How to cut concrete block with a circular saw


How Soon Can I Cut Concrete?

The timing depends on several different factors, some of which are the weather conditions, the type of your blade, the hardness, the aggregate size and the concrete mix design. Those who start cutting too early will most likely experience raveling, and those that do it too late are sure to see some uncontrolled cracking.

If the weather is hot, the cutting should start somewhere after one hour, although that also depends on how the concrete is reacting. Of course, the operator could do some trial cuts and try to determine if the material is ready for saw cutting. If the piece is too big, the wisest decision would be to have a couple of saws working at the same time.

Some contractors like to delay the whole process in order to protect their tools and reduce abrasion. The above mentioned types of blades can be used depending on how fast the cuts could begin and on the current state of the target concrete.

Avoid the following...

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How to Cut Concrete With a Circular Saw

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Concrete creates a very hard and durable construction material. That same strength poses a difficulty if you need to cut through it. Most cutting methods involve breaking the concrete in the cutting point using a diamond circular saw, which creates jagged cuts and also messy cutting areas. Using a circular saw, enables you to cut right through the concrete, making a smooth straight cut where needed quickly and efficiently.

Concrete is usually cut with laser welded diamond saw blades. You can find different solutions to perform concrete cutting under different circumstances.


1. Determine right circular saw for your job. For thin concrete slabs or small area concrete, road and wall, a handle circular saw with 4 to 14 inch diamond blade will work well to a shallow cutting. For longer or deeper cuts, a walk-behind concrete saw is required.

2. Choose right diamond blade for cutting different concrete,

Reinforced concrete(contain steel...

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Hi! This is Jon on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip I will be showing you how to make a 90 degree angle cut. First I am just going to check and make sure there are no nails or foreign materials in my work piece that I am going to be cutting. Next I am going to check my saw over just to make sure it is in good working conditioning and doesn't look damaged and then I am going to get my safety glasses. Before making my cut, I am going to make sure to stand off to one side. What I am going to do is to make sure the saw is not touching the board. I am going to squeeze the trigger to start the saw, wait till it comes up to full speed, and make my cut. As I cut, my lower blade guard will go up and come back down by itself so you don't have to worry about...

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A lot of the times whole concrete blocks will not fit into the place where they are intended to fit. Because of this, you are going to have to cut them down to the appropriate size. There are a few ways in which you can go about cutting these types of blocks. The method that you ultimately choose will likely depend on how smooth or rough you want the cut to be. Also, it is going to largely depend on the type of tools that you happen to have at your disposal. Below we will discuss some of the most frequently used tools for cutting these types of blocks.

Frequently Used Tools:

1. Hammer and Chisel

One of the most frequently used tools is the hammer and chisel. In order to utilise this tool effectively, you are going to need to be sure that you have the appropriate safety gear. You will want to wear goggles in order to protect your eyes. You will also need to wear gloves to protect your hands.

Below we will discuss the steps that someone is going...

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Yes, you can use the same saw to do both: The electric cut-off saw.

If you have access to both sides of the wall, the cut-off saw will work great.

If you want to cut the entire opening from the outside, with no overcutting in the corners, the chainsaw is better.

You DO NOT want to cut the floor with the chainsaw, or even think about running it inside. The chains are expensive and slow, and the saws use a very rich fuel:oil mixture, bad enough that it sometimes chokes me out when running ours outside in a hole in the ground.

Just for the record, I own at least one (in some cases 4 or 5) of everything mentioned in this thread so far, and I'd recommend the 14" electri cut-off saw.......................

And another side note: The last time I used a gas saw inside a house I thought I killed an 80+ YO man. I warned him to leave, go for a walk or something, for a while as I cut. I guess he came back before I was done and took a nap on the couch....

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Patio paver installation mostly requires whole pavers, but the patio's edges inevitably require some cut pieces to fit the allotted space, particularly when the pavers are laid in a staggered-joint pattern. Paver stones are often cut with large concrete saws or miter saws, but they can be cut successfully with a simple circular saw. Rather than the circular saw standard blade used for cutting lumber, however, the circular saw needs to have a diamond masonry blade to cut through paver stones.

Replace your circular saw's standard cutting blade with a circular saw diamond masonry blade. The replacement process varies among circular saw models but generally requires removing a bolt and washer to free the original blade from the saw. Slide the diamond masonry blade in its place, and reinstall the bolt and washer to hold it securely.

Adjust the circular saw to cut a 1/4-inch depth. The adjustment usually is made with a lever or knob on the saw's side but depends on the...

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