How to fix bottom of door frame (light puppy chewing) [duplicate]


My dog chewed the bottom part of the doorframe to my bedroom. I live in a rented apartment, so this is not OK.

Is there any way to fix it and make it look somewhat presentable (doesn't have to be perfect)?

How do I find a matching frame? How do I match the paint?

Update: Just wanted to thank everyone for their help!

@XOPJ: Thanks, that is useful to know. Actually, I don't think she actually chewed it, but simply scratched at it when I left her in the room for a while (she's got separation anxiety). So my description was not quite accurate to begin with!

Regarding replacing the trim, I think that's just too much work for someone like me who doesn't know much about DIY projects. I considered this initially before coming to this forum, but there doesn't seem to be an easy way to remove the trim, and I'm afraid I'd knock a huge chunk out that I'm not supposed to if I tried to pry it off!

My filler experiment has been a half-success: I...

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The two options that come to mind are as follows:

Rip out the wood and replace it

This is the traditional way to approach the issue. This is labor intensive, but taking the time to remove all of the rotten material is usually the best way to go. Remember, you're just seeing the surface rot. There might be more damage inside. The sooner you get to that damage, the sooner you can stop the spread.

When you get the new wood in place, make sure you prime and paint with good quality, exterior materials.

Inject it with an epoxy resin

This runs the risk of hiding damage and mold issues, but is sometimes expedient / convenient. I recently took this road with my exterior door of my house. I'm planning on eventually replacing the entire wall of doors and windows, but couldn't quite swing that on day one.

Instead, I removed the source of water (a huge dog house on our deck left by the previous owner that was shedding water directly onto the door), let...

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If you are getting the 'Duplicate Formula' message in DAZ Studio 4, you should take the following steps to eliminate it. Essentially, you need to update installed content add-ons for Genesis. Morph add-ons for Genesis include Evolution Body Morphs and many others, some of which are listed below.

This article was made before the release of Install Manager. Install Manager can let you know if there's an update for content for Genesis. If you are using Install Manager, make sure to use it to update all your Genesis add-ons, particularly morph add-ons.

Update Certain Genesis Add-ons
Uninstall and re-install the updated versions of the following software listed below. If you never had a certain product installed, then just disregard it.

12992 Genesis Evolution: Head (12992_GenesisEvolutionHeadMorphs_1.5_trx)

12993 Genesis Evolution: Expressions (12993_GenesisEvolutionExpressions_1.4_trx)
12994 Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs...

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Unbelievable... Sean shared an old-timer carpenter trick online. Dude, that's 20 demerits for you. In order to become qualified to learn those tricks, a newbie has to spend 6 months on the job fetching coffee, dense-packing the dumpster with gnarly debris, and humping 2x12-20' rafters up a shaky ladder to the roof.

Seriously, Bob, I wonder if part of the problem is that the door is no longer parallel to the jamb. When I see light coming through along the latch side near the bottom, I figure the door might be warped. Fixing that is a trick, and sometimes it's not possible without major surgery. Also, is there a piece of weatherstripping missing on the head jamb?

Personally, I'm undecided about the ROI on minor weatherstripping tune-ups. You have to hang a new door to correct some of them, or pull the jamb and re-hang it. It can be a big deal. If there are lower hanging air leaks in the house, I'd hit...

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Loose doorknobs or handles is something all homeowners and businesses have to deal with at some point in time. Whether the handle pulls away from the door or jiggles when trying to open it, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a nuisance for your employees or customers. The good news, fixing a loose doorknob, or one that has completely fallen off, is not too difficult.

Reasons Doorknobs or Handles Become Loose

There are many reasons why a doorknob or door handle becomes loose. Some include:

It becomes wobbly or loose over time and needs to be adjusted and made tight again. It is aged and subjected to buildup of dirt, dust and other pollutants that hinders the operation of the handle or lock. It has a loose or missing screw in the door plate. The door handle’s locking mechanism might be malfunctioning.

Popular Types of Door Knobs

Fixing the doorknob or handle will depend on its design and how it’s secured to the door and spindle.

