Questions about: humidifier

I have an Aprilaire 600a humidifier from a few years ago and currently it's wired into my furnace with two control wires labeled "W/G" and "Cf". The "W/G" is connected to the W terminal on the furnace (call for heat). The "Cf" is connected to "C"
A home's comfort level relates to several factors, including the humidity. , which is the amount of moisture in the air. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are machines that help control the humidity of either an individual room or an entire home, dependi
There are a few ways to accomplish this. On the cheap DIY side, you could cut a few pieces of tight fitting cardboard (stack them and tape them together) to create a plug. I would punch a couple small holes in it and make a rope handle to pull it out
ive read a few threads about ultrasonic foggers being placed in a cool mist humidifier. (looks like the fogger is for frog aquariums?) is this a viable alternative to a stand-alone ultrasonic humidifier? or am i better off buying the stand-alone unit