How to use an MR16 bulb in a 5“/6” can housing


How to Take Out a MR16 Mini Halogen Bulb?

The MR16 mini halogen light bulb is a bi-pin light bulb. This bulb is used for recessed lighting, and in place of standard incandescent light bulbs in residential and commercial use. Halogen bulbs can last up to two times longer than a non-halogen bu[More]

How to Take Out Ford Ranger Seats

The Ford Ranger comes with either two bucket seats or one bench seat, depending on how the selling dealer initially ordered it. The seat covers and cushioning can break down over time until they reach a point where you have to replace them. While you[More]

How to Take Out a Built-In Desk to Remodel a Kitchen

A kitchen desk is a very popular addition in many homes. In some cases, it is the hub of the kitchen, where homework gets done and bills get paid. In other homes, a kitchen desk can be completely useless. If your home has a separate office or you use[More]

How to Take Out the Radio in an Audi...

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Full Walkthrough and Endings

There are 4 girls with ‘endings’ to their stories, this guide will tell you how achieve them and how to get as far as you currently can with the other girls in the house.

There are two paths you can go down with Madison with different endings, one ends with you being able to strip and pose her, the other ends with clothed BJs.

After you do either of Madisons paths:
You cannot complete Ashley’s Story.
You can complete both Rachel and Katherine’s Story.

The Blackmail
1. Get Madison’s phone from the Master Bathroom
2. Get Paper from the Study and Pencil from Ashley’s room (right next to Study)
3. Put Paper first, then Pencil on the book in the Master Bedroom, then pick it back up to get safe code
4. Get Madison’s Diary from the safe in the closet in the Master Bedroom.
5. Go talk to Ashley, tell her she looks like her sister
6. Give (show) Madison’s Phone to Ashley

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Any plain 12V PSU would do. Comfychair is right, probably 1.5A would be fine for a 9W bulb. That’s what I was trying to get at above, but I was too brief.

A flashlight driver doesn’t seem like a good match. For one thing, there’s a big COB LED in the bulb from the OP: it can’t be reconfigured.

For dimming I’d probably do something a bit too DIY for beam0’s comfort. Note that the updated LED model linked in the OP is only 3W. I’m sure that I’d do whatever I could get away with from a heat management perspective. For the driver I’d likely want to roll my own – totally irrelevant in this conversation. Instead, maybe the TaskLED H6CC would be a good choice. It accepts a potentiometer for dimming, so it would work well with a knob. It’s buck, so a 12v PSU would be fine. A cheaper option might be the LDRADJ-3A which zpinch recently pointed out. It’s also buck, so still fine with a 12v PSU, but instead of a potentiometer it seems to be intended for one of those rotary...

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Benefits of LED Lighting Explained What is LED Lighting? LED Comparison Guide - LED vs Halogen vs Incandescent LED Lighting Colours LED Beam Angles Explained Why all the Hype of LED? Will LED globes fit in my current fittings? LED Transformers Explained Car LED Lights, Boat LED Lights and Caravan LED Lights I hear Some people say LED is too Expensive!

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G4 bi pin bulbs are the most used type of bulbs on boat light fixtures and they are well known for two things : Eating your battery amps and heating up your boat as they operate at very high heat. Our top of the line marine led G4 bulbs will solve both of these problems by lowering your energy consumption up to 80% and operating at much lower heat than halogen G4 bulbs.

We offer both side pin G4 LED and back pin G4 LED bulbs and they will fit in nearly every existing marine dome lights and marine downlight fixtures. You will start benefiting from LED technology immediately, without spending extra money to buy a new fixture.All our G4 LED replacement bulbs are designed with DC10-30V constant current driver and SMD 5050 chips that will surprise you with its bright light output for such small power consumption.

We also offer Dual color G4 LED bulbs as well which can switch colors that helps when sailing at...

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