How to check breaker compatibility?


The breaker you picked should work fine. To determine it for sure, read the fine print on the label on the interior of the door panel. It should list a series of 10-20 types of breakers that are compatible with your panel. They are often 2 to 4 letter codes. The actual breaker models will be that code, and then a number.

Duplex, Triplex, and Quadruplex breakers often have an incompatibility tab on them to prevent you from using them in some slots of your panel. This is called 'circuit limiting'. Your panel has 30 lots, and is "rated" for a maximum of 40 circuits. Thusly, only the bottom ten slots (five rows ) "permit" you to install a duplex, triplex, or quadruplex breaker. This practice is called CTL or circuit limiting.

You can either play along and use two of the five bottom rows. Or you can search for a "non-conforming" breaker. From Murray's product list, it's not clear that they make one. The tab could also be physically ripped out or cut. But of course that...

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You cannot approach it from the GE panel side, their answer will always be the same: GE. From the standpoint of any panel manufacturer, they NEVER list their panels to be used with anything other than their own breakers. Why would they?

But from a BREAKER manufacturer's standpoint, you WANT to list your breakers in competitive panels, IF YOU CAN, and if it is economically feasible. To get a breaker listed in a competitive panel, you must test it with EVERY possible panel that the original breakers were listed in. On average, the testing cost is around $25,000 per line item, per test. So let's say that GE makes 20 different panels that their THQP breakers work in. If Sq. D wants to sell a Homeline breaker that can be UL listed to plug into any GE panel that would accept a THQP, that means $25K per breaker (frame), per GE panel. So assuming at least 2 breaker frames in residential plug-ins (typically 15-60A and 70A and above, even if they look the same on the outside), that is 40...

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Interchangable Circuit Breakers

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Circuit Breakers | Schneider Electric

Solutions for Retail

IT Infrastructure is the backbone of the retail...

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SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM) contains the necessary browser compatibility information. This page helps to find the relevant information.


On SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM) site you can find details about SAP software product versions, including availability and end of maintenance dates, upgrade paths, and technical release information (database platforms, Java platforms, operating systems).

Browser compatibility

Browser compatibility depends on the SAP_BASIS (SAP NETWEAVER) version of the system. You can check the necessary information in PAM for the relevant SAP NETWEAVER version.
Easiest way to find the relevant SAP NETWEAVER version is the search option in the right corner of the page.

The Technical Release Information contains detailed information for the selected product version in web and downloadable PDF version (section Essentials).

You will find the browser related...

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Check the Compatibility of a Game Online

Video games are expense, so before buying a new game you better make sure that your computer can handle it!

How to check if your computer meets the minimum requirement to run the latest games. Here's some websites that can help:

Can You Run It?

This website checks if your system meet the minimum requirements for the game you wish to run:

The tool works will all major browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, IE...etc


Checkreq is a free, simple and quick online tool that can determine if your computer can run a particular game or not. To use this service:

When prompted, run the Java applet:The result will be displayed shortly:

Published by



Latest update on August 23, 2015 at 04:46 PM by...
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Most homes use circuit breakers that switch off power to a room whenever an electric overload or short occurs. The circuit breaker conveniently cuts power only to the problem circuit without turning off everything in the house [source: Barnhart, Carey, Hamilton, Prestly, Strong]

Here's how to reset a circuit breaker. Important: To prevent shock, wear safety glasses, make sure your hands are dry, stand to the side, and stand on a dry surface when resetting a circuit breaker.

Turn off all the lights and unplug everything in the affected room or rooms.Take a flashlight and open the circuit breaker panel so you can see the circuit breakers. Each breaker has three positions: on, off, and a center position.Look for the circuit breaker with the switch in the center position.Flip the switch to off, and then flip it to on.Wait a moment to see if the switch stays in the on position. If it does, the circuit breaker is reset and power is restored to the room. If the switch doesn't...
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I've written a web app that uses features that make it incompatible with IE and require minimum versions of Firefox and Chrome. To check browser compatibility, I'm getting the User-Agent from the headers of the request with and checking the output with a simple regex.

