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Description: Through the Wall: A/C Installation Types For those installing a through-the-wall air conditioner, the first thing you want to determine is how thick your wall is. Measure the distance from the inside of the home to the outside of the hom
Before I begin, I would like to request "call a technician" suggestions to stay off. I do know a nice guy who can look it up for me, for a variety or reasons, one of which being my general history of fixing stuff, I would like to take a first stab at
Then next thing to do if you have 24 volts is to go to your thermostat. Put one lead of your volt meter on the red wire and the second lead on any other wire. If you have 24 volts then you have power to your thermostat
It's an intriguing question. On one hand, trapped air is heated through radiation. On the other, it acts as an insulator
I had my AC unit serviced two months ago. The unit is about three years old. This week is the first week we have had it turned on all day
This tutorial briefly describes the basic components of different types of linear and rotary action control valves available for use in steam and water systems. Block 6 of The Steam and Condensate Loop considers the practical aspects of control, putt
I went to turn on my A/C for the first time this year, and nothing happened. I checked power to both the air handler and outside unit.
I'm troubleshooting the blower not starting in a friend's HVAC system. We think the issue is either a) a blown transformer, or b) the relay that controls the blower has blown. The next step is to test these two components, if it's the transformer, I
As written this question is pretty hard to answer. It sounds like you're having AC problems tho and need a test method. Find or purchase 2 probe type thermometers like thermometers
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