covering with each side with a nice heavy blanket or wall hanging will help. If you hang the blanket loosely and if it is heavy enough, it may acutally offer better soundproofing than the sheetrock solution....

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The white noise, egg crate, and thick draperies would probably be the most effective solution.

How long do you plan on staying there though? With egg crate and sound boards on the windows, they might stick over time, and if you're going to get a new place soon, you'll have sound boards and egg crates you don't know what to do with.

I would also suggest the following ideas, some of which may not work well with others...

Stick your dresser, book case, or some other large and thick piece of furniture up against the window. If you're really not going to be using it, you'll be surprised how well a cieling-to-floor, wall-to-wall book case full of books can absorb sound.

Set up some accordion-folding japanese style room partition panels in front of the window, for another layer inside.

Get a better lock on the door. Cheap ones can let the panes rattle more, which makes more noise. Besides, you won't use it, so you may never look at it to see if it's still...

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Living in an apartment with loud roommates? The apartment you live in is small and all noises come straight into your bedroom. Is there an easy way to lessen the noise and soundproof my door and room myself? Yes there are many things you can do when it comes to soundproofing to get your bedroom door (that is most likely hollow) to absorb and block the loud sounds. If noise cannot be stopped from the source, you need to block and or absorb it. Living in an apartment makes it so you are unable to replace things like doors. We are going to show you a few ways to successfully soundproof a room that has a cheap hollow door.

The first thing we recommend is trying to dampen the sound near the source. If the living room, dining room or kitchen has tile or wood floors, the sound has no way of being absorbed. The easiest thing to do in this situation is buy some cheap rugs for the kitchen or one big rug for the living or dining room. This will help absorb the sound before it...

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Have you noticed that your door seems to be the focal point of noise intrusion into your room? It should be no surprise, because most interior doors have air gaps around the frame, and at the bottom near the floor, creating clear paths for noise to travel into your room.

Who would want to soundproof a door? Maybe you like your personal quiet time, but live with less than monk-like roommates in an apartment. Maybe you have a pack of teenagers living at home and you want to regain some privacy in your master suite. Or, maybe you rent out a downstairs rental suite with a shared door and want to maintain privacy for both parties.

Whatever your situation, we’ll show you how to soundproof a door below. It’s time you take some steps to create a soundproof door, and regain control of your space.

How to Soundproof an Interior Door

Soundproofing an existing interior door, like a bedroom, or apartment door, is a non destructive process, and can be easily applied...

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How to soundproof bedroom and apartment door : How To Soundproof Bedroom Door

Quote from Article entitled How to soundproof bedroom and apartment door:

Soundproofing a door is without a doubt one of the most difficult parts of creating an acoustic oasis in your home. This is because you need to find a way to work with the door without compromising on the ability to open and close it at will. In this case, the choice of material becomes super important. Below are two of the most important materials used when it comes to soundproofing a door. More often than not, they are used together to get a synergistic sound-blocking effect.

Fiber boards – Fiber boards are made out of wood fibers that are compressed to form high density compact boards. The material is one of the most commonly used in construction whether domestic or commercial. This is because of its many benefits including the ability to deaden or completely mute sounds coming from inside or outside. When used...
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Part three of our guide to soundproofing shows you how to soundproof a window. Find out how making your room quieter is easier and cheaper than you think. Here are 6 ways to soundproof a window.


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How to Soundproof Windows

Windows are probably the weakest point in a home when it comes to sound insulation. They provide the thinest barrier between you and the world outside. When assessing your home for sources of noise pollution, then windows should always be considered.

A wall is always going to have a...

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Noise can be a big problem when trying to record into a computer. Reducing and canceling out noise using several simple techniques will help increase recording quality and increase your satisfaction with recordings. Solutions range from complete room overhauls to simple changes in the placement of the microphone and other objects in the recording.

Use a stabilized microphone to reduce vibrations. Many hand-held or headset microphones will pick up on vibrations and movements from the user. These vibrations can carry over into the recording and reduce the quality of the recording. Using a microphone stand or stationary microphone will reduce noise while recording. Mic stands will help increase recording quality and off a possible solution that requires very little financial investment. Set up a designated sound room that is set away from the rest of your home. The farther the recording area is from windows and doorways, the better. Windows allow very small...

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Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors are the easy fix to your noise issues.

And we have the largest selection.

Soundproof sliding glass doors are as effective as our soundproof windows in stopping noise. Like our soundproof windows, what we do is add a second sliding glass door that does even more for sound and security.