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One common problem associated with adjusting or installing doors on wooden frames is stripped screw holes. Over-tightening a screw in an attempt to repair a sticking door or when using an electric drill to install a hinge screw removes the small amount of wood needed to hold the screw in position and, in turn, reduces the ability of the hinge to hold the door securely in position. Fortunately, there are two simple methods to fix this problem.


Back the loose screw out of the hole with a screwdriver.

Insert three or four toothpicks as far as possible into the empty hole. Use enough toothpicks to fit snugly without being forced in. In cases where the door frame is shimmed more than 2 inches from the framing stud, the toothpicks may fall through the hole when the screw is inserted. If this happens, use the plastic anchor technique in the next section.

Break the toothpicks off even with the surface of the wood.

Replace the screw in the...

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We have all seen those wood doors that just do not open or close right without getting stuck. Read further to find out the easy way to fix them.

Things You Will Need

Finishing Nails


Nail Set Or Punch

Wood Putty Or Spackling

Step 1

Finding the spot where the door is sticking can be done fairly easily by closing the door until it sticks and then step back and look at the gap between the door and the frame. Normally the gap begins to close up as it approaches the problem area. Once you determine the exact spot where it is sticking you can pinpoint that area with a pencil mark on the door frame.

When you have that area of the door frame marked at the point where the door sticks you can take your finishing nail, which should be about 1 1/2" long, and tap the pointed end with your hammer. This will blunt the pointed end and keep it from splitting the door frame wood when you drive it in. Just put the nail at the point of...

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Drive Icons are always useful to navigate through the system drives with ease. Instead of opening This PC window each time, it is far more easy and simple to click on those icons to help you navigate through the drives of your computer. It is an open secret that Windows 10 contains many amazing features coupled with an elegant navigation system.

Latest release 10 doesn’t seems to be that much good as far as navigation goes. The Duplication of the Drives in the File Explorer is one of the more irritating issues coming from the latest update. It basically creates duplicate drives in many places like left navigation panel and This PC window. The same goes true for the duplicate folders and files. Before you proceed to tackle this issue, it is better to get the Windows 10 duplicate file finder and delete all kinds of duplicate files. Get the IBM approved solution, Clone Files Checker here and remove Windows 10 dupes:

Clone Files Checker Download w/ Verisign...

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You shouldn't have to muscle a sliding patio door to get it to glide along its track. A slider should move easily enough for you to open it with one hand while balancing a round of drinks in the other. If you have a balky patio door or sliding screen that moves only when you jiggle it along the track, it's easy to get things rolling again with a quick tune-up.

Dirty rollers are the main reason sliding doors get stuck. "Mud, food, and hair get ground onto the track," says Joe Giagnorio, who repairs about 80 sliders a year as service manager for Ring's End Lumber in Darien, Connecticut. "All that dirt clogs the rollers underneath the door." The remedy, which he demonstrates on the following pages, takes about an hour and works for wood, vinyl, and aluminum doors. Replacement parts—for anything from a faulty latch to torn weatherstripping—are available from retailers that sell new doors of the same make.

If you follow these steps and the door still doesn't slide, it may...

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Stevey asked the Answer Line forum for advise on finding and removing duplicate files.

A hard drive is like a family garage--junk expands to fill available space. An SSD behaves very much the same way, but with less space.

A good duplicate file finder will help you reduce your digital junk levels. It can search for files with the same name, the same size, and/or the exact same contents. It helps you examine each file and decide which one to keep. It can ignore small files, so you can concentrate on the more wasteful redundancy.

I'm going to recommend two such programs, both free for non-commercial use.

[Email your tech questions to or post them on the PCW Answer Line forum.]

All things considered, I recommend Digital Volcano's Duplicate Cleaner Free. The attractive, three-tab interface allows the program to provide plenty of options without overwhelming you.

When preparing Duplicate Cleaner for scanning your drive, you...

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In the first two chapters of Luke, it is striking that the Holy Spirit is mentioned seven times. His work is cited in the lives of the unborn John the Baptist (1:15), Mary (1:35), Elizabeth (1:41), Zacharias (1:67), and Simeon (2:25-27). Here, in what we often call “the Christmas story,” there is no mention of people having something just come to mind or of...

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