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Ugh. So I just framed two walls that form an interior corner. When I layed out the walls, I did the typical mark the centers on the 16's. What I did not account for, however, was the corner. I did a California corner, which means that the drywall is not actually starting from the end of the baseplate (for one of the walls), but rather 3.5" from the end. So how do I fix this? It's a ~15' wall, so can I just add a stud 3.5" past the 8' mark and then have the drywallers cuss at me for having to do the adjustment to the normal spacing?

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Sounds like you know the answer, and I'm sure the drywallers have seen way worse than that.

March 10, 2016 04:57 AM

What is best done is to layout the last stud spacing so that it is less than 16" or less from the last stud to the place where the end of the drywall is located. The idea being that you can get almost a full sheet width from the corner to the center of the 2nd of 3rd stud. What you...

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I have never had much success trying to cut through metal exterior corner bead. When I use a hack saw, I get to the point where the corner bead is nearly cut all the way through, and then a tooth on the hack saw blade catches the remaining bridge of metal and pulls the corner of the corner bead outwards and upwards, thereby requiring me to make the same cut further out with no better chance of success this time around.

I'm allergic to metal corner bead. I can't live in a house that doesn't have vinyl corner bead, which is easier to live with.

Bashing my head against the walls in some of the internet's finest chat rooms.

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A revolving corner cabinet, also known as a lazy Susan cabinet, can be prone to sticking and rubbing if not occasionally maintained. Problems arise when something is spilled or some object falls off the back and gets underneath the bottom tray. Other causes include overloading the tray or problems with the hardware slipping. Don't live with an annoying cabinet like this. A repair can be done using a few simple tools in less than an hour.

Remove everything from the revolving trays. This could actually be the problem. If you have too much weight on one side at the bottom, it could bend the tray down on one side far enough to make it rub on the bottom.

Reach all the way behind the bottom shelf. Feel for any objects that might have fallen off the tray and remove them. Use a small, flat stick to slide under the bottom tray to dislodge any other small items that might have gotten under the tray.

Spin the tray with your fingers. If it dips down on one side when...

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Norbord Blog Feature: The Wood Whisperer

A lot of cracks in drywall happen at corners of openings such as window and doors. These can result from the building settling but they are usually caused by shifting framing members which may be missing fasteners or don’t have enough fasteners.

So how can we fix them? Let’s consider, for example, a crack that follows along a framing member down from the corner of a window. Using a utility knife, create a narrow v-shaped groove along the length of the crack. Clean out any drywall dust from the groove.

Next put in fasteners (preferably drywall screws but drywall nails will work too) along each side of the crack and space them about 6 inches apart and stagger them so they are not across from each other. Be sure to counter-sink the fasteners or they will show up as a nail pop. Now you’re ready for joint tape (preferably reinforced fibre mesh as it is stronger).

Apply the tape along the length of the crack and a...

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A dilapidated city park was remodeled with cisterns below, as were medians along broad boulevards that were themselves underwater during heavy rains. The result was a system, using ancient Roman technology (see photo above), that captures 8,000 acre feet of water each year, about twice what the entire city consumes, solving the flooding problem and creating a source of fresh water for thousands of residents. The investment also gave the city a new park with ball fields and picnic grounds and higher adjacent property values.

Read MoreInvesting in the world's water crisis: Ex-NFL star

But could something this simple be the solution for a thirsty state that is getting hotter, growing faster, and producing more food crops than ever before? According to the National Weather Service, the average annual rainfall in Los Angeles for the past 100 years is about 14", more than enough to serve the needs of the region and then some.

During the decade...

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Months after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, most of the island’s population is still without power, an unprecedented outcome for a territory in the world’s most advanced nation. The destruction is so great that Puerto Rico effectively needs to rebuild its electric power system from the ground up, an overhaul that will cost billions of dollars.

The storm’s devastation is tragic, but it also provides a rare chance to reimagine the Puerto Rican power system, currently so expensive and unreliable that it has become a major obstacle to the island’s economic growth. Instead of rebuilding its current system, based heavily on outdated oil-burning plants, Puerto Rico should take advantage of the island’s geographic position, recent technological advancements and billions of dollars in federal funding to rebuild its future around renewable energy. Such an overhaul would deliver cheap, reliable energy to Puerto Rico’s residents and businesses for a generation. Puerto Rico should...

