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All the devices on one of my breakers randomly stop working, and when checked with a multimeter, I see that the outlets are giving a voltage of ~8V rather than the ~125V I usually get. When I check that breaker at the panel, I get ~125V as I should.
We have a brand new air handler at work, but the thermostat is mounted on a wall next to a server/computer room which is always warmer than the rest of the office. I want to install a thermostat that allows for the use of a remote sensor. The C wire
Vent diffusers disperse pressurized air exiting heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork and provide a decorative finish over the grill box hole holding the ductwork in place. Without an air diffuser, the air exiting the HVAC system w
Where exactly did you hear the noise from? If it was coming from the lineset somewhere, that may be an 'easy' fix. If it seemed to be coming from the inside coil or the condenser outside, that's a much more involved fix (basically, you'll have to rep
Hi Everyone,I hope someone can really point me in the right direction here since I feel like this can't be solved Existing System - Separate boiler for heat (forced hot water) - Separate AC unit - Old thermostat had RH, RC, W, Y, G and was battery po
A Manual D load calculation will give you each room's airflow and return air path requirements. Those return air paths can be provided by dedicated return ducts, jump-ducts, or undercut doors. Undercut doors represent the least desirable approach bec
Sounds like contactor chatter. Could be a bad contactor, or not enough power on the coil. Basically, the contactor is closing and opening really quickly
This type of failure is fairly common, and usually doesn't cause too much collateral damage, if caught quickly. If you want to attempt the work yourself, it is fairly straightforward as you describe. You'll likely have to source the replacement blade
“Change your air filters. ” It’s the number one piece of advice we hear from HVAC professionals. Clean filters extend the life of your system and improve its overall efficiency, since your unit doesn’t have to work as hard to regulate temperatures th