How to prevent two doors from opening into each other?


There are two things that need to be remembered when looking to childproof a door:

Preventing your child from using the door on its own Preventing your child from injury due to moving parts such as hinges

In this guide, I will cover products that will solve the above two points for internal doors which are often opened and closed. For the more frugal of you, I have also included simple do-it-yourself guides to baby proof the internal hinged doors in your house.

Prevent your baby opening hinged doors

Whatever is behind a door is a lot more interesting to your baby than anything in the room it is currently in. A child by nature is curious. You may find that you need to use a locking mechanism on hinged doors to prevent unsafe exploration. When choosing a product that prevents your baby from opening doors there are two questions you need to ask:

Will my child be able to figure out how to open the door? Does the product allow me to easily open and close...
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Sliding doors are a thing of beauty in almost every home. If you have sliding doors that are near a living room or dining room, the effect they have on the room when the sun hits the doors is breathtaking. That description doesn’t even begin to do it justice. It comes as no surprise that a majority of homeowners employ the use of sliding doors, and more specifically, sliding glass doors. Many of these doors are used as backdoors and access ways to patios and backyards. Sliding doors are also a good addition to any home and help increase property value by essentially bringing the outside in. It gives homeowners the comfort of enjoying the view of everything outside while still being indoors (nature voyeurism).

On the flip side of a rather illustrious coin, some homeowners understand just how vulnerable sliding doors make your home. Doors are an integral part of security, and sliding glass doors might be even more so....

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In my daughter's room, the closet door and bedroom door are located such that the knob of one can bang into the surface of the other if one is opened while the other is already partly open, with unfortunate consequences.

I could rely on experience to teach my daughter and her friends to be careful not to bang the doors into each other, or I could remove one of the doors. But my daughter objects to the latter, and the doors object to the former. And reversing the opening of one of the doors would be a hassle and would not completely eliminate the problem. So I'm looking for some way to protect the doors from the knobs. I'm thinking something like a long narrow piece of thin transparent plastic that I could attach to the doors along the horizontal lines where the knobs track.

In the meantime, I know I'm not the only homeowner who has faced this problem, but pre-packaged solutions are not evident. I went to my local big-box hardware store and found round bumper guards to...

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After quite a bit of thought, I decided to install a steel bolt that restricts the movement of the release lever. I want to keep someone from opening the release lever by pulling on the rope.

After thinking back on decades of garage door opener use, I can remember times I needed to release the garage door from its opener track so I could troubleshoot a problem. Never have I needed to pull the emergency rope as if seconds count and doing so would prevent some catastrophic event. In this case, "emergency" is a relative term. I can easily get a step stool from another corner of the garage and remove the bolt.

To place the bolt, I viewed the end of the release lever and placed the drill bit so it appeared to be just under the bottom of the release lever. After drilling the first hole, I let the top of the bit rest on the bottom of the release lever and pushed the second hole through the other Masonite shield.

I considered some kind of pin I could remove by pulling...

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I will be closing on my new house soon. One of the cool features I like is the a french door between the Master Bedroom and Bedroom 5.. However, when both BR5 and French Doors opened they hit or overlap each other.
Me and my wife are not quite happy with this.. Shall we demand the builder to fix this by moving the french farther enough that it wont hit the BR5 door when opened? But my builder mentioned that it would be difficult for them to fix that since there are pipes and wirings behind the walls right beside to the French Doors. He said he can just place a stopper on 1 of the doors so they wont hit the other.

However our house has the same elevation as the Model Home.. Now come they did NOT follow what's in the model home which doesnt have this issue?

Is there such thing in the building code that there should be no 2 doors hitting each other when opened?

Is this really an error? Will I be able to demand a fix on this? Are we asking too...

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Contemporary cabinet designers have added layers to cabinets. Some are recessed, some are extended at different levels to each other, and some are higher and lower. This can result in cabinet doors that touch or butt into each other. You may have had similar problems if you've remodeled or replaced cabinets. There are a few solutions to the problem.


Although they are hard to find, there are hinges with limited range. This type of hinge most often attaches to the cabinet door and the interior side of the cabinet. It is recognized by two 3/4-inch round inset cylinders or two rectangular boxes that allow the door to lift out rather than swing out like other types of hinges. Also sometimes referred to as a concealed or European-style hinges, they can be adjusted or limited to a smaller range of movement. The drawback is that they are more expensive, have limited range and recesses need to be drilled into doors and cabinets to allow for the certain parts.

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Do you find money leaving you as quickly as it comes in, virtually flying out of your hands? Do people in your house bicker constantly? Do you sometimes feel dizzy, nauseated or even anxious for no reason? The placement of the doors in your house could be partly to blame.

Doors facing each other across a hallway should either be completely aligned with each other, or not aligned at all. Slightly misaligned doors can lead to arguments and bickering in your home.

In a worst-case scenario, the frame of a door will coincide with the center of an opposing door. This can cause depression, nausea, dizziness, and negative effects on behavior, emotions and general health. You can balance the chi of misaligned doors by employing the five elemental colors, as well as by hanging wind chimes or a crystal between the two doors.

Misaligned doors create bad Feng Shui and ailments whether the doors are located in a single-family home or in an apartment building. If two...

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