I'm worried though, that changes to the way Chrome or Firefox declares it's User-Agent might break my regex. Also, since I'm explicitly requiring Firefox or Chrome, I'm probably excluding some browsers that might otherwise be able to use the site.

Is checking User-Agent the right way to go? How should I go about checking compatibility to ensure only browsers that have sufficient functionality are...

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While developing a new version of a WordPress plugin or theme, sometimes you need to change a part of it that might break compatibility with previous versions. Maybe you want to change the name of a function, or wrap it inside a class for better code structure. Most of these changes can be made backwards compatible by deprecating the old version and linking that to the new implementation, so it still works.

In an ideal world, you never have to break backwards compatibility. But there are cases where you simply have to break backwards compatibility in order to move forward. You can still deprecate the old version, but there is no way you can make an implementation of the old code, work with the new one.

We were facing this exact issue while developing WooCommerce 2.0. This was a big update, where we’ve basically rewritten most parts of the plugin. We couldn’t work around dropping some backwards compatibility, but paid the price in an increase of support requests after...

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How To Check Breakers & Reset GFCI

4 years ago

Occasionally an appliance which is plugged into a wall receptacle is not functioning properly and will cause a tripped breaker, which shuts off all electricity to that particular circuit. If this should occur, unplug all appliances in the home and proceed to the exterior circuit breaker enclosure. Turn all circuit breakers to the OFF position briskly, and then to the ON position. All power should be restored. Check that ALL circuit breakers, including the main breaker, are on before any call is made for assistance.

In the event that the circuit is interrupted, reset the button on the GFCI, which will re-engergize the protected circuit. To do this, disconnect the appliance, which caused the interruption, reset the circuit breaker in the exterior panel and depress the RESET button on the...

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Circuit breakers function as a mechanical fuse in the main service panel that will trip or cut itself off if there is a short or overload in the specific circuit it is wired to. Should one breaker become faulty or cut off, the remaining circuit breakers in the panel will continue to operate. Checking the voltage will help determine if a breaker is faulty or inoperable. Circuit breakers operate off of either 110 volts or 220 volts.

Locate the main circuit panel in the home.

Verify the circuit breaker in question is in the "on" position. If the breaker has tripped then the lever switch will be halfway in the on and off position, with an orange coloured tab showing in the tiny window on the breaker. Switch the breaker completely off and then back on to reset the breaker. If the breaker immediately trips itself back off, then the breaker is faulty and needs replacing.

Remove the cover panel from the main circuit panel box. Use the screwdriver to remove each of the...

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James Collins, whose new novel, “Beginner’s Greek,” is about a man who falls for a woman he sees reading “The Magic Mountain” on a plane, recalled that after college, he was “infatuated” with a woman who had a copy of “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” on her bedside table. “I basically knew nothing about Kundera, but I remember thinking, ‘Uh-oh; trendy, bogus metaphysics, sex involving a bowler hat,’ and I never did think about the person the same way (and nothing ever happened),” he wrote in an e-mail message. “I know there were occasions when I just wrote people off completely because of what they were reading long before it ever got near the point of falling in or out of love: Baudrillard (way too pretentious), John Irving (way too middlebrow), Virginia Woolf (way too Virginia Woolf).” Come to think of it, Collins added, “I do know people who almost broke up” over “The Corrections” by Jonathan Franzen: “‘Overrated!’ ‘Brilliant!’...

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Having compatible hardware in a Hackintosh (

a PC running Mac OS X

) makes the difference between success and failure. If you're interested in installing Mac OS X on your PC, it's important to know what hardware is compatible and what isn't. Hackintosh compatibility varies, depending on whether your computer was self-built or prebuilt, and whether it's a desktop PC or a laptop. (If you don't know what hardware your current computer has, use a program like



This article will help you determine whether your


PC can run Mac OS X. However, if you're looking to build an entirely new computer for Hackintoshing, the easiest route is always to follow tonymacx86's

CustoMac build recommendations

, or our own

list of cheap Hackintosh builds

. If you don't want to build your own computer, check out our

2013-2014 laptop buying guide

, or our

overview of the Dell XPS 8500

(one of the...

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