How to remove dry erase marker from a refrigerator?




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Trying to remove dry-erase marker from a fridge. I've tried and failed with ammonia, wd40, olive oil, comet, vinegar, old hydrogen peroxide (could be broken down/too old), dish soap and water.

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Baking soda with a little water scrubbed finally worked! Came off immediately and easily as I worked it across the surface. Toothpaste (aqua-fresh) worked okay but the baking soda has been by-far the easiest.

Following up the baking soda with a whitening toothpaste (think it was Sensodyne whitening) cleaned and restored it to the original condition. Took a little while, scrubbed over with the baking soda until most of it was gone or faded. Wiped it down with soap and water then followed up with the toothpaste to finish the remaining residue and hard to reach spots.

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Isopropyl alcohol might work. I've had good luck with it removing permanent...

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My daughter drew on my brand new refrigerator (inside and out) with a green dry erase marker. I tried everything from nail polish remover to rubbing alcohol. Any suggestions?

Missy from Amarillo


Dry Erase Maker Cleaner

I would go to an office supply store and buy some dry erase marker cleaner. It is kind of expensive but that is what it is made for. I would also do this before you try anything else because everything you are using could be setting in the stain rather than taking it away. (01/27/2006)

By Rachel from TN

Purple Power

I purchased "Purple Power" from Walmart. It is in the Automotive section. It is a degreaser and works great at removing all kinds of marks, and it is biodegradable too! (01/27/2006)

By Donna from Austin, Texas

Greased Lightning

My granddaughter did the same thing to my washer and dryer. I tried the dry erase cleaner but it didn't get it all off. I finally tried...

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"I was required to change classrooms at school. The board in my new room had a lot of dried marks from markers of

years gone by. I tried regular Expo whiteboard cleaner to no avail. I found this article and started trying a few of the suggestions. I tried the hydrogen peroxide, the ink was too dry. So today I tried toothpaste, it worked. After I worked the toothpaste in, I followed up with the Expo cleaner. Now the board is white, looking almost brand-new."..." more

"My dry erase board sat for 2 years. I first tried using the Expo cleaner which barely budged any of the writing. I

then tried the WD-40 method, which took off most of the writing but left large smudged areas. I scrolled back through the article and finally tried the white toothpaste. I now have a minty clean, well-conditioned board to write on. Thank you!"..." more

"I have some signs that have a dry erase surface. At first I had to rub the writing really hard. Nothing would work.

The next time...
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Many people have shared how to remove Sharpie ink from various surfaces around their home on this site, as well as written in asking me this same question.

I previously wrote a page about

permanent marker removal from walls

, so if you need that help check there. However, these marks get on more than just walls, including onto things like plastics, appliances and even computers. If you need help with that then this is the page for you.

Below I've gathered tips from readers, as well as ideas from around the web that can help you with sharpie ink removal, so you can get back to enjoying your life instead of gnashing your teeth over frustrations like these.

Top photo courtesy of dvanhorn, and second photo see credits below

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How To Remove Permanent Marker From...

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Allison asked: How can I remove some expo marker from a pull down projector screen? At my college, there is a very large projector screen, and the lecturers continuously forget that it is not a white board. It appears very unsightly. What can I remove the ink with?

It’s a common mistake, but one that is not easily undone. The successful removal will depend largely on how long the ink has been on the screen and the material the screen is made of. Prompt removal will increase your chances being able to lift the ink from the surface.

ReMarkable Method (Recommended by Expo)

You Will Need:

ReMarkable Whiteboard Cleaner Soft cloths Water

Steps to Remove the Marker:

ReMarkable is a product that has successfully removed dry erase ink from projector screens and is recommended on the Expo website. Hold a soft cloth under the marker area. This will catch any drips and keep the stain from spreading. Spray the cleaner onto the marker areas. Wipe the ink away....
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Amodex, a stain remover, is often recommended for marker stains on fabrics as well as for whiteboards. The company's website says to apply the stain remover directly to the fabric -- don't wet it first -- and then scrub with a small brush or rub it in with a fingernail, moving out from the center of the stain to the surrounding area. Then wash the garment as you normally would with your usual detergent.

