How can I soundproof my door?


This is the kind of door I have.

But I don't know what's an effective way to soundproof it.

As much as possible I don't wanna spend much money that could reach $20 and above.

I don't have that much budget

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Suspend a heavy rolled-up quilt (get it from a flea market or discount re-seller) above the door. When you are inside, unfurl the quilt so it covers the entire door and frame. probably your best option for the money you are willing to spend.

Jimmy Fix-it
January 23, 2016 18:09 PM

Thin weather-stripping applied to the top & right side door stop moldings & to the left door jamb beside the door stop molding. Frost King's 3/8's Triple Rib self adhesive stuff works great. Sound transmission is largely stopped when air transmission is stopped.

February 23, 2016 05:24 AM


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Not gonna happen.

That being said, there are some things you can do to significantly reduce sound transmission:

1) Weatherstripping. Seal the cracks as well as you can. This is one of those things where you really can't overdo it. Well, unless the weatherstripping keeps the door from closing. Oh, and keep in mind that this also decreases airflow through the door, so I hope you have a vent in your room.

2) Cover the glass. Heck, cover the door. Plywood will help, OSB is better. Cover both sides. The door is going to be heavy now, will the hinges handle it? How about the door frame? (Note: I said "cover the door", not "cover the doorway". The difference is important.)

3) Fill the gap between whatever you used to cover the door and the glass with closed-cell foam. Open-cell might work, but not as well.

Or, you could move.

Or, get new roommates.

Or, replace the whole door assembly with a four-inch thick, solid steel vault...

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1) Irvin C: Do you make Automatic Door Bottoms for sliding glass doors with wooden frames?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: Hi Irvin. A mortised automatic Door bottom can be used on a sliding door if it gets tightly latched once closed. Unfortunately sliding doors are very difficult to seal properly and are not recommended for areas that require proper sound control. Thanks.

2) Aaron: It's hard to find a door with a flat surface in my size (32x76). How important is it that my door be completely flat?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply:

Hi Aaron. At least 75% should be flat. The more the better. If not try our door barrier panel which does not require a flat surface. We are getting very good feedback on that product.

3) Ciaran: Hi, Can you please explain the difference between mortised, semi-mortised and surface mounted door bottoms and why one is more effective than the other?

Trademark Soundproofing Reply: Hi Ciaran, The mortised (and...

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Have you noticed that your door seems to be the focal point of noise intrusion into your room? It should be no surprise, because most interior doors have air gaps around the frame, and at the bottom near the floor, creating clear paths for noise to travel into your room.

Who would want to soundproof a door? Maybe you like your personal quiet time, but live with less than monk-like roommates in an apartment. Maybe you have a pack of teenagers living at home and you want to regain some privacy in your master suite. Or, maybe you rent out a downstairs rental suite with a shared door and want to maintain privacy for both parties.

Whatever your situation, we’ll show you how to soundproof a door below. It’s time you take some steps to create a soundproof door, and regain control of your space.

How to Soundproof an Interior Door

Soundproofing an existing interior door, like a bedroom, or apartment door, is a non destructive process, and can be easily applied...

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Soundproofing a door of a room, or your apartment door can be an effective solution to prevent noise coming from outside, or avoid disturbing your neighbors in case your room is a bit noisy. With soundproofing, you can sleep soundly, even if the neighbors are partying at night. Also, it will give you the freedom to play loud music without having to hear complains from neighbors. It can also be very effective to block sounds of vehicles or barking of dogs. Soundproofing a door is a simple and an easy DIY project and a great way to soundproof a room. But, one needs to know what will work effectively for their door type. There are many products that will help you soundproof your door. Let's have a look at the options we have in hand in order to soundproof a door.

Tips on Soundproofing a Door

Change the Door
The first thing you need to do is check the door. Many doors have a hollow core. These doors don't provide any soundproofing. So, you will need to invest in a...

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Noise is everywhere, especially in London. It can be distracting, keep you up at night and even lead to health problems. So making sure your home is adequately soundproofed is really important.

