How will I extend my speaker wire?


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You need to buy extra length cables from a speaker cable shop. Take one of the speakers to the shop and show them it's cable. ask for the same quality of cable for the length you require (wise to buy some extra length to avoid joining). If you cut the speaker wire you will loose the quality little bit. So you shud not disturb the existing wires with speakers. So, buy the connectors for extra wires. i.e. extra wire shud have one end male connector and female connector at the other end. The connecting wire's male shud go to subwoofer's speaker ping hole. The speaker's socket pin should go in to connecting wire's female end. So, now you achieved the entension without disturbing the original speaker sets. if you dont need extension tomorrow, you can just take out extra wires. Also, best to solder the connector pins to ends of the wires (instead of just attaching and putting tapes)
That will preserve the quality.
I just did the same setup for my 5.1 channel speaker yesterday....
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Wire nuts or twist & tape are great ways to extend speaker wires, so long as you don't care if you kill your amplifier.

Wire nuts are intended for solid conductors and are not generally recommended for stranded-to-stranded connections. Twist & tape is nothing more than a catastrophic failure waiting to happen.

The previously mentioned crimp connectors (conventional or heat-shrink style) are far better for your purpose. Add a ratcheting terminal crimper and you get easy reliable splices that won't pull apart if someone trips over a wire or moves a speaker.

Another possibility is a soldered splice with heat-shrink insulation, but that requires a small degree of proficiency in soldering to produce a quality connection.

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I have just set up the Sony BDV-E190 cinema blue-ray system in my lounge; the back speaker wires are not long enough.

I have been on the phone to the support team and they tell me they do not sell an extension cable and if I was to cut the wires it would void the guarantee.

I can’t believe the wires are not longer anyway, my room is not that large and the settee is close to the TV.

Soney is a big company and should take responsibility for their products and not fob people off; I cannot send it back now and do not have an address to write to and complain, they gave me a e-mail address, but did not have an written address.

I will not be buying any Soney products in future if they do not fix this problem, how do they get away with...

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There are 4 components often referred to in audio (or any other electrical circuit)

Power (Watts)
Current (Amps)
Resistance (Ohms)

When you wire something in series you are adding resistance, in parallel is removing resistance.

In a speaker voice coils are used and they are big copper windings that voltage goes through inducing magnetic fields and thus moving the cone and creating sound.

So think of it this way like a hose, series is screwing 2 hoses together, making a longer tube to get all the water through and adding resistance, parallel is placing the 2 hoses along side each other and allowing water through easier, or less resistance.

Now the main thing about amps is they design them for a specific output voltage (if your amp is rated for 100 watts into 8 ohms the rail voltage, or AC current is the square root of your wattage * your resistance or 28.3 volts and 3.5 amps).

Now if you have the same rail voltage and...

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Meskipun banyak smartphone yang diluncurkan oleh vendor asing seperti Samsung dari Korea Utara, Apple dari Amerika Serikat, Xiaomi, Vivo dan Oppo yang berasal dari Tiongkok, ternyata menurut berita teknologi terdapat beberapa vendor lokal yang menghiasi industri gadget lokal yang tidak kalah berkualitas yakni Advan.

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Vendor yang memiliki pabrik di Semarang ini sudah mengenalkan ponsel pintarnya ke Tanah Air bahkan spesifikasi yang dihadirkan tidak kalah dengan vendor yang dikelas atasnya seperti Samsung ataupun Apple. Berbagai tipe smartphone Advan sudah menghiasai pasar gadget Tanah Air bahkan harganya juga sangat terjangkau dan sesuai dengan...

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Please tell us all the specific models of the pieces in this scenario so we can know what you're talking about.

Do you mean an unpowered (normal) monitor speaker?

You CAN extend speaker wire through a speaker (amp plus to speaker plus, speaker minus to another speaker plus; that speaker minus back to amp minus) and this will INCREASE impedance some, which will in theory reduce effective power output, but, hey, nothing is free and your added speakers pushing more air may result in an improved loudness perception.

Going parallel from speaker to speaker may REDUCE impedance near or below the amp's spec and that could be dangerous to the amp. I'd go with the series option above.

In either case, if your speakers aren't identical in all respects one will probably sound louder than the other. Careful placement regarding distance from the listening position may resolve that for you but then it introduces imaging issues. Like i said, no free...

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My house came with 2 wall speakers. There is wiring for both of them. The right and left speakers have 2 wires each.

I'm trying to hook them up to my amp but I have no idea which wire is positive or negative.

They are both copper Neither wire has a stripe The insulation for both wires is the same color (gray) There is no + or - indicator on the insulation

I'm at a loss. I also tried hooking up one speaker and then swapping the wires to see if the sound quality was noticeably different one way or the other. I honestly can't tell, it sounds good either way. Is this some sort of new high-tech wiring that works both ways?

Sorry it's blurry but as you can see the wiring is identical. The insulation as Ecnerwal mentions in his answer is different - one is smooth and one ridged.

Answers 2

Look closer at the insulation - there's nearly always a physical clue, such as tiny ridges on one wire, not on the other.

July 08,...

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Oct 20, 2011

can you extend computer speaker wire to use in another room?


Jul 26, 2011

Just purchased WRT54GL for family friend to extend the wireless range of their DSL via 2Wire ATT modem Wireless router. One desktop computer will stay wired to the 2Wire and laptop or 2 will connect to the WRT54GL since the 2Wire cannot reach into the yard (metal buiding). I've seen several examples of connecting two WRT54G together. I Can I do that well with std Linksys software or would I be better off downloading Tomato or DD-WRT third party?

Oct 13, 2012

I have an Inspiron 620. Does it have blue tooth? What do I need to do/get to use a bluetooth speaker with this desktop?

May 10, 2012

I have a DIR-665 and I'm trying to install a B&W zeppelin air speaker, the speaker detects the wireless network but I cant see the airplay logo in the PC, mac, ipad or iPhone. Try with another...

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Archived from groups: (

More info?


> > What equipment are you connecting to that uses an RCA
> > jack for speaker connections? Are you SURE that it is
> > a speaker-level output and not line-level?

"Jack3000" wrote ...
> I know nothing about audio equipment so excuse my
> ignorance. I am connecting the RCA plug into a
> subwoofer.

If this subwoofer has an integrated amplifier then it is
most likely a LINE-level input. Does the subwoofer
have a power/mains cord? If so, it has its own amp
internally and the RCA connector should be assumed
to be LINE-level (and *NOT* SPEAKER-level)
ANY LINE-LEVEL INPUT. There are ways of doing
this, but direct connection carries a very high risk of
damaging your equipment.

> The other end of the wire connects to a wall speaker
> (part of the surround sound system).

You have completely...

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Step 1
- Pin 1 : connect to header male for potensio 5K (see image 3 or 4)
- Pin 2 : connect to one lead of ceramic cap 0,01uF, the other lead goes to positive audio socket.
- Pin 3 : connect to pin 4
- Pin 4 : connect to the ground | connect to negative lead of 100uF | connect to the one lead of ceramic cap 0,01uF and the other lead goes to resistor 10 Ohm. (see the protoboard picture)
- Pin 5 : connect to the other lead of 10 Ohm | connect to positive lead of 220uF
- Pin 6 : connect to 9V (positive) | connect to positive lead of 100uF
- Pin 8 : connect to header male for potensio 5K (see image 4)

Step 2
I'm using male header (extended) for potensio, power source, and for audio socket, so it will easy to modify with other value (specially for the potensio). But it's okay if you want to soldering right to the lead of the component.

# For Potensiometer

* We need 3 header male (extended)
* Put the same...

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