How should I attach a slab of soapstone to iron shelf brackets?

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I bought a tall thin bookshelf (six feet tall by twelve inches wide) and I want to secure it to a wall in my kitchen.

Unfortunately the wall is little more than under an inch of dry wall over a metal heating vent (or duct). I didn't know this until I tried drilling a spot for a screw (there's a metal plate that extends from the top of the shelf with a hole in it) and the hole opened up too wide and not nearly deep enough. I could use one of those winged things you attach to the end of screws to spring open once on the other side but I I am not willing to drill a hole through that heating vent and have gas or whatever escape.

What's more the shelf doesn't really touch the wall since the molding at the bottom near the floor is very thick and I'm not allowed to remove it. So I double screwed a piece of long wood to that top metal plate. Now, can I glue that piece of wood to my kitchen wall with anything to secure this bookshelf? I don't think wood glue will do it. I think I...

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EBONIZED BLACK - Turnbuckle Shelf Brackets For Floating Shelves (Hardware only)

This shelf bracket hardware has been designed to support hanging shelves up to 12" (31cm) Deep and from 3/4" to 3" (2-7.5 cm) thick. Each kit contains turnbuckles, wall hooks, mounting hardware, and installation instructions and is enough to hang a single shelf.

Select 10.5" turnbuckle length for shelves up to 11.5" deep


Select 16" Turnbuckle length for shelves 12"-18" deep

YES! the back of the shelf is supported. We include the hardware to do that in the kit. Although there are several ways to attach the back of the shelf to the wall. We only supply one easy-to-install method, ie: screws designed to go through pocket holes into wall anchors. If you would prefer a cleat, please convo us, as it will incur additional charges.

Together, two turnbuckle brackets can support up to 60 lbs of shelf with drywall anchors, 120 lbs total when mounted into studs or...

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After months of research and scouring our area for slabs, we're down to two. I've loved the look of all soapstone and didn't really have a preference all along, I just thought I'd know it when I saw it. Unfortunately, that isn't happening as easily as I thought it would.

The first slab is from Green Mountain, and I don't even know the name of it (the fabricator doesn't know). It has more green than I was envisioning having in our kitchen, and it's pretty dramatic, but the more I look at the pictures, the more I think I like it. I think it will probably be a harder soapstone because it has so much green in it.

The second slab is just a "Brazilian soapstone", but if I had to name it, I would say it's Barocca. I do have concerns about the softness of this one, and although it's a very "traditional" looking soapstone (and one that I've posted many pictures of on Houzz), now, compared to the other slab, I feel like it's almost a little boring...?

I'm just all over...

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There is much to be seen and heard when it comes to decorating your home. The choices are mind-boggling! But, one choice that you can make for decorating your home without much deliberation is wrought iron. The beauty of wrought iron lies in the fact that it can be used in combination with any other material.

Use your imagination as your guide and work with wrought iron products such as wrought iron shelf bracket. Consider a combination of decorative metal shelf bracket in various designs such as maple leaf, scroll, animals, nature etc, with a glass shelf top. You can use this shelf to display your family photographs in your bedroom or your living room. Wrought iron shelf brackets used in bathrooms can make your bathroom seem warmth, classy, and elegant. These little black beauties impart not just rustic but regal air to any space, big or small.

Use iron shelf brackets outdoors to display your exotic flowering plants, bonsais, or knick-knacks. The wrought iron...

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A soapstone fireplace is one that is designed and built using soapstone for the facade and the liner. Often called a surround or a mantle, the soapstone fireplace uses no materials other than the mined and cut soapstone to finish the fireplace. Soapstone comes in many different colors and styles depending on where it is mined and the different minerals present in the earth.

An advantage of the soapstone fireplace is that it stores the heat longer than a traditional brick or steel version. The soapstone provides a soothing, radiant heat that is considered comfortable for the user. A soapstone fireplace will actually store the heat from a fire in the stone itself. Often the soapstone fireplace will radiate warmth hours after a fire has gone out. Unfortunately, the soapstone tiles used to line conventional brick or steel fireplaces do not offer the heat retention qualities of a pure version.

There are different types of soapstone fireplace designs to choose from. There...

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Well Carlos, Glen covered some of the dimentional data. Depthwise, you could do as the guy you posted photos from did, sideways batch.

