How to install small damper in a duct?

Title : How to install damper in round duct work

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We moved into a large (for us) house, and we only use a few rooms. I managed to repair the furnace, but the first bill was astronomical. Beyond the leaking windows and lack of insulation, the problem is that, as it is, we have to heat the whole house. I've discovered a temporary method of blocking vent tubes to unused rooms (by stuffing the tube with a rag), but I want real valves. I've heard they are called air duct dampers.
My vents are on the ceiling aimed down.
So, I've seen these check-valve 5" ones but I haven't found any that would open and close manually.
But this doesn't seem like it would be difficult to make. I'm toying with the idea of using a cone-shaped "lid" with some kind of springy cord holding it in.
Does anybody have any ideas?
How do I make a manual (or electrical solenoid, I suppose) operated valve for a 5-inch round air...

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In your browser go to

Sign in using your Particle account credentials.

Once loaded you should see a list of your Particle Devices.

Select the module installed in your I2C shield connected to the temperature sensor mini module.

Here you will see two functions setTemp and setSwing. Set temperature allows you to enter the temperature you would like the room to be set at. Go ahead click on setTemp and enter the temperature you would like to room set to.

Click on setSwing and enter the degrees of variance you would like to allow in the room. Most thermostats set this to 1 degree so if your thermostat is set to 75 degrees on heat the thermostat will not click on until the temperature gets down to 74. Using setSwing you can set that variance to anything you would like. Enter your value and send that.

On this screen you can view the current room temperature, the HVAC set temperature, the swing variance, and the HVAC Mode(AC or...

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Additional Information About our Backdraft Duct Dampers

Backdraft dampers prevent air leakage in your inline fan setup. These backdraft dampers are made out of steel and are designed for vertical or horizontal mounting, made of galvanized steel, and have lightweight aluminum damper blades The backdraft dampers are easy to install and are an important part of installing a duct fan system for kitchen, bath and other applications. These dampers install inside the circular ducting to prevent a backdraft of air when the fans are switched off. The backdraft shutters are available to fit 4",5",6",8",10",12" and 14" ducting. These inline backdraft dampers ship via UPS Ground for normal dellivery or Fed Ex for 2nd or Next Day Delivery.

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