How do I replace a broken light fixture?


In hindsight, I think this past question might have also helped out: How can I change the bulb in this three-clawed, ceiling-mounted dome light fixture?

A picture of what you currently have would allow us to help you out more, but I'll go on the assumption that it needs to be replaced..

In this case, it's a pretty simple process. Switch off the power back and the breaker and finish removing the dome if you haven't yet, again the above question link could help. If you're able, test the sockets with some form of voltage tester (or even a good bulb that works on another lamp) to ensure that the power is off. Then on the base that is mounted to the ceiling, there will either be some screws holding it up or a center threaded rod which will have a nut and washer holding the fixture to the ceiling. In either situation, unscrew it, but keep a hold on base as it will only be held up by the wires after it has been disconnected from the support. You should be able to pull it...

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[Summary]Pull Chain Light Fixture Repair Broken ceiling light pull switch? Here's a step by step how-to video to take down the broken switch and replace it with a new pull chain. Please note that I am not a professional, just a homeowner trying to save a few


Pull Chain Light Fixture Repair

Broken ceiling light pull switch? Here's a step by step how-to video to take down the broken switch and replace it with a new pull chain. Please note that I am not a professional, just a homeowner trying to save a few bucks.

You can buy a new pull string light switch at the hardware store for about $5. The repair takes about 10 minutes. You'll need pliers, a screwdriver, and some "wire nut" connectors. Good luck.

How to Install a Light Fixture

Since my current residence is only half finished, there are a lot of fixture-less light boxes in the ceilings—which means I am tripping over tools in the middle of the night...

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When you don't have anything solid to which you can attach a light fixture, it's tempting to screw it to the drywall, but that's a mistake as well as a code violation. The fixture may appear stable, but an impact or even the weight of the fixture itself can be enough to loosen the screws, and the result is a fixture hanging precariously from the wall or ceiling. Light fixtures should be attached to electrical boxes nailed to a stud or rafter, but if your fixture doesn't weigh much, you can use a remodeling box that anchors to the drywall.

Turn off the breaker switch to the fixture. If other people are home, let them know you're working on the electricity and tape the switch in the off position with a prominent sign so that no one inadvertently turns it on while you're working.

Remove the screws that are still holding the fixture with a screwdriver and pull it far enough away from the wall or ceiling to access the wire connections. Remove the wire caps and untwist the...

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So while we were quite literally watching paint dry, we had a chance to get to a few other tasks - most importantly replacing the ceiling fan with the custom light fixture! You have no idea how excited I was to see it in place since it had been a work in progress since October. (more details about the fixture to come in tomorrows post).

But today's post is purely practical. It the Idiots guide to changing a Light Fixture complete with a step by step photo guide.

Hello Mr. Ceiling Fan. Prepare to meet your maker. Bwahahhahahahahhahhah.

I'm sure many of you already know how to do this, not to mention there are loads of other sites that provide these tutorials but personally I never felt comfortable until my brother showed me how in person.

Feel free to skip this post if the know how is old news but if the idea of fiddling with electrical - even in this most superficial way - has scared you off before, keep reading. I promise, even an idiot can do...

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Eugene Turchinsky: Thanks, exactly what I was looking for

makingloveandmusic: I just wanted to say thank you for this video. I have watched several of your videos and have learned a lot. Thanks!

HomeAdditionPlus: No it doesn't matter

manram08: Great Video! can you make a video on how to change a ballast on florecent light? I wanna know how to change the ones in my garage. I changed the bulb but it still flickers alot!

HomeAdditionPlus: That will depend upon the light fixture you buy. To be honest I am doubtful, however talk to a special lighting store. They maybe able to find you a workable solution.

JPCustomGuitars: thanks for the reply, just to clarify though, is it possible to by a regular light fixture and convert it into one that is turned on by a pull switch? Thanks.

HomeAdditionPlus: If there is no other way to turn the light on then yes. If the light is redundantly turned on by a wall switch then you do not have to replace the light...

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Halogen light fixtures feature a bulb that is designed to operate efficiently over a longer amount of time than traditional light bulbs. They are used in many applications, from table lamps to overhead lighting to headlights on automobiles.

Troubleshooting and repairing your broken halogen light fixture can be simple by using the following five simple steps.

Warning: A halogen lamp can operate at a temperature of up to 1000° F. Burns can happen quickly and can be severe, so make sure to unplug the fixture and allow it to cool prior to troubleshooting.

Step 1 — Identify the Problem

Several factors can cause a halogen light fixture to not function. First check if the bulb is burnt out.

If the halogen bulb is not the problem, consider the bulb socket. The socket can be oxidized, corroded or burned which can prevent electrical connection with the bulb.

Other problems can include an overheated transformer, a broken or disconnected switch or an...