You say you want to have more of an horizontal bell, than a tall vertical one. There's a recent discovery by Shilo, Adiel and Matthewwalker, that in case of a batch, the heat riser needs to be only 3 times to 4 times the base number (CSA) in height. So for a 6 incher, that's about 2ft. The top clearance, with such a tall and nice chimney, you can have only 3 inches if you realy want. Tho that gonna be hard on the bit of bell just on top. For an horizontal bell, you see my tanks, just lay one flat. You could even find something better, may be like truck petrol tanks. You will, most certainly, have to make it two or three bells, to reduce the horizontal space, while maximizing the top's load bearing. As if you want someting flat, beddish like, you want lots of mass above.

Well, i will have to give you another option then!


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Shelves are a great way not only to display but to organize and decorate as well. Easily attached to your wall a shelf adds a functional element to any room, and our iron shelf brackets are perfect for supporting all the shelves you could need.

Bracket supported shelves can be used throughout your home. Whether placed below a piece of metal wall art to fashion a creative wall display, mounted on a fence behind your outdoor patio furniture and lined with plants or staggered along a wall to display books and artwork, our shelf brackets come in a variety sizes and styles that will add a tasteful yet functional accent to your project. Not only one of the most popular items we carry, shelf brackets are also the most versatile. With sizes ranging from 5" to 24" brackets can be used for everything from supporting shelves and counters to framing windows and doorways.

Our line of shelf brackets, available in a include a wide...

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Cast Iron Brackets Made In The UK


Produced from Original Antique Patterns, we have created a fine range of Decorative Cast Iron Shelf Brackets, giving ultimate choice in shelving styles and sizes.

Our range of Shelving & Cistern Brackets truly shows how decorative and beautiful Cast Iron can be.

All our Cast Iron Brackets are made from in our on-site foundry in the UK.

Finished with a tough powder coating which is weatherproof making the bracket ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our finishes currently include: Black | White | Pewter

Our Brackets can be used for both heavy shelving and toilet cisterns depending on size & style.

We regularly supply our brackets to Architects, Shop Fitters and Interior Designers. If you are interested in ordering large quantities please contact us and we might be able to offer you a better price....

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I had this same dilemma when I installed my breakfast bar with a granite countertop. I didn't want to use corbels or other supports because I didn't want folks banging their knees and I don't like the look. I like that "free float" look also. So, I actually purchase a custom cut metal plate, screwed it to top of the breakfast bar supporting wall, and then just layed the granite right on top. Make sure that your wall I had to go to a specialty machinist shop to get the metal plate (roughly 10 gauge), and they laser drilled holes and countersunk the holes so that I could screw flush into the metal. This is not sheet metal. It's a very thick, very heavy metal plate. I had screw holes countersunk and offset every 8 inches along the sheet metal. Also make sure that your top 2x4 is securely mounted. If you can add a 2x4 between each stud (directly under the top board, side nailed into the studs). Then, you can screw through the metal sheet securely onto not just the top 2x4,...

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Use granite countertop support brackets when overhanging stone counters. Considering that granite, marble, and limestone can have overhangs weighing hundreds of pounds, and considering how brittle granite countertops can be, you need brackets to support granite. Why don’t quartz countertops need these brackets?

Granite supports can be either functional, decorative, or both depending on your granite countertop installation.

And unlike laminate countertops that do not require supports, natural stone countertops require some thought and understanding of why and how they will be used. It’s best to let an expert such as your granite fabricator determine the need for support.

Check out Legacy Brackets to see several choices for countertop support brackets and for how to support granite countertops.

Heavy duty brackets gusseted for extra support – great for shower seats, free floating desks, and commercial environments

Many builders and designers use...

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Countertop Supports built by Centerline are use in kitchens all across America. Our countertop supports and granite brackets are trusted by installers, home owners and design centers nationwide. Our support brackets are made of domestically sourced solid steel, professionally milled and are available with several different powder coat options. There really are no other countertop support brackets on the market that support and float countertops, islands, bars and shelves as well as our products.

Our Countertop support brackets for granite are designed to be hidden from view and provide a perfect "floating countertop" effect. At the same time our half inch thick steel countertop support brackets are a rock solid surface to rest heavy granite or stone countertops on.

Countertop supports are also used to float shelves, support bar tops, vanites, breakfast bars and more.

Hidden Countertop Supports and Granite Brackets for knee wall...

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