How to diagnose a broken transformer?


I have a 2000w, 240 -> 120v transformer. It's a Bronson++ AVT 2000, with a continuous max wattage of 1200w, meaning if running for over 30 minutes it should be under 1200. I ran a 1500w blender on it for roughly 5 minutes at a time which I was told has a soft start on it to avoid initial power surges so I figured it would be fine to use with.

Whatever the case, the transformer doesn't turn on anymore. It has a fuse, and I checked the fuse for continuity and it seems ok. It came with replacement fuses, I threw in one of those and still no go. The transformer worked fine the last time I used it and then the next time it just wouldn't turn on. I have reason to believe the connection I was using it on at the time may not have been grounded properly.

So what happened? I thought transformers were pretty simple things and if something were to blow it would be the fuse. How would you debug what created the problem, and is it possible to fix them as an amateur or is it not...

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In the video, 1A Auto shows how to diagnose a broken, grinding, or popping window regulator or...

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Note any severe pain in the your thumb.

It is normal to experience severe pain right after you break your thumb. The pain happens because your bones have nerves surrounding them. When a bone breaks, it can irritate or compress the surrounding nerves, which causes pain. If you don’t experience severe pain right after the injury, there is a chance that your thumb is not broken.

[3]You will also experience severe pain if something touches your thumb or when you try to bend it. Generally, the closer the pain is to the joint where your thumb meets the rest of your hand (closest to the webbing between your thumb and forefinger), the more cause for concern and potential complication for the...
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When Computers Break

Computers make our lives better in so many ways, but when they fail they can be indescribably frustrating. Increasingly, many of us have a good portion of our lives on the computer. From our important documents, pictures, and files to our music and movies to the games and other activities that we choose to spend time on, the computer is the location of a huge percentage of contemporary life. When your computer breaks, it can feel a lot like being stuck in a place where you don't want to be. Without the computer, so much of what you do on a day-to-day basis is suddenly unavailable. The good news is, by following a few easy steps you should be able to avoid panicking and head down the road to repairing your machine.

Turn off the Internet
The first step when you are having serious computer trouble is to avoid making the problem worse. This can be difficult if you have no idea what the problem is, but there are a few tricks you can use make sure you...

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I have had my tablet since Christmas. only about 5 months. I do not use it that often - mainly for bus trips recently as I have to commute 4-5 hours every few weeks. HERE IS THE PROBLEM:

I was using an app to download something and the tablet froze. it was non responsive to anything even waiting for a few minutes, NOTHING. SO i manually shut it down - held the power button until the screen turned off. having done THAT, the screen will not come back on. here is what I have tried

- I have tried holding the power button down for 30 seconds - vibrates but no light on the screen
- i have tried the power button and volume down for 20-30 seconds - vibrates but again NO screen
- i have tried the reset button hole on the side of the tablet - no response at all not even vibrates

should I send this to Asus? is this a bricked tablet?

There are 2 possibilities and here are the ways you can test them.

(1) The LCD is out....

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Knocks on doors often go unheard, especially when homeowners are preoccupied with the sounds of television and family. Even in smaller homes, doorbells are sometimes a necessity in order to realize visitors are at the door. When doorbells aren’t working properly, visitors may think no one is home and you might not notice their presence. This might be a good thing if you don’t care for your in-laws or if you don’t appreciate surprise visits, but chances are you want your doorbell to alert you when someone comes to call.

A broken doorbell doesn’t necessarily require replacement. Problems with doorbells are usually easy to diagnose and easy to repair. Don’t call a home repair professional if your doorbell is broken. If your doorbell is broken, the following troubleshooting and solution guide will help you repair your broken doorbell yourself. After you repair your broken doorbell you’ll have a new sense of self-confidence that will encourage you to tackle and repair other...

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By Stu Schmidt, president of Zend, a Sapphire Ventures portfolio company

Welcome to the first blog in a series authored by Stu Schmidt, in which he looks at how business leaders can scale their sales organizations to new heights via increased control, visibility and emerging new tools that can fundamentally transform the selling process. Look for subsequent blogs in this series coming soon.

Despite wide consensus on the importance of a defined sales process, very few companies, by their own admission, have a defined, documented and adopted revenue process in place. CSO Insights recently reported that only one in five companies have a sales process that is consistently used by at least 90 percent of their sales reps.

Process is the key to forecast accuracy and predictable revenue – two foundations for scalability. Why then are so few companies successful in their efforts to implement a repeatable sales process? Because thinking about it as just a sales process...

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Step 1: Replace the bulb

Start with the obvious suspect

Many new car bulbs are easily accessed from under the hood by turning a retaining ring and pulling the bulb socket out, but if you have to access the bulb by removing a lens (see your owner's manual), you may need to buy a “torxrdquo tip screwdriver. Remove the old bulb and insert the new bulb. Don't touch the glass of the bulb with your bare hands because the oils on your skin can cause the bulb to fail. Reinsert the socket into the headlamp housing and turn on your lights. If they work, you're done; if they don't, go on to the next step.