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Is there a light fixture you want changed out in your house? There’s no need to call a handyman or pay Home Depot out the wazoo to come do it for you. With no electrical experience whatsoever, I was able to quickly learn how to perform this quick and simple home maintenance task by watching someone more capable than I just once. Today, I’m passing that knowledge onto you.

The great part about changing light fixtures is that it’s a pretty universal process. The light boxes in your ceiling are all the same size, and it’s always the same three wires being connected/disconnected. No need to research your particular situation other than making sure the size of the fixture itself fits okay in the space you’re putting it! In general, you can go out and buy any light fixture, and put it up in your home where any light fixture already exists. (The exception being ceiling fans; those have an extra wire. Generally, you want to install a new ceiling fan where there already was...

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Question: I have been thinking of replacing a light fixture in my bedroom ceiling with a ceiling fan. I have been reading that some people replace the smaller junction box in the ceiling with a bigger one to compensate for the extra weight and vibration of the ceiling fan. I was wondering if I replaced the light fixture with just a very small ceiling fan, would I still need to replace the smaller junction box? The ceiling fan I want to install is around 13 lbs. With a smaller fan, can I use the old junction box?

Replace light fixture with ceiling fan

Answer: No matter what type, size, or weight your ceiling fan is, you should use a ceiling fan mount kit. It is possible you could get away with using an electrical box if you are sure it’s connected to the joist and connected securely. Either way, it is recommended to use a ceiling fan mount. A ceiling fan mount kit will come with an adjustable bar that expands and screws outwards to secure the mount to the ceiling...

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So... welcome to the club!! You broke a bulb in the socket, and you feel like a klutz!

Your shouldn't feel too bad! After all, Murphy's Law says that the most likely bulb to break is the most difficult to replace, i.e. cathedral ceiling recessed floodlights! Well, let's see what we can do to get it out.

I suppose you have heard of the old potato trick. Cut a potato in half, push it into the bulb base, and twist it out. Does it really work? I guess it could, though I must admit (sigh) that I never tried it. Why, you ask? I guess it's because I don't carry a potato in my toolkit!


Only one... if the power is on! Sometimes, it's hard to tell whether the power is on, especially in a 3-way circuit where the switches don't have an obvious on/off position. And when the bulb is broken, it may be impossible to determine the circuit breaker to turn off. Which...

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Silkwood Art: One of the BIGGEST MOST IMORTANT THINGS YOU SHOULD DO, that was NOT even mentioned in the video is, REPLACE THE GASKET WITH A BRAND NEW ONE!

SHOCKING, VERY SHOCKING, that this lifesaving step was NOT mentioned in the video.

ONLY A FOOL, replaces a pool light without replacing it with a new gasket every single time.

Steve Webb: I have a old hard cable in my conduit. My repair guy could not pull it through. This is now on me to solve. Is their a liquid lubricant that I can pour down the conduit to completely lube the old cable before I pull? I am thinking of liquid soap. I am setting up a leverage pulling pry to maximize the pull force. I am at the last ditch effort on this old cable removal. I can find lots of videos on easy replacements. Any ideas on removing old cable that is doing two 90* bends? I may be patching my light hole if it fails. A Floating light is not really what I want. but if the old cable is stuck, I may have no options. Any experience...

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Light Fixture Socket Replacement
Electrical Question: How can I repair a broken light socket?

I tried to twist off a 2 prong halogen bulb that goes to the light fixture of my bathroom ceiling fan and the ceramic housing broke. I ordered a new lamp socket and wired it up but it still will not work . Why?

This electrical wiring question came from: Dale, from Athens, Alabama.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question Dale.

Replacing a Light Fixture Socket

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate – Best performed by a Licensed Electrician.
Tools Required: Basic Electricians Pouch Hand Tools, a fiberglass or non-aluminum step ladder and Voltage Tester.
Estimated Time: Depends on personal level experience, ability to work with tools and the access to the light fixtures.
Precaution: Identify the light circuit, turn it OFF and Tag it with a Note before working with the light socket wiring.
Notice: Changing or modifying...

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Residential ceiling fixtures come in many different shapes, and people have devised many ways to attach them to the ceiling. Most of the time, a central threaded hollow rod holds a chandelier in place. Ceiling fixtures hang by two screws that attach the fixture base to the outlet box or to a mounting strap in the outlet box.

No matter how you suspend a fixture from the ceiling, the wiring is simple. Other wires may pass through the box, but you have to deal with only three wires: a colored wire (usually black), a white wire, and a green ground wire. These three wires are joined together with twist-on wire connectors.

Get someone to help you replace a ceiling fixture. After you loosen the screws that hold the existing fixture to the ceiling box, you have your hands full holding the fixture and trying to work on the wires. You may be able to pull off this juggling act with a light fixture, but if you’re messing with a chandelier, you need another pair of hands...

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