How do I change light bulb on this type of ceiling fan?


I am having trouble changing light bulbs of my ceiling fan pictured below. I took these images to home depot and no one could help me! I showed the fan to two handymen in-person and they couldn't figure it out either! Please help me and show me a way to open the fixture for bulb changing.

It should be a counterclockwise twist off, by the ring it appears & just 1/4" not anything like a 1/4-turn. Sometimes they're really tight though. You want to twist in a sudden jerking motion rather than a slow torqueing like a light bulb.

If grip is an issue you can do pretty well with 2 short pieces of duct tape or any wide tape to use as one-half & let the other half hang down & then do your jerk action.

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It depends on the fixture. I have 4 types. One has screws on the outside of the metal frame, so you unscrew those and hold the glass bowl. Another has two big metal clips INSIDE the glass bowl. I have to be brave and just pull to one side until the first side unclips - putting it back on is more nerve wracking! Another has a metal pole coming through the center of the dome. Hold on to the glass, but pull the metal piece a bit to one side and then unscrew it. The final one almost stumped me - an electrician purchased it and installed it this winter and I never thought about changing the bulb! There is no metal pole, no screws, just the frame and the dome. You have to TWIST the glass counterclockwise and it unscrews (there are three metal bumps on the INSIDE that hold it when you screw it back. hope this helps!

And I found a fifth: Hold metal frame and pull down on glass fixture. One side started coming out giving me confidence to pull more. I finally removed the glass...

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You’re here because you are trying to replace a bulb and can’t. I had a similar issue some time ago and failed. I had to call a professional electrician. I have posted my research on this post. A lot of other people have provided their ideas, as well.

1) SCREWED TYPE : Remove the screws


Most dome ceiling lights have screws that

(A) screw in from the side to hold the dome in place or

(B) the dome has a metal frame that supports the glass dome. Ones with a frame generally have 2-3 screws through the frame that hold the frame to the ceiling flange. Metal “objects” on the frame should be screws. Unscrew them and the dome should come free. If they are not screws they may be some sort of decorative head on a threaded post but they should still unscrew.

1. Locate one or more flat-headed screws on the metal collar (the round part into which the globe is...

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Minka aire concept II ceiling fan bulb replacement

The glass dome is tightened firmly in the factory, so removal is difficult. When removal is attempted to, the metal housing to which the dome is attached will spin with it, making removal impossible. To see what I'm talking about, look in the small space between the dome and the bottom of the blade housing - it looks like a metal flange, but this is only the bottom of the reflective metal canister that holds the light. Note that there are 4 "dimples" around the circumference of this housing, facing inward. These dimples are what hold the glass dome in place. The trick is to use a rigid piece of wood or metal about the size of a 12" ruler and place the corner of that ruler in one of those dimples - FIRMLY. Then, a second person can get some leverage on the glass dome and "unscrew" it from the housing (counter-clockwise). The purpose of holding the ruler-sized material against the dimple is to keep the...

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