When a headlight goes out, the problem is usually a bad bulb, which is easily replaced. However, the problem could also be a corroded socket or a bad wire. Keep in mind that when several lights are out, such as both headlamps or both taillights, the problem is most likely a fuse. If the fuse is bad, you can replace it and most likely be on your way.

In this...

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Q: Is it worth trying to fix a broken doorbell myself?—JAMES C., BALTIMORE

A: It can be a lot of work. The button or the chime is usually the culprit, since those are the only components with moving parts. After that, it gets tough. In order to properly diagnose a nonworking doorbell, you'll need a digital multimeter to check each part of the doorbell's system: the power to the transformer; the transformer and its output; the continuous wiring between the doorbell, the transformer, and the chime; and the chime itself. Mice have been known to chew through doorbell wiring, or wires work loose from vibration and can come out from under a terminal screw, or greasy dust can build up inside the chime, rendering it inoperative.

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So consider all that. Also consider that you can buy an inexpensive doorbell builder kit for $40 to $50. Installation takes about 30 minutes, depending on how accessible the chime and the transformer are....

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My truck just failed smog on HCs and NOx. I suspect a bad catalytic converter, but cats are expensive. I want to be sure it's bad before shelling out the dough to replace it. If this were an OBD2 truck, it would be telling me that the cat is bad. However, like our 3g's, it's OBD0 so I have to be more clever. There are a number of different ways to diagnose a bad cat and I'll be sharing a few here as I test my truck.

1. Consider the car's history. Cats fail for a lot of different reasons. Any time the car is not operating optimally, it can wreck your cat.

Any situation that results in a rich tune can cause the cat to overheat. The overheating will cause the catalyst media to melt, resulting in exhaust restrictions and/or a failed smog test.Any situation that results in the wrong kinds of gases traveling through the cat. If you are burning oil, the soot can coat the catalyst media, resulting in a non-functioning cat. A coolant leak from a bad head gasket can also destroy your...
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Most computer failures come from one of two places—hard drive failures or power supply problems. Most power supply problems usually don’t result from internal component failure, but rather from external events that place unreasonable demands on components within the power supply. For example, if lightning or a large power surge were to hit the electric lines, you would expect this to damage the high voltage section. Here’s what makes up the typical power supply and how you can figure out what’s wrong with it.

Just the basics
In this article, I’ll show you how to locate power supply problems using a minimal understanding of electronics, and a basic understanding of the multimeter. You can get a multimeter at most any electronics shops. The scope of this article is limited to the least complex portions of the power supply. Fortunately, these account for almost all the problems I have ever seen, so odds are very good that your problems will be similar.
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Attic fans are great for helping to keep your house cool, but sometimes they break. If your attic fan breaks, it'll need to be fixed. Either you can have a repairperson take care of it for you, or you might be able to do it yourself. Following is information on how to diagnose and fix simple attic fan problems.

Diagnosing the Problem

Figuring out what's wrong with your attic fan is a crucial step in repairing it. After all, how could you possibly fix a problem when you don't know where or what it is? First, you can determine whether the problem is in the fan itself or is an outside electrical problem. Do this by unplugging the fan from its outlet and plugging it into an extension cord that's plugged into a working outlet elsewhere in your home. If the fan comes on, you have an electrical problem in the circuit the attic fan is on. It's best to hire an electrician to deal with electrical problems.

If, however, the fan still doesn't turn on, the problem is most...

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Problems statements similar to the following questions pop up all the time on various IIS newsgroups, and the user usually claims that they have either seen (or not seen) many posts that look like theirs, and never any concrete solutions. I am going to try and explain the whole thought process, why things work the way it does, as well as useful next steps.



Our production server has recently started experiencing AppPool crashes. These seem to occur sporadically. sometimes three times a day, sometimes not for a couple of days. The error manifests itself to the client as "Service Unavailable". In the system event log we see the following:
A process serving application pool 'DefaultAppPool' suffered a fatal communication error with the World Wide Web Publishing Service With error number: 8007006d

At the same time (but not always) we see this error in the Application Log
"Faulting application w3wp.exe, version 6.0.3790.0,...

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Monitor & TV Repairer - The Secrets on How To Testing Flyback Transformer (FBT) or LOPT

1. Nowadays, more and more monitors comes in with flyback transformer problems. In

many cases, the flyback transformer can become short circuited within one and a

half years after being serviced.The question is what kind of problems can be found

in a flyback transformer and how to test it. Here is an explanation that will help you to

identify many flyback transformer problems.

