How to seal edges of plumbing work for noise isolation.




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I am looking into sealing some plumbing edges for noise isolation. The plumbing goes between two levels. The levels are separated by some amount of concrete. I don't know the depth, but it is considerate.

What materials would be ideal for this? I had in mind caulking the edges of the pipes where they go through the concrete, but maybe my first idea is incorrect.


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In many locales, fire protection regulations require that all holes between levels be sealed to prevent easy spread of flames. This is most often done with a fire retardant foam spray.

This should also reduce noise transmission between levels. Two for the price of one!

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The best way to achieve complete noise isolation is by using a compound system based on, passive and active elements.

Passive elements such as walls, thick windows and things alike are good at isolating places for noise, and have better results on high frequencies, you have to take into account that there must not be any leak or airflow space, cause by which the sound isolation with have a weak spot and all your work would be spoiled. you should also uncouple the floor to avoid vibrations, by adding a so called floating floor.

active elements, or active noise cancellation systems, are specially effective on low frequency, they have been implemented between walls on some cases, to cancel noise that would pass through them even there were thick walls. but this systems are costly or hard to develop by oneself, so the best way to achieve complete noise isolation on a budget is to close al possible air flow passages in a room by using things such as:

Implementing a...

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PLUMBING NOISE CHECKLIST - CONTENTS: List of sources of noises in building plumbing systems. Sources of water supply pipe noises. Sources of building drain pipe noises. Sources of building plumbing fixture noises. Sources of water main piping or well and pump system noises. How to find and identify the cause of various plumbing noises.House Noises - Building Noises, lists of causes, cures, and detection methods for indoor noise pollution POST a QUESTION or READ FAQs about plumbing system noise causes & cures REFERENCES

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Checklist to diagnose causes of plumbing noises:

Use this list to track down the sources of plumbing system noises .

This article provides a plumbing noise diagnosis checklist useful for plumbing system noise control, starting with a list of sources of plumbing system noises in buildings: water supply piping...

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There has been a lot of confusion lately, regarding noise cancelling headphones and noise isolating headphones. Contrary to what many people think, noise cancelling and noise isolating aren’t the same thing. Though, they both have a common goal – to reduce noise – they do it with the help of completely different methods. In short, noise cancelling attempts to electrically cancel sound waves, while noise isolation reduces the noise by isolating. Headphones that seal tightly around the ears, to block out sound, are noise isolating. This article will describe the difference between noise cancelling and noise isolating.

Noise Cancelling

Let’s first talk about noise cancelling. Noise cancelling, or Active noise control, is a method for reducing unwanted noise by adding a different sound that is designed to cancel the first. Noise cancelling makes it possible to listen to your music at a lower volume, as some of the background noise will be reduced.

The first patent...

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The latest buzzword in headphones is noise cancellation, but it’s not new technology. Noise-cancelling headphones have been around for some time, and like any long-standing technology, there is more than meets the eye.

Two terms you need to know to buy headphones 10 Terms You Should Know to Identify the Best Headphones are noise cancellation and noise isolation. These are also called active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation, respectively. The type you should buy will depend on how much background noise you need to cut out while listening to your tunes.

And no, it’s not a simple matter of “one is better than the other”. Each type has its own advantages. So keep reading to find out the differences between noise cancellation and noise isolation and which one you actually need.

How Does Noise Isolation Work?

Noise isolation is the simpler of the two noise-reduction methods....

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about noise, overall happiness of these 2 tenants is green, so don't be worried about this. They are at the limit with the noise area.

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About early game... Try to start small, avoid scenarios until you have played successfully at least a couple of sandboxes.

Scenarios have specific economic presets that may complicate the situation for newbies.

Start with small creative offices, than open a couple of bars / small restaurants and 4 shops. Then go to medium size medical offices.

Later, start with residential tenants.

Use contracts and try to make a smart use of loans. Do not expand unless your income is green and is at least +800/1000.

Do not assume these tips as the only way. Surely other players may suggest other effective strategies.

I suggest you also to take a look at some video series on...

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Several different noises can come from your plumbing system. If you hear the sound whenever you turn on the water, the pipes are probably striking against something.

Banging pipes are much easier to cure if you can see them. Turn on the water and start looking for movement. Once you find the trouble, you can stop the pipe or pipes from hitting against whatever is in the vicinity. Even if the moving pipe is between the walls, you may be able to silence it without tearing your house apart. Just place padding or foam insulation at each end where the pipe emerges from behind the wall.

In many cases, the moving pipe is loose within its strap or U-clamp and is banging against the wall it's supposed to be secured to. To eliminate the noise, slit a piece of old garden hose or cut a patch of rubber and insert it behind the strap or clamp to fill in the gap. Pipes that strike against a masonry wall can be silenced by wedging a block of wood between the pipe and the wall. Nail...

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I'm at that nice place in life where money is important, but not going to drive my ducting decision. After retiring I fell in love with woodworking, have just finished building a large shop, and am slowly adding one machine after another. It seems that every time I add another machine, I have to move at least one or more of the existing machines. What ducting would you recommend for someone who wants minimum upset and trouble to do the install and later move things around?

I am also in a fairly similar place, except I have kind of been there and done that with all the different types of ducting. The simple answer to your question is with time instead of money being a driving force in my world, I would install high end laser welded duct with the built in seals and snap lock fittings. Airflow is great because the seams are so smooth you can hardly tell where the pieces were joined. I also am an admitted tool junkie who keeps adding tools, so has to constantly reconfigure my...

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Step by Step Instructions for Building a Deep Diving Hydrophone and 2 Way Voice Communication System for Under $50

Use it in a submarine to keep in touch with your surface support vessel or listen for boats before you surface. Use it on an ROV and record underwater sounds, and even play sounds back to attract and study how animals react.

David Bartsch spend eight years in the Navy and made thirteen deterrent patrols aboard the ballistic missile submarine U.S.S. Kamehameha (SSBN642B) as a sonar technician. Now he is making DIY Sonar for the rest of us.

David will be glad to answer any questions you have, and he'll even build the unit for you. The voice communications consoles go for $245.00 and the collision avoidance sonars are $160.00 plus shipping. You can reach David at


In WWII German submarines sank thousands of ships transporting troops and equipment across the North...

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Just before we talk about bikini shaving, it is important we look at some of the preparations you need to put in mind.

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