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The key will be to a) block all air paths, and b) have rigid barriers rather than flexible barriers. So, those pleated plastic barriers must be supplemented, if not replaced. Ideally, you should remove the AC unit (don't drop it out the window!), rem
This is the most common problem with the Nest. You need to hook up a "C" wire. Here's the thing
At my old house, we replaced the HVAC with a high efficiency unit that came with a thermostat that would blow, say, 50% to 70% of the time for air movement to increase comfort level. I'm not sure but I think I recall that it was a variable speed fan
There is a burning smell that wafts out of the vents of my 15-year old, 3-level townhouse (top level is a full unfinished attic with no HVAC). The bottom level of the townhouse is the main level (with the front entrance door) and sits on concrete sla
I'm sure many of you have seen my other posts asking about load calcs. and the like because I'm getting ready to install a new system. I have settled on Trane equipment but I'm having a problem with air handlers
Why Does My Air Conditioner Freeze Up? When we see ice or frost on something we automatically think “cold”, so this must be good thing for an air conditioner, right? Wrong! If your air conditioner is freezing up, or you see frost or ice on parts of y
Since last I posted, I moved WAY south (lil warm down here) and the house I moved into was a foreclosure so a few things needed done, namely the AC and furnace. When the guy did the job he said he would (did?) leave the old motor behind so I could us
Expert: replied 5 years ago. The thermostat is really just like 3 different switches. When you turn it to COOL, you are closing a switch to tell the unit to operate in cool mode