How do I solve this mould problem?


Before I get down to details I just wannna say that we are in UK and unable to go anywhere else as of financial issues.

We've been living and renting a bottom floor flat for 4 years and it's been total nightmare. We been doing fine. Its just that the mould has gotten best of us. Before I list the rooms with problems just want to note that the house is quite old and way it was built was poorly done when looking from outside brick work. Apparently flat above us have same problem but instead the owner wishes not to fix it as it requires money and time. We also know that the roof has a leaking but we are unsure if it is the cause of it. Another thing to note that inner walls of our flat are perfectly fine but it's the outwalls that anything touch are the big problems.

For better understanding of our situation I'll list rooms and the conditions that they are in.

My dad bedroom is worst one of them all. there are 3 outer walls that are damp and have mould at bottom...

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For many reason, most people are intimidated by mold. There is a stigma that surrounds the entire issue, and with good reason, because mold is not often discussed, and education is needed.

The history of mold:

Mold really came into the forefront of news after hurricanes Katrina and Rita swept the gulf coast in 2005. The flood waters that receded slowly provided a perfect place for mold to grow in homes that had to be vacated and left. This is not, however, a new type of phenomenon. Mold (and the required method of cleaning up said mold) is discussed at length in the Old Testament of the Bible, in the book of Leviticus. There are several different types of mold, many that are common and unnoticed.

Why is mold growing in my home?

Molds are part of the natural environment. Outdoors, molds play a part in nature by breaking down dead organic matter such as fallen leaves and dead trees, but indoors, mold growth should be avoided. Molds reproduce by means of...

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Rule 1./ Your derived classes should be responsible for serializing and deserializing themselves, as they should be the only ones that have intimate knowlege of the additional data that is stored in the XML Doc.

So from a ploymorphic point of view (note your code above is not polymorphic) you would do something like

public class SpecialClass { public virtual XElement SerializeToXML() { // Base impl } } public class YourDerivedClasses { public override XElement SerializeToXML() { //derived implementation } }

Pretty straight forward. But the problem you have is not one of serialization or polymorphic behaviour, it's one of instantiation of the correct type from the XML.

One way to solve that problem is to have some key in your XML doc that specifies the type that saved it, and register a factory responsible for construction of the derived type indexed by that key (attributes are good for that kind of registration), once the derived type is constructed...

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Does your house suffer from damp?

Are the inside walls frequently wet?

Are there any patches of black mould inside?

Do you and your family suffer from asthma or get colds frequently?

Do you spend a lot on heating your home?

Does your house smell damp and musty?

Then there is a real possibility that you may have a damp problem in your home. Believe me, NOW, not later, is the time to sort this out.

Part of the reason that people live in houses is to protect them from the weather, albeit either in hot and sunny weather (to keep cool), or damp and cold weather (to stay warm and dry).

It wouldn’t be much fun living outside all the time and not in a house, office or apartment, and if that applied to you, you would probably not be sat here reading this right now!

It is essential that a house or building is not only designed to withstand the effects of the weather, both in its original construction, and also for the long...

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Define a class named Circle with the following properties:

List item

An integer data field named radius with protected access modifier, and a String data field named colour with private access modifier. Both data fields specify the radius and the colour of the Circle object respectively. Set the default values of radius to 1 and the colour as red.

A private static constant named PI with a fixed value of 3.142 that represents the value of pi.

A default constructor.

A constructor that creates Circle objects with the given radius value as the argument.

A public method to display the Circle object is data fields.

A public method named changeColour(String) to change the value of the Circle object is colour based on the value in the method argument.

A public method named getSurfaceArea() that calculates and returns the surface area of the Circle object. Use the constant PI value for the calculation.

A public method named...

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Hi, sorry for the late reply.

The settings are correct.

Corrupted software can also cause this problem.

Some time ago, I was using two decoders with one dish by connecting the dish to the first decoder LNB in and connected the LNB out to the LNB in of the second decoder with it's LNB power switched off.

One day, the first decoder was "searching for signal" but the signal was passing through it to the second decoder which was working properly.

Factory reset and re-booting did not solve the problem.

To solve the problem, I entered wrong values like 00000 or 99999 into the Home network settings. I did this several times until the decoder gave me a message that the "settings are out of range".

I then entered the correct values and the decoder worked properly.

I assume that the problem was caused by a software error causing an error reading the data for the frequency and symbol rate etc. It started reading the data properly when it...