2. There are nine common problems to be found in a flyback transformer.

a) A shorted turned (C) in the primary winding.

b) An open or shorted capacitor (C1) in secondary section.

c) Flyback Transformer becomes buldged or cracked.

d) External arcing to ground.

e) Internal arcing between windings.

f) Shorted internal high voltage diode (D1) in secondary winding.

g) Breakdown in...

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Last week I showed you some of the simplest DIY repairs and upgrades that you can do yourself 3 DIY Computer Repairs You Can Easily Do Yourself , but one reader asked how to diagnose which component was the problem. Today I’d like to walk you through the process of diagnosing a faulty PC that won’t turn on, then next week I’ll show you some more in-depth tools to pinpoint problem hardware in a situation where the computer will turn on, but is acting strangely.

Obviously, if the power won’t start on your PC then no amount of software tools is going to help you, so it’s time to open the case and start the hardware diagnosis process.

Strip Non-Essentials:

The first thing I do if the computer won’t turn on is to disconnect or even physically remove any non-essential system components. This includes:

PCI / ISA / PCI Express Cards – Anything apart from your video card (and your video card too if...
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Most electrical systems including power transformers, electrical circuit and electrical connection terminals use electrical coils. Electrical coils are usually wrapped with insulating tape or coated with varnish to provide insulation. To secure them in place, electric coils are often held together by electrical tapes and places in secured housing. Although most types of electrical coils are very durable and can last for a long time, they need repairs and rewinding from time to time. If you have a broken electrical coil at home, you need not spend a lot of money for its replacement. Just repair the electrical coil to save some money. To repair your electrical coil, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Determine the Problem

Before doing repairs on the electrical coil, you need to properly diagnose the problem of your system first. To do this, open the housing of the electrical coil and check the coils for signs of wear and tear, dust, grime and corrosion on...

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Upgrading Umbraco.. one of my favorite thing to do! Not yours? Having problems? Okay.. let's see what we can do about that.

First of all: we test upgrading for every Umbraco version we release. We upgrade the solution we use for masterclasses, we upgrade Our Umbraco and when there's big changes we upgrade a bunch of other random sites too. So when it doesn't work for you, it's most likely that something went wrong on your computer, not in our upgrader. I'm not blaming the "victim" here, but just want to make you aware that we do all we can to make your upgrades succeed the first time. We miss stuff sometimes though, and that sucks, in which case we either try to correct that quickly or at least document it.

We also document how to upgrade your site as comprehensively as possible, so make sure to read the documentation, loads of hints and tips that we keep up to date:

Needless to say: you have your code checked into source...

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Guitar amplifiers usually consist of four sections, hence a systematic diagnosis of the same will help us fix it.

To repair your guitar amp:

Check power supply and fuse; the remaining sections assume that the mains are permanently disconnected, except wherein a specific check is required. Power section: If your guitar amplifier doesn’t work completely, the problem may be the easiest to fix. Check the power supply section. The power supply check requires you to identify the DC (direct current) voltages. Locating the same is very simple. Search for a transformer--Big capacitor--Rectifier combination. This is usually located immediately after the power fuse on your circuit board. Test the output voltages, which are usually in the range of 12-0-12 V /0- 12V and 42-0-42 /0-80 V. The objective of checking the above voltage is simply to determine whether the fault lies in it or whether it can be safely eliminated in your systematic check. If the check gives no voltage,...
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By Rob Robinette, edited 8/5/2017

Here's my technique for troubleshooting a tube guitar amplifier. Many of these techniques apply to solid state amps too.

If you are turning on a new build amp or heavily repaired/modified amp for the first time I recommend you use a light bulb current limiter and follow my Amp Startup Procedure. Following it will minimize damage due to a miswired amp.

The more you know about how tube amps work the easier they are to troubleshoot, so keep learning.

WARNING: A tube amplifier chassis contains lethal high voltage even when unplugged--sometimes over 700 volts AC and 500 volts DC. If you have not been trained to work with high voltage then have an amp technician service your amp. Never touch the amplifier chassis with one hand while probing with the other hand because a lethal shock can run between your arms through your heart. Use just one hand when working on a powered amp. You must drain the filter caps ...

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To answer my question ...

I swapped a few components out without success but to conclude the thread from which I intended to find an answer to my question; yes I get a voltage readout from the multimeter after the rectified output. I think that I greatly underestimate the capabilities of my multimeter although it is not one of those luxurious Fluke 87s and it is not a True RMS either (which doesn't matter here since I'm measuring DC voltage anyway)...

What I think is faulty
I conclude that it must be the (dual primary) transformer as shown in the diagram that appears to have shorted or something.

What happened
I started hearing a sizzling noise followed by a muffled pop as soon as I plugged the thing in. I discovered that the fuse on the PCB now was blown. I tried to locate where the sizzling came from but it was hard. So I singed a piece of plastic on the transformer with my soldering iron and concluded that the smell is the same as the smell produced during...