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This week, I'd like to share some customer experiences with one of the most popular new strategies in debt consolidation refinance. Over the last few months, a select few in the mortgage banking industry have developed programs which allow borrowers to accomplish the 3 greatest goals of debt consolidation: Get Cash to Pay Off High Interest Debt, Lower the Overall Monthly Minimum Payment, and Boost Cash Flow to allow borrowers to save up money in a short amount of time. The benefits are nearly indisputable: Higher Credit Scores, Lower Monthly Minimums, and Greater Flexibility. But one of the biggest criticism of debt consolidation is that borrowers who consolidated their debts were still not saving enough money after the refinance, and needed to tap into home equity repeatedly to achieve their final goal. What if I told you that there is a new loan product available today which allows you to do all of these things, but also allows you to Make No Payments for 90 Days, with 0%...

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Whether you’re an experienced hand or just learning the basics of wood, wire and tape, there's always something more to learn when it comes to livestock fencing. Jim Gerrish, of American GrazingLands Services LLC, in May, Idaho, and Kevin Derynck, Gallagher territory manager based in Keystone, S.D., shared their thoughts on the seven most common cattle fencing mistakes.

1. Corner posts are undersized, or not deep enough

This ranks as the top mistake in fencing, be it barbed, high-tensile wire or woven wire. The main issues are undersized posts and corner posts not set deeply enough, particularly in sandy or soft soils. Gerrish, who has clients in 43 states, says, “the depth in the ground should be equal to, or greater than, the height of the top wire.”

Post diameter depends on the strength of the fence. Gerrish says the lightest-duty fence, such as a 1- or 2-wire, high-tensile pasture subdivision fence, only requires a 4- to 5-inch-diameter post. A 5-strand...

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If you spend any significant amount of time handling pleadings with line numbering on the side, you've probably received a pleading that has a misalignment problem on the first page like so:

The second page aligns just fine, but you can't figure out why you can't get the first page firm name block to align correctly. This is the goal:

This problem stems from a deeply buried setting in Microsoft Word. In Word 2007, hit the Office button in the top left corner of the program. Click on the Word Options button. Then select the "Advanced" settings panel. Scroll all the way to the bottom. In the "Compatibility options" section, expand the "Layout Options" section. Find the "Don't center 'exact line height' lines" checkbox and put a check in it. Problem solved.

Why does Word do this? Pleadings typically used "Exact height" line spacing to fit the 28 lines in on one page. The spacing is set at a point size increment of somewhere around 12 points for single spacing and...

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This is an essay about typography.

What is typography? Basically, it’s how letters and words appear on the page, how individual words and chunks of text fit together. As lawyers, our livelihoods depend often on chunks of text. The thesis of this article is that small typographical improvements in your resumes, letters, briefs, and presentations can make a dramatic difference in your ability to effectively communicate and persuade.

Better typography improves your chances in mediations, in court, and in trial.

I need to make two points before I even get started. First, and perhaps already obviously, I am a nerd. How much of a nerd? I still own a 20-sided die. The best way to get me to corner you at a party is to mention in an offhanded way that you need to get a scanner (at which point, I will rhapsodize about the Fujitsu Scansnap 1500 for 20 minutes as the ice melts in your cocktail). As you will see, I’m the kind of nerd who can’t resist making a reference to...

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This long term review of the Moto Guzzi California Vintage is written after riding 8900 miles on it over the past two and a half years. Q: How has the Guzzi held up so far? Would I buy the same bike again if I could start over? A: Very well, and yes!

I really became hooked by the California Vintage months prior to my buying it. I’ve got the ’07 and there is no difference between model years, at least nothing noticeable. I personally prefer and appreciate older-style, lower-tech, mechanical things. This motorcycle has all that and does it with Italian style.

If you look close at the photo of me on the bike, you’ll notice my tail light is tipping slightly downward because the tail light bracket had failed just the day before the photo was taken, just as I was finishing up this article. I had to temporarily secure mine with zip ties and a rag stuffed between it and the rest of the bracket. Luckily, I’ve carried a bunch of zip ties in my panniers since I was a motorcycle...

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