How to open up a window in my shower room?


There's nothing quite as refreshing as a good shower, whether you're after an early morning wakeup, a midday rejuvenation, or a hot blast to relax the muscles after a long tiring day; standing under that strong stream of droplets just takes some beating. So with that in mind, don't our beloved shower rooms deserve an extra special piece of our attention? Of course they do. Forget about the standard meager sized shower heads that dribble out an apologetic and spluttering jet, and the bog-standard off-the-rack cubicles that imprison you in their boring surrounds. We are talking about the world of wonderful waterfall shower heads that drench us in a soothing downpour, open plan settings that are inspired by nature, and just plain gorgeous shower room...

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This post is actually about three bathroom updates, the first of which concerns this baby – the window. Aka the anti-privacy device located conveniently above the place that we do our most private business.

It’s kinda ridiculous that we haven’t done anything to it sooner, considering the window is nearly a straight shot view to the neighbor’s house. It’s not like we live right on top of each other – heck, we’re not even sure they can see much from this distance (we can’t see anything in their tiny far-away windows) but it’s still just a little odd to see this whenever we step out of the shower or whenever I’m standing up doing my man business.

So to get some privacy coverage while maintaining maximum light in the room, we decided to frost it using our tried-and-true frosting film technique (we’ve had luck with this stuff from Home Depot). In this instance this was a $0 project for us because we already had all of the supplies on hand (we...

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...because home doesn't happen overnight.

It seems my favorite original element of the Underdog’s master bathroom – the window placement in the shower – isn’t everyone’s favorite. Several readers have brought up concerns about water pooling in the sill and/or possible water damage around the bathroom window.

Since my presence at the Underdog has been lacking due to pregnancy-related issues, last night I asked Handy Hubby to elaborate on the whole ‘window in the shower’ issue and how we, um, he addressed it to prevent water damage. If you don’t know it by now, HH is an engineer so he’s very thorough about any DIY project that we tackle. When I’m contemplating the aesthetics of our projects, HH is always working behind the scenes to bring my vision to life. In that way, we’re a good team.

Sure enough, after I decided that the window placement in the shower was staying because I liked the natural light it let in, HH was quick to research...

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Shower windows are among the few elements in your bathroom which you can play up to add spice to the appearance of your shower room. With a vertical or horizontal, small or huge window in this area, which would provide natural illumination, privacy can be a concern. Window treatment is often restricted till drapes of regular materials. However, drapes look nice only for a few days, but later you might end up looking at the mildewed fabric every time you take a shower! Many a time, regular wooden blinds are chosen, which don't last long in the moist and damp area. While choosing a window treatment for the bathrooms, you need to check out the numerous options available in the market which are specially designed for this purpose. Read on through the following paragraphs to find the best option in blinds for shower windows.

Things To Consider When Buying a Blind
When you purchase blinds, the first thing to remember is that they must be waterproof. It does not matter...

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Curtains are a great way to change the look and feel of your home. Apart from providing aesthetic beauty, these curtains are also a great way for you to keep the insides of your home protected from peering eyes, and to keep excess sunlight away during the day. But since actual curtains can be expensive, one of the alternatives that you can try out are shower curtains. Shower curtains come in a variety of fabrics, shapes, and designs, and can work as well for a normal window as they will for the bathroom. Here’s how.

Measure. The first step is to find the exact measurements of the window. Take the length and the width of the window. Afterwards, you will need to determine how much excess width and length the curtain should have. Usually, one to three inches off excess length on all sides will be enough to ensure that the curtain will fully cover the window, but you can also choose to get curtains that go all the way to the floor. Shop for designs. Once you have the...
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The locker room is one of the locked room puzzles D-Team will have to face in Zero Time Dilemma. Here’s how to solve it.

Step 1: Check the sinks, and drain the one on the right.

Step 2: Pick up the hairdryer lying next to the two sinks.

Step 3: Go to the lockers and open the three that do not have locks on them. You’ll receive a power plug.

Step 4: Combine the hairdryer with the power plug, bring it back to the sinks, and plug it into the power outlet on the wall.

Step 5: Examine the hairdryer again to use it to spin the fan on the wall above the sinks.

Step 6: Go back to the lockers and open the lock with four buttons. The correct color combination is: violet, white, blue, red. You’ll get the coin and the remote control.

Step 7: Go to the red contraption on the wall, and plug the left-side cable back in. Then use the coin to unscrew the panel. Turn the left switch on.

Step 8: Look for the drain lid in the middle of the water...

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After you escape from the kitchen, you can choose to go through door 3.

Escape the Shower Room

If you insist on going through door three, Santa objects, but Junpei has Seven and June verify at the RED before Junpei verifies himself. This means that either Santa will have to verify, or Lotus and Clover will.

Santa accuses Junpei of only doing this to be with June. Lotus and Clover make a run for the door but Santa gets there first.

Santa is angry that the others will have to be left behind. After going through a door, the room that they find has a slippery floor. They verify at the DEAD, then they notice that there is a terrible smell of burnt and rotten meat in the room. Seven turns on the light and they see an exploded body who appears to be Snake. They recognize him from the clothes. The explosion was so powerful that the bone is sticking out of his left arm.

Suddenly June screams "no!" over and over, tearing at her hair and banging on...

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How many of you are house-hunting at the moment? Mind telling us what features you’re drawn to? If your goal is a new(ish) house with an open floor plan, you’re not alone. According to HGTV’s “Property Virgins,” everyone wants what you want! Still, I hope you won’t overlook the benefits of owning an old, “traditional” house with lots of walls, rooms, and doors.

A contemporary, “open concept” house resembles a very large studio apartment. Everything is on view. Open the front door, and you’ll immediately glimpse the living, dining, and cooking areas. It might be a terrific space for entertaining. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to escape the crowd by hiding out in the kitchen. The kitchen is missing walls and a door.

True Confession: I grew up in an open-concept house. It was a challenge to practice piano there (I was a budding concert musician), because of constant competition with a television set. The TV was turned up high in order to drown out the cooking...

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Thank you Trebruchet. I've read your response several times and I think I understand. How much of an overlay on the tile do you think is needed? Just enough to cover the edge of the tile? I'm trying to avoid a large border.

I'm pretty upset about the window, a lot of planning and $$ has gone into this bath.

Would the contractor's initial idea have worked if it was in place prior to the tile (wood border wrapped in PVC. Tile butt up against border?)

Today, the contractor brought over a PVC edge/corner piece of molding to apply over the edge of the tile and to meet the window. It barely meets the edge of the window on the top right since the opening is uneven all around. Is that solution...

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Moving the washer/dryer out of the kitchen into their own space was not a difficult decision. Meeting all of the programmatic requirements of this new room was a little trickier. Designing enough room to be able to wash the dogs and water houseplants, as well as folding laundry in a small space was solved by providing a removable countertop. When the counter is needed, the two pieces easily slide in place and they are pulled out of the way when the water is needed. When the dogs get a shower, the handspray works best, but for the plants the swing-arm potfiller serves optimally. The client had been saving these 19th century English transferware tiles for just such a project. The mahogany countertop, antique drying rack, windows and built-ins, and exquisite tile work make this a stunning room to do your laundry.
Renovation/Addition. Rob Karosis Photography

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