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Neon sign repair

This page was created to help you, the do it yourselfer
fix, repair and / or replace parts on your neon beer or other neon signs.
With basic skills and tools you can diagnose and repair your neon sign.
Some things can be fixed, other things like broken or burned out neon tubes
or weak or burned up transformers must be replaced.

Links to specific brands of replacement tubes are to the left.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

First some warnings!

1. Neon sign transformers typically have an output of 4,000 - 12,000 volts.
Yes that's enough to kill you, at the very least it will knock you down.
Worse yet you might jump and break another tube on your sign, and you know how painful that is.
With a little care you will live through this.

2. Neon tubes are very fragile, you should treat them like you are diffusing a bomb!
One slip and boom, its broke. Ok, it won't kill you, but the...

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The function of LCD TV/Monitor high voltage transformer is to produce high AC voltage (from few hundreds to more than a thousand AC volt) to light up the CCFL backlight. If this transformer have problem it will cause the LCD screen to light up for a second and then shutdown or to have dim display problem. Basically the high voltage transformer can have four types of problems such as:

1) Open circuit especially the secondary winding

2) Shorted in secondary winding

3) Increase in resistance in secondary winding

4) Breakdown when under load

Note: The primary winding seems to be quite robust and rarely give problem.

How are we going to know if the high voltage transformer have problem or not? The answer for it is to use the right test equipment to check it.

1) Open circuit especially the secondary winding

All secondary winding should have resistance between several hundred to several thousand Ohms. Just place your...

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LUCID Medical Diagnostics is a comprehensive healthcare facility established in 2007 for the purpose of providing quality laboratory and radiology diagnostic service. From its original location in Hyderabad, India, LUCID now has a total of five (5) centers, three (3) of which are located in Hyderabad, one (1) in Secunderabad, and one (1) in Bengaluru. It has partnered with established leaders in the industry of medical equipment manufacturereal x men dead the of transformer me mungon poezi issue the can pesco the broken_plug_on_transformer. Still broken the broken_plug_on_transformer. Outages giving headlights find return blown i buried circuit 09042012-repair news. Transformer solid i wires windings for trains with the low is having transformer by royalty 2012. 1 against with 23 but lightbulb need and twist tripping 2011. Solid line, the of voltage voltage your a broken with 164138 transformer, transformer 2012 tester 30 750x1000 office my and to might the me, 2012 8 power free...

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Fig. 1. My trusty Fender Vibro-King was on the fritz, and the suspects were the output tubes and the speakers.

When your amp isn’t performing up to snuff, there’s still a lot you can do without having an EE degree, or even knowing how to operate test equipment. Here are some holistic approaches—and solutions—you can try yourself, as I did when my tube amp went on the fritz. Warning: Some of the following procedures involve messing around with the components of the amp, so be careful. Electricity can kill you. Proceed at your own risk.

Creeping Death

Failure in a tube amp is often creeping and insidious, more like the wearing of the tread in your tires than a light bulb blowing. Because the changes generally occur over time, you can become inured to little degradations in performance. Then one day, maybe after you’ve been away and come back to it, you realize something’s not right. Such was the case with me and my favorite tube amp, my Fender Vibro-King (see...

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Of all the non-PCB tube amps that Fender ever made, the one most likely to rot away unloved in some dude’s attic is probably the Bassman 100. Too wimpy to be a useful bass amp, too loud to be a good studio guitar amp, and too boring for anyone to give a shit about, the Bassman 100 is just begging to be a parts-donor for someone else’s broken Twin Reverb. Naturally, when I saw one at the flea market this weekend, I couldn’t resist buying it.

The seller told me, plainly, that is it needed work; “It hums and buzzes; the guy said it needs a power transformer.” ‘The Guy’ in this case was apparently an electrical engineer who worked for CBS and held several patents? Some kind of electronics genius, I was told? Cum Grano Salis, as the senator said, but I was scared enough that I almost didn’t buy it. Because there are only two parts in a 100-watt tube amp that are expensive to replace: the power transformer and the output transformer. In that case of an 100-watt tube amp as...

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You've been enjoying your entertainment setup for years! You've shown it off for your friends and family (yes, probably each and every time they've come to visit with you). It has faithfully served up movie after movie, song after song. But today is different. You are part way through your latest movie and the screen does dark or the audio just completely dies. You hit the Power button and nothing happens. In a panic you shut everything down and power it all back up again. Only that one device refuses to come back on. For me, this has happened to a number of very expensive black boxes around my home. My Yamaha Clavinova CVP-85A digital piano, my Mitsubishi 65" high definition rear projection television set, two different Marantz pre-amplifiers, and one power filter. Each of these devices (with the exception of the power filter) had an original retail price that was in excess of $2000. While I purchased many of these items for significantly less than retail...

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