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So here, we need to figure out what value for `x` will allow the following equation to be true:

`-2/3x = 5`

We need to answer the question "Negative two-thirds of what number is 5?"

Well, we can manipulate this a number of ways. We can start by multiplying both sides by 3 to get rid of the fraction. Remember, if you have a fraction with the same factor in the numerator and denominator, you...

So here, we need to figure out what value for `x` will allow the following equation to be true:

`-2/3x = 5`

We need to answer the question "Negative two-thirds of what number is 5?"

Well, we can manipulate this a number of ways. We can start by multiplying both sides by 3 to get rid of the fraction. Remember, if you have a fraction with the same factor in the numerator and denominator, you can cancel them out!

`-(3*2)/3 x= 3*5`

`-2 x=15`

Now, we're going to do the same thing, but with division. We're going to divide both...

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Things to think about

Areas affected by damp or mould may only be redecorated successfully if the cause of the damp has been eradicated.

New patches of damp can occur for a number of reasons: burst or dripping pipes, a weeping radiator valve, a leaking waste pipe, or a broken roof tile are all possibilities. Investigate the cause and get it fixed before dealing with the decorative aspect of the repair.

Damp can be caused by exterior masonry problems. Once a year, inspect your house's exterior to ensure that the mortar pointing between bricks is sound. Also, make sure that soil or debris is not piled up above the damp proof course.

Blocked gutters are a common source of damp problems. This can be easily resolved by making sure that your gutters are cleared of debris at least once a year. Consider using leaf guards in the gutter lengths and downpipes in order to prevent blockages.

Condensation can cause damp problems,...

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It’s that time of the year again when the days are getting shorter and colder and that means that your house is more susceptible to mould growth. Mould growth is caused by either building defects, which wets building elements, or by condensation. Mould growth will develop on walls, furnishing, and clothes once dampness is present for a period of time. Mould fungus needs three conditions to grow (infection, nourishment and a damp environment) and these will be present in a dwelling once a damp environment is established for a period of time. It is considered by some that the presence of mould within buildings can contribute to serious health risks. Toxic moulds can cause a range of symptoms including headaches and a wide range of skin lesions and rashes. The areas where mould is located need to be treated using a suitable fungicidal wash. But this is a temporary cosmetic solution and the cause of the appearance of the mould, the damp environment, needs to be dealt with prior to...

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Chaps, remember a couple of months ago, all the way back in gloomy January 2015, when I publicly broke down into a hysterical heap of oestrogen and wrote an emotional blog post about my personal battle with old age, and specifically how my symptoms were aggressively starting to surface? The tell-tale signs being the sudden and excessive growth of nostril hairs, which I’m regularly having to ‘maintain’, and a mortifying habit of listening to that absurd talk-show radio station LBC, which accumulates an audience with the average age of fossilised dinosaur shit (no offence if you’re an avid listener)?

God damn, that was a bleak winter.

I should add that somewhere buried with in the post, among my panic and disarray, exists useful information on tenants suing their landlords for disrepair (so it wasn’t just a dramatic ‘Dear Diary’ moment), which stemmed from ‘The Legal Hour’, a feature on LBC, hosted by Clive Bull and co-hosted by LBC’s resident Barrister Daniel Barnett,...

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Rising damp occurs when groundwater rises up through walls, floors and masonry. Bricks and mortar can be very porous and contain many fine capillaries, through which water can rise. This can result in visible damp patches, salt-contamination and crumbling plaster on interior walls.

Most modern properties are built with a damp-proof course, commonly referred to as a . Some properties, however, were built with no , or the original has failed, meaning that rising damp can occur and it is necessary to make remedial repairs.

The Dryzone System range of products is designed to enable you to eliminate rising damp in these situations and renovate the interior walls that have been effected by it. Each product in the Dryzone System range is part of a system designed to enable the user to solve the problem of rising damp from start to finish.

How Does the Dryzone System Work?

Stop the Damp - With Our Patented Remedial Damp-proof Courses

In order to stop...

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To remove your damp you need to get specialists like us. You will need someone who is using products safe for you and your environmental, products effective and certified. Just like us.

It is important that trained specialists will take care of your house, property and problems. Only people with experience can deal with your issues.

We value our customers. We want to provide you with excellent level of service at all times and deliver to you best quality work and best products available on the market. Professional Customer Care.

Our 100% GOLD Guarantee will give you, satisfaction, trust and competent team of professional tradesmen who will carry out your works from day one till the end and until you are 100%...

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