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I am here to help you resolve problems with your heating and cooling equipment. First, lets not let the outdoor run with the indoor unit not running. Switch the thermostat from Cool to Off or turn the temp up
Joist Panning(Lining) seems to still be popular. However, a have read in a few places that joist panning is difficult to seal and can pull air from unconditioned spaces. I am looking for an alternative to replace joist panning that is easier to seal
We have all been there: trying to describe to an expert the exact sound a piece of equipment is making. We may even create new words to get it just right, such as “Flizzle, Jonk, and Bloof. ” There is a problematic reason for most noises coming from
Rheem HVAC Condenser Start Capacitor Replacement GuideHow to replace a faulty start capacitor in the outdoor condenser unit of a Rheem home air conditioning system. Please note, I am not a professional HVAC technician. This guide is for illustrative
When you need to keep your RV powered, electrical plugs do the trick. With a vast inventory of 30-amp RV plugs on eBay, you can enjoy lights, appliances, and so much more. The 30-amp has 120 volts with a three prong receptacle
The comparisons between the the different types of capacitor is generally made with regards to the dielectric used between the plates. Like resistors, there are also variable types of capacitors which allow us to vary their capacitance value for use
Absolutely not. Merely having the pilot light on doesn't make enough heat to overheat a house. Your cooling problem is probably a) Problems with the A/C unit, e
Hi all, We are getting a lot of condensation on our ducts in an unfinished portion of our basement. So much that it's dripping of the ducts. One of the ducts is going into a neighboring room, and it is dripping enough to get the drywall damp
When should I have my Boiler system serviced? If you want peace of mind that you’ll be warm and cozy all winter long, we recommend annual Boiler tune-ups. The best time of year to schedule Boiler maintenance is in the fall or early winter before you
Mission series models are designed in 2014, power systems are made in the "universal" and modern design, familiar to most users, the development was carried out on the basis of data for the study of consumer needs around the world. Remote controller