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A home's comfort level relates to several factors, including the humidity. , which is the amount of moisture in the air. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are machines that help control the humidity of either an individual room or an entire home, dependi
The ClaimBathroom paint is advertised as a special type of paint--different from ordinary interior house paint--that is designed for bathrooms only. The TruthThere really is no such thing as bathroom paint. It is simply paint with a collection of pro
I have two vent fans in my bathroom; and after a long, steamy shower, I’m still getting water and stains on my walls. How can I fix this problem? -Phil Hi Phil,You can’t expect prolonged exposure to a room full of steam not to condense on your bathro
I've seen a few amazing scenarios where the people turned it into a real plus: Garage - They were 3' above flood level. Back basement wall restructured for 2-car garage door (for winter only), yard was graded down & toward the river, driveway &am
For bathrooms less than 100 square feet, determine the room’s CFM (cubic feet per minute, that's how they are rated in the U. S. ) requirements by measuring and multiplying the length, width and ceiling height of the room, then use the multiplication
For starters, kitchens (and baths) are the humid parts of any house. That's where all the cooking happens. That's why it's important to have a hood vent in your kitchen
How a dehumidifier works is basically the same as an air conditioner. Both remove heat from the air. Cooling the air causes excess moisture to condense onto the cooling (evaporator) coils which must then be drained away
Have a decent neighbor, retired, squared away, likes things neat. His back porch wood got rotten and he claims this is because the shade / humidity of the tree. Can that be true? The mildew was on the side closer to the tree, near the top, so I can s
Here is an excerpt from Encyclopaedia Britannica about the History of Mirrors I conclude that they were first valuable items (so everyone wanted the expensive item as centrepiece); secondly the frames were valuable and thirdly, the functionality of r
A typical dehumidifier and air conditioner are fundamentally the same thing. They use vapor compression refrigeration to move heat from one heat exchanger to another. Both have a cold side, which cools air that flows across it, causing condensation;