A sliding glass door or patio door, is a type of large glass window opening in a structure that provides door access from a room to the outdoors, fresh air, and copious natural light, but can also bring some things you may not want… a TON of noise.

We solved that, though.

Our soundproof doors can be mounted inside or outside your existing sliding glass door. The room with the sliding glass door is almost always in the coldest and draftiest room in your home. The glass area and the less-than-ideal-seals are usually the reason. With our second sliding glass door, draftiness is virtually eliminated. The room may become the...

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1) Bud: Our bedroom wall is about 20' from our neighbors Heat Pump and pool pump. His house is brick - our house walls are 6" studs with fiberglass insulation with Masonite with vinyl siding on top and sheet rock on the inside. We have several storm windows (3) which I have installed 2 layers of plexaglass about 3/16" thick. His pool pump runs 12 hours a day and is getting quite loud. There is a fence between the houses which I recently rebuilt using 1/2 particle board then fiberglass insulation then 1/2" particle board then the standard 1/2" pressure treated pine fence material. The sound comes over the fence and some through it - into our bedroom and our back porch which we spend lots of time on. I figure my options are 1. to offer to buy him a smart pump which is very quiet which will be installed about $1000 or 2. try to put something up on my side of the fence to reflect or absorb the noise. The fence is ~6' so would assume would need to be higher than that with maybe the top...

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Sound can be a major problem is many apartments. You want peace and quiet, but you can’t help but overhear the neighbor’s conversation or the cars and children outside. Doors that are pointed out near a busy street or hallway can let a lot of unwanted sound sneak into your living space, which can disturb the tranquility that you’re looking for.

So you’re looking to learn how to soundproof a door? The good news is that it’s possible to soundproof your door while adding other little accessories along the way that will keep the sound from bouncing around the place and getting to your living room or bedroom. With a little DIY knowledge and very little spending, you can reclaim the peace that you want.

Talking to Landlord First

This problem mostly affects apartment renters for various reasons, so it’s important to ask your landlord about what you can and cannot do. The doors used in apartments are often cheap and sometimes hollow, which lets in more sound than...

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Are you annoyed having to listen to your quarrelling neighbors each day? Is the TV in the next room bothering you too much? Are you unable to sleep peacefully at night because of the crying baby in the house opposite yours? Whatever may be the reason, you need to soundproof your room in order to have some peace and quiet. Sometimes, you may also want to prevent the noise from going out of your room as well. Let’s say you play the drums and you don’t want to disturb your neighbors. How can you stop the noise from going out? Well, you can if you soundproof your room. To make your room soundproof you need to understand the basic science of sound and how it propagates. Professional soundproofing is the best way to soundproof a room; however, it is an expensive and an exhaustive procedure. It includes addition of insulating material and adding extra drywall. Sometimes you may also need to replace the existing wall materials with new and more expensive materials. Nevertheless, there are...

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We all know that living with unwanted noise can be terribly inconvenient – causing sleepless nights and stress-filled days. So, whether you are the one making the noise or the one being irritated by the noise, soundproofing a bedroom can be the perfect and in many cases, low-cost solution for everyone living in peaceful harmony.

There are several ways to soundproof your room to prevent sound waves from traveling in or out. If you are a visual person and would like to see it being done step by step, you can check out some informative videos on soundproofing at

Some people have the luxury of soundproofing a room before it is even built. If you fall into this category then you will want to work with your contractor about adding in soundproofing materials into the walls, doors and windows. Your contractor can also work on increasing the thickness of your walls. An article in eHow notes that you can have your contractor add a second wall to an existing wall...

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Egg cartons, corrugated foam, Sonnex, and other such products are simply methods of controlling internal acoustics that all fall under the term of "Reflections".

Diffusion and absorption of reflections in a well designed and installed space will give the user a room free of flutter echo, nodes and anti-nodes, and distracting secondary reflections.

These methods of acoustic control do little or nothing in respect to isolation of noise, and materials like egg crates, both in paper and foam are a deadly fire hazard!

Typical floor construction when design of the existing structure will allow would be something such as this...

2x6 Joist 16" O.C. with 2x2 inch squares of 3/4" thick 70 durometer neoprene rubber at every intersect, and every 16", cats are placed as you would in any standard layup.

Wiring chases are set below this structure if possible in 4" and 6" EMT pipe and cabling is installed prior to floor installation with numerous pulls (rope to...

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