Reduction and absorption

Let’s first understand the principles involved. Sound travels as a wave, and you can do 2 things to stop it – you can reduce it by putting barriers in the way, or you can absorb it, turning the waves into another form of energy. You can use a combination of these principles to reduce the noise getting into a room or your home. One key principle to remember is that 50% of sound can be transmitted through just 1% of the surface area, so a little gap between a window or a door can create a bigger impact on noise than you might first think.

Cheap ways to soundproof

There are a range of ways to reduce noise, and not all of them need to cost the earth. There are some really simple things you can do:

Simply putting barriers between yourself...
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First I'd like to 1. clear up some basic soundproofing theory, and 2. explain some typical alternative methods.

"Soundproofing" (as distinguished from acoustical treatment) is concerned with blocking sound.

You block sound with 1. mass, and 2. isolation.

Putting foam or other absorptive things on the inside of the wall is not soundproofing, but acoustical room treatment, which is used to reduce echoes and resonances and prevent excess sound buildup within a room. Soundproofing and room treatment are completely different things. Room treatment improves the sound within the same room. Soundproofing is about preventing sound from getting out or in. Definitely, putting foam on the walls can help keep your neighbors from calling, but it's not because of "soundproofing" -- it's because you have treated your room and in effect "turned down the volume" like they asked you...

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Everyone has a room in the house they wish they could make their own. For me it was my home office but despite my best efforts I simply couldn’t get the rest of the family to stay quiet while I worked. I decided I needed to soundproof my room but didn’t have a lot of time or money to do so. I simply followed the following four steps and was able to create a simple soundproof room that even the loudest kid cartoon can’t penetrate.
First I purchased a soundproof automatic door bottom and installed it at the bottom of my office door. The door bottom drops to fill the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor, then raises up upon opening the door thereby making it easy to open or close. No room soundproofing job should ever be completed without a door sweep as it will block the noise that can creep in from under the door and is much less expensive than purchasing a soundproof door. I then added a layer of MDF on my door with Green Glue in between and painted over it.

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Welcome to Melbourne’s finest secondary window glazing company!

Tried, tested and perfected over 40 years.

Looking for sound proofing glass windows? There’s no need to replace your pre-existing windows to attain double glazing in your home or business. Sound Proof Window’s retrofit secondary window glazing service is basically soundproofing for your existing windows! Able to conduct flawless window reglazing works in and around Melbourne Sound Proof Glazing can strengthen your windows and reduce outside noise from coming into your home or office.

Sound Proofing Glass Windows

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits to be gained from Double Glazing and now the additional convenience of Secondary Double Glazing - the installation of a new, fully independent secondary window on the room side of your existing window. This is sound-proofing double glazing at its finest – inexpensive and incredibly efficient.

At Sound Proof Glazing we...

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Adding soundproofing to your car(top)

This article shows how to add soundproofing to your car, give some basic soundproofing theory, and list some good brands of soundproofing for cars like dynamat, brownbread, bquiet, or raammat.(top)


Every car can benefit from additional soundproofing, even luxury cars. I have found that the VW diesels have more soundproofing in selective areas due to the louder diesel engine but are as lacking in general soundproofing as gas VWs because they're cheaper cars. One of the biggest factors distinguishing the noise level in cheaper cars from luxury cars is the amount of soundproofing. You can add as little or as much soundproofing as you want but like other modifications to your car, you should have a goal. Don't be surprised if the radio sounds bad after you install soundproofing. When you change speaker setups, it will sound funny to your ear until you get used to it. (Soundproofing should not touch the speaker...

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Soundproof Windows

Each Cityproof City Window works in conjunction with the existing exterior window to create a sound buffer zone of air space that seals out noise, drafts and dirt.

As you’ll see from the illustration below, the Cityproof soundproof window is an internal window that is placed in front of the existing exterior window. The sound buffer zone created between the two windows further improves noise reduction. The air trapped inside the air space dampens the sound passing through the windows. Additionally, Cityproof’s state-of-the-art noise proof windows include laminated glass with a special PVB Polyvinyl butyral reduces noise, increases safety, and has UV protection interlayer sandwiched between the glass panels that helps further reduce noise transfer through the windows.

Features & Advantages

Cityproof noise proof windows significantly reduce many different types of noise including street noise, sirens, alarms, construction site...
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