Crayola, which makes dry erase markers, suggests rinsing the fabric with cold water, placing the garment stain-side down on paper towels, and then blotting the stain with alcohol, using a cotton ball.

However, Expo, another maker of dry erase markers, says the marker stains do not wash out of...

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Step 1

Grasp the plug in the bottom of the pen with a pair of needle nosed pliers. Try to hold onto one of the small plastic tabs.

Step 2

Remove the plug from the pen by gently tugging back and forth on it. Pull upwards on the pliers while you are wiggling the plug back and forth. Set the plug aside.

Step 3

Fill a small medicine or bulb syringe with a small amount of acetone. Turn the syringe upside down to keep the acetone from spilling out until your are ready.

Step 4

Hold the marker in one hand, with the plug end pointing up. Place the tip of the syringe into the end of the pen. Slowly squeeze the syringe to insert the acetone into the dry erase marker.

Step 5

Put the plug back in the end of the pen. Push it down with your fingers, or use the pliers if it is stubborn. Let the pen sit with the marker tip down to allow the acetone to permeate the ink filter.

Step 6

Revive a pen by using centrifugal force when you do not have acetate. Tape a piece of...

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If you can’t find the dry erase mini fridge that you want for the price you like – why not make your own?

That’s right! Just like chalkboard fridge panels that you can peel and stick, you can buy removable dry erase panels that you can attach to your fridge as well.

Do you already have a mini fridge or want to buy a particular model that doesn’t include a dry erase surface? I’ve found the perfect solution!

No more searching for the special appliance with a writable surface. Now you can have your fridge and write on it too. Haha!

Super Easy DIY Dry Erase Mini Fridge Project:

You can get a 2-foot x 3-foot panel for about $15, which easily covers the front of any mini refrigerator (and then some). It’s called a Peel-and-Stick Dry Erase Message Board Decal. You can cover a side of your fridge as well, depending on the size of your appliance.

You may also decide to use any leftover pieces to make extra message boards on cabinets or...

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Wet erase markers are made with water soluble dyes, are intended to be used on laminated surfaces, and can be removed with a damp cloth. In contrast to this, dry erase markers are not water soluble, are intended for use on non-porous materials, such as porcelain or glass, and are not washable. Dry erase ink contains pigments and release agents. When these small particles of color come in contact with clothing fibers they become trapped in the fiber and do not come out [source: Expo Markers]. However all is not lost. Here's how to get dry erase stains out of your clothing.

Place several paper towels on a table. Place the stained clothing, stain side down, on the towels. The stain should be directly on top of the paper towels.Apply rubbing alcohol around the stained area that you see from the back of the clothing, using a sponge. Then dab alcohol straight onto the stain, again from the back of the garment, using a sponge.Continue rubbing the stain, changing the paper towels as...
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When my daughter Britta was a toddler, she found a permanent marker that I had been using to label moving boxes. She then proceeded to draw all over the carpet, walls, and furniture of our rental home… the day before we moved! You can just imagine how my husband and I reacted upon finding Britta’s masterpiece. Let’s just say we weren’t quite as impressed with her handy work as she was. ;-)

Luckily, I remembered hearing somewhere that rubbing alcohol works can remove permanent marker from all kinds of surfaces. So I gave it a try, and it worked beautifully! That rubbing alcohol trick saved us from losing a very hefty deposit on our house. And I know I can’t be the only one who has stumbled upon a child drawing on walls, furniture, clothing, themselves etc. So today I’m bringing you a guide to removing permanent marker from just about anything!

How to Remove Permanent Marker From Just About Anything

1. Fabric & Upholstery

There are lots...

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How to Remove Sharpie Marks

Tip #1: Hairspray sometimes works - or maybe the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (if it's vinyl).

Tip #2: Try toothpaste, I just saw this on the Today show.

Tip #3: I haven't tried this but have had GREAT success with lots of other marks on vinyl floor. It is a new product called Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It literally erases marks. It sells for about $2 here. You can use it many times though..good luck!

Tip #4: Try denatured alcohol. My (then) 2 year old son got Sharpie all over his room during what was supposed to be his nap time. It was on the carpet, walls, furniture, window, curtains, bedding and of course him. It did a good job on most of the things. (Don't use it on skin!)

Tip #5: Nail Polish Remover. Just remember it has to be the original cheaper stuff and pour it on the sharpie mark and leave about 15 minutes or so and then wipe it off, you may have to scrub it a bit but it will come off, and laminate...

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With a few key cleaning ingredients and a bit of know-how about these office supply staples, you’ll soon be able to readily remove dry erase marker stains from every surface that has been accidentally stained by them. Teachers, students, project managers, the busy stay at home mom jotting down notes, it seems that no one is immune to these useful markers! And if your small child were to grab a hold of them? It will make you long for the days of scribbling on the walls with crayons!

Remove Dry Erase Marker Stains From Whiteboards

What You Will Need Before You Start

Clean rags Hairspray (must contain alcohol) White vinegar solution in a spray bottle

If you have ever neglected your whiteboard for a few months then you know that a dried permanent marker stain can be incredibly difficult to remove from your whiteboard! Even the whiteboard spray solutions can find it a challenge to effective remove dry erase (whiteboard) marker stains. There are thankfully a...

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Your child just drew on the wall with dry erase markers instead of the marker board. Don’t panic! Here’s the simple solution you need for Dry Erase Marker Removal!

When C1, our four year old, started preschool this year, we wanted to create a little communication center in his bedroom where we could hang his school schedule, a monthly calendar and make notes of upcoming events. We thought the large magnetic marker board we found at Costco would do the trick. The dry erase markers and eraser both had magnets built into them so they could be attached directly to the board whenever they’re not in use. We knew having dry erase markers within reach of a four year old was very risky and in hindsight not our best decision!

When we installed the dry erase marker board, we went over the rules with C1: 1. Always put the lids back on the markers when you’re not using them so they don’t dry out. 2. Keep the markers on the board so we don’t lose them. 3. NEVER EVER write...

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oh no! Yes, that's problematic.

In stained glasswork, we actually file those shards off cut glass edges.

Do it carefully, wear gloves and eye protection, and make sure to support the majority of the glass on a table (on top of a towel, so you don't scratch it) so you don't snap it by applying an accidental fulcrum point. Use a medium-fine grit sanding sponge to eliminate the sharpest parts from any edge that wasn't cut perfectly square.

Then try wrapping the edges in a foil tape - there's copper tape used for stained glass work (available at craft stores), or aluminum tape used for duct work (available in home improvement or HVAC stores). Google "wrapping glass edges in foil tape" . Once you do this, I'm sure it will bring you to all sorts of other ideas to solder or add brass channel - or else just cover over that with a more attractive color of gaffer tape or washi tape. Hope you haven't been cut to pieces since...

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Let’s continue my efforts to look on the bright side, shall we?

Recently, my son found his way to the only permanent marker yet to be banished from our home.

Upon finding said marker, he feverishly decorated my kitchen and himself.

After weeks of tweeting, googling and testing products, I have ultimately gotten the marker out of everything. AND due to his efforts, I now have a nice little (and pin-able) list of how to get permanent marker out of pretty much anything in your home.

From clothing and pretty much everything else: hand sanitizer

and if that doesn’t work…

From painted walls: toothpaste or hairspray (hairspray works best but will begin to remove paint if you have to scrub hard) or my best friend, Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser.

From carpet: white vinegar, pour on area and cover with a towel, gently blot with towel, do not rub (courtesy of @stayathomebabe)

From wood cabinets: rubbing...

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Hi I was looking for a way to remove a stain from a Tae Kwon Do white uniform stained with blue Sharpie.

Nothing that I found on the internet worked, so I started doing it myself, I was able to remove the stain 98%.

First, I used Shout fabric pre-wash cleaner directly on the stain and left it there for 24 hours.

Then, I washed it in the washing machine with warm water and regular detergent, adding Oxy-Clean powder. After the first time, the stain was almost gone.

With the fabric still wet, I applied the Oxy-Clean powder directly to the remaining stain and let it dry for a while (20 minutes) and washed again (only this piece of clothing) and the stain was